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The Erotic Book Network is a website offering BDSM themed erotica published by Pink Flamingo Publications, LLC.


Mission Statement:

The Erotic Book Network is a website devoted specifically to BDSM erotic fiction. On the site you’ll find a wide variety of stories, from elaborate bondage fantasies to erotic power exchange between devoted couples to wild tales of abduction, sexual slavery and damsels in distress. You’ll find tales of poor hapless men tricked by cunning mistresses, along with stories of submissive males who willing give themselves to ruthless Dommes, as well as Transgender stories.

The novels and story collections offered on this site include Old World Sagas, Contemporary fiction, and futuristic and paranormal fantasy. You’ll find made-up worlds, island societies, along with stories of human ponies and trained pets.

We recognize that the bounds of sexual expression reach far and wide, and that sexual fantasy takes many absurd twists and turns in the human mind.

We believe that fantasy fiction is an important part of literature as a whole; that it provides an outlet for fantasy expression that is both safe and sane, where the human mind can dare to venture, without negative consequences, into the dark realms of sexual expression.

Fans of BDSM erotica, we welcome you here to browse our catalog of titles and enjoy the many books and authors we publish here.

What you will NOT find on this site are works that include characters under 18 in sexual situations, bestiality, incest, excrement, snuff, necrophilia and extreme violence.


On Fantasy Fiction...from Lizbeth Dusseau

Fantasy fiction is the fun stuff of sexual lust, the playground of the mind where we are free to romp without the worry of bad relationships, sexual diseases, or physical safety. We can escape to other worlds, to lifetimes and situations far from our own reality. In fantasy, we fly off in absurd daydreams of sex acts we’d never contemplate in real life. We relish taboo bawdy pleasures and writhe in a little physical ecstasy as these splendid visions arouse our bodies and free our minds.

Fantasy is sexual fun, and it has its place in our sexual world—whether we use it or not to stimulate ourselves—some people do, others don’t. Whether we daydream in complex stories, or just imagine a perfect lover, fantasy is a little world of our own making that can provide pleasure, physical release, and a moment away from the harder realities of the real world. In our sexual fantasies we can dare to NOT be monogamous, politically correct, safe, sane, appropriate, or even consensual. Fantasy can be great sexual fun; but it’s not the stuff of choices. Fantasy is not true Desire (with a capital “D”), and it does not necessarily reflect who we are or what we’ll choose to do. It is not a serious statement of our sexual truth, but simply a collection of random thoughts and fun creations that turn us on.

       No Apologies, © 1998, Lizbeth Dusseau, all rights reserved

The imagination is such a trickster, lays out all these beautiful plans, and where do they go? Get screwed up the minute your lover walks in the door, because he’s not what you imagined him to be, and the sex takes all kinds of twists and adventures you hadn’t planned on. But the beauty of it is—if you drop your expectations—you get to enjoy the moment as it unfolds, with all the surprises, all the crazy, scary elements that make you explode…  Girl In The Mirror ©2002