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Switching It Up realistically depicts the underrepresented world of "switches" – those  individuals who equally enjoy being both submissive and dominant.

Chris and Meghan are a sexy pair of young university professors, exploring a loving and sexually adventurous courtship. Chris, with his hot-looking physique and chiseled-abs, is an Iraq War vet, using amateur football and wild women to escape the mental demons that plague him from the battlefield. Self-assured and gorgeous, Meg has just emerged from the oppression of a family that engineered her destiny to this point, and is learning about who she is and what she wants from life as an artist.  Electrifying chemistry is evident between these professors from the moment they meet, before exploding into red-hot and passionate sex life that seems to know no bounds! They appear to be the perfect match. But will Meg's personal aspirations and Chris' troubled past keep them from achieving the ultimate orgasmic experiences they desire? An ex-girlfriend-turned dominatrix inserts herself into mix and threatens to tear their world apart in the most sadistic, yet erotically thrilling way.



Julie’s Master, Alex, is in trouble—his small ecommerce business is failing. In desperation, he turns to wealthy investor and fellow kinkster Thomas Blaine, who agrees to extend a lifesaving loan on condition Alex puts up his slave as collateral. Out of loyalty to her Master, Julie agrees to live with Blaine as his slave for six months until the loan is repaid. The change proves a difficult one for Julie. In contrast to the easygoing Alex, Blaine is a harsh and demanding Master with an elaborate set of rules, which he doesn’t hesitate to enforce by means of his favorite instrument, the cane. Humiliating rituals and rough anal sex add to her travails. But gradually she adjusts to his ways and through his extreme dominance comes to experience a deeper, more profound level of submission than she had ever known before. Yet she also misses the intimacy and easy give-and-take of her relationship with Alex.

Julie’s horizons are further expanded when she is introduced to Blaine’s sculptor friend Slater and his beautiful slave Nicole, a self-styled bondage and pain slut who is also bisexual. Nicole is a fascinating young woman who grew up in Europe and is a talented painter. The two become fast friends, later participating together with another girl in an extreme BDSM/sex orgy.

But as the end of Julie’s six-month term approaches, she finds herself in a quandary. Blaine's charisma and glamorous lifestyle have come to exercise a powerful hold over her, yet she wonders if she can accept living permanently in a relationship of such radical inequality and extreme submission. Nor can she forget the old ties of affection and loyalty binding her to Alex. Looming above everything is the question of the loan—will Alex be able to repay it and how that will impact her decision? Indeed, will the decision even be hers to make? Or will it be the two Masters together who ultimately decide her fate?



When 18 year old Andie is found whipping her own ass in her grandfather's barn, her friend, Zooey, is as surprised and turned-on as the embarrassed Andie. Zooey takes over, using the birch whips on Andie ass, quickly turning the occasion into one that has them both cumming in the steamy heat of that hot summer night.

Though Andie begs Zooey to keep quiet, her irrepressible friend soon spills the nasty secret to Andie's best friend Harper and boyfriend, Billy. Suddenly, the awkward, once painfully shy, farm girl has a Master in charge of her life and two cunning Mistresses on the sidelines, happy to attend the amazing show that Billy makes of her. When she's ordered to surrender, there's nothing this girl won't do for the sexual thrill.

The Forrest's barn becomes their den of iniquity, as this despotic trio spends their summer torturing their submissive plaything. She is inventively bound, whipped, fucked, anally used, gang-banged and forced to ride naked in Billy's Jeep whenever they leave the farm. Using the girl for sport becomes a summer pastime none of them are likely to forget. Yet, when this decadent season finally ends and the wildness abruptly stops and Andie's left with her memories feeling abandoned and lost.

Though the summer may be over, this trio Doms is haunted long after by their rough treatment of Andie. When she turns up missing, their guilt brings them back to find her. There are few clues to her whereabouts; the police suspect foul play; her friends fear she has a sexual new master. But the truth about this summer of sadism will shock them all, when they are forced to face the truth about themselves.



Marc Landon can hardly believe his eyes when he sees his beautiful young neighbor masturbating in front of her attic window. Days later, she's there again, as he watches an unbelievable scene of her being flogged by an unseen assailant. Weeks later, he stumbles through a hedge between the houses to witness his neighbor's wife having sex with a handsome workman. It's not hard to be aroused by a woman with such a sexual appetite. But when the frightened Alia Gale arrives at Marc's door, begging him not to tell her husband about what he's seen, a cruel desire stirs in him that he's never experienced before.

Alia offers Marc anything he desires as long as he doesn't tell. Power and lust take charge in him as he realizes what this woman freely offers. She even begs to be punished for her shameless and uncontrolled behavior. And thus, an agreement is made: Marc will punish Alia daily - with the added benefit of taking her sexually - in an attempt to cure her insatiable lust.

The lovely woman arrives each morning for a raunchy punishment rendezvous, naked, at the bottom of Marc's outside cellar stairs. Once inside his hastily constructed dungeon, she becomes his to punish and use as he sees fit. The arrangement seems like heaven on earth for Marc, who discovers an astounding desire to control this woman. But, Alia is not all she seems. She's only telling half truths. Strange things are happening next door. And when Harry Gale suddenly asks Marc to spy on his wife...he thinks she's taken on a lover...Marc wonders just how much his neighbor knows about their illicit affair. The only thing he knows for sure in this game of sexual cat and mouse is how much he wants his neighbor's wife.

Can he extricate her from her husband's firm grip? And will she be worth what he pays to have her?



What would happen if you walked into your house after work and found your wife with your secret stash of bondage gear?  Oh, it wasn’t that much - a pair of handcuffs, a gag and blindfold, maybe a few coils of rope and a whip or paddle. One evening, when Tom Roberts arrives home to find that his wife Margo has discovered his secret stash of bondage gear – his handcuffs dangling from her fingers – he notes her sly little smile. She’s not mad or even upset, but rather intrigued by the thought of tying up her husband and playing some kinky games, hoping to spice up their sex life.

As she tries things out that night, she gets excited. Tom does too, even if he’s on the receiving end of the paddle.  He’s read stories on the internet, and been sexually turned on by bondage and torture.  He’s dreamt of being the slave to a woman.  He’s wanted to be tied down, with all those brutal things done to him, and more.  The more painful the better!

While he’s searched for a mistress online, nothing’s come of it. Other than a little self-bondage, his desires remain a deep, dark fetish in his mind.  The idea of being a slave to a sadistic Mistress is only a dream. But now, with his wife in command, his kinky desires become a reality – and his worst nightmare! He goes from having it all – a thriving business, money and all the toys – to wallowing around in the slop at the very bottom of the barrel.  A wise man once said, “Be careful what you wish for, you may get it all.”  Tom did and one hell of a lot more!



The Third Novel in the Sappho’s Trilogy. Sappho knew what she was getting into, but never realised how things would turn out when she became embroiled with a Middle Eastern Arms Dealer.

Sappho’s addiction to cock is used to facilitate a series of transactions in Africa, Europe, on an Island in the Indian Ocean and in corporate venues near her North American home. Although she is never out of her depth, or in a situation where she is unable to cope, Sappho soon finds herself embroiled in the ruthless world of exploitation when she discovers how the wheels of international arms trading are lubricated.



It is to be the ride of their lives: a chance to join heavy metal giants Thunderhed on the European leg of their world tour. It is to be done the old-fashioned way, too – all sex, drugs and rock and roll, and then even more sex. For sassy pleasure-addict Sindee it is the chance to get her big break and live out her hedonistic vision of indulgence in the process.

She is as yet unaware that Cas Casanove, one of the biggest rock stars on the planet, thinks that she might well be the girl of his dreams. He’s a fighter and a rebel, a charismatic titan who none would even suspect of having a softer side. And then Sindee comes along. She could be perfect, if the woman currently on his arm was not his wife.

Willow is there to photograph all of Sindee’s sexual shenanigans for a tell-all diary. Although every bit as feisty, Willow is her polar opposite in matters of the flesh, having suffered tragic heartbreak. Will her wild side be drawn out at last? Or will she convince her friend that love should triumph over lust?




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