Katerina in Charge

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Skylar Elliot is a Silicon Valley millionaire who’s sold his company, now enjoying a life dedicated to pleasures of the flesh. His companion on the road to sexual excess is the coldly remote Katerina Lattimore, a striking older woman, whose own peculiar sexual tastes seem insatiable. The two cross paths with Crissy, a working girl, and her friend Margo, at a party in Beverly Hills. Young Crissy, a fun-loving California blonde, is instantly smitten by the boyish good looks of the millionaire, although puzzled by his strange attachment to the older woman.

Katerina in Charge

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Katerina In Charge by Don Julian Winslow

Skylar Elliot is a Silicon Valley millionaire who’s sold his company, now enjoying a life dedicated to pleasures of the flesh. His companion on the road to sexual excess is the coldly remote Katerina Lattimore, a striking older woman, whose own peculiar sexual tastes seem insatiable. The two cross paths with Crissy, a working girl, and her friend Margo, at a party in Beverly Hills. Young Crissy, a fun-loving California blonde, is instantly smitten by the boyish good looks of the millionaire, although puzzled by his strange attachment to the older woman.

She wangles an introduction, and is ecstatic when Skyler invites her to his luxurious retreat in the California Hills. There, Crissy is drawn into their life of sheer indulgence, exploring her own darker side, including perversions that she once would have never admitted.  Eventually, Margot is drawn into the web, reveling in sensual delight. Meanwhile, the Female Dominatrix, Katerina, is forced to confront her submissive side at the hands of a Latin lover in an orgy of public display.

A story of seduction, submission, and voyeurism in an affluent world of hedonists with an appetite for the bizarre; men and women driven to the outer fringe of human sexuality. M/f, F/fm, spanking, bondage, punishment, exhibitionism and sex toys. 

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SKU PF6249
Author Don Julian Winslow
Publish Date 10/14/2016
# of Pages 148
ISBN Number No
Artist Credit Mayer George - Shutterstock.com

“If it isn’t the little Barbie Doll from Cynthia’s,” Katerina’s voice was dripping with sarcasm as she took a step toward the bewildered girl. Crissy, flushing with embarrassment, kept her eyes lowered while she hastily set to rightening her disheveled clothes. “Such a cute little whore, wagging her ass like that. A regular prick teaser! Seems our Barbie Doll is nothing but a common slut.!” A horny little slut that likes to play games with the boys.

“You... you!” Crissy finally managed to stammer out while struggling to tug them up her panties with one hand.

“NO!” Katerina barked, slapping the hand away. “You’ll leave them there, Barbie. Show us what a little whore you are!”

Crissy recoiled in shocked alarm, shaking her head, struck speechless. Frightened and confused, she shot a pleading look at Sky, who only sat there smiling in hateful complacency.

Wildly frantic, the terrified girl bolted for the door, legs still hobbled by her displaced underpants. But the other woman was too quick for her, and grabbing her wrist in an iron grip, neatly twisting her arm around behind her as she stepped up to force one leg between the struggling girl’s. In an instant, she had her victim immobilized in a wrestler’s hold, one that threatened the least movement with a sudden stab of pain.

“Let me go!” the frantic blonde shrieked, yelping a desperate plea, stretching up on her toes and arching back against the stronger woman who had forced her arm up an extra notch. The searing ache of added pain was a warning -- she’d be wise to cease her fruitless struggle.

“Hold still, you little whore,” Katerina hissed in her ear, “You’re going to get what you deserve.”

“Sky... please,” she cried plaintively, through teeth clenched against the pain.

“Now, Kat! Take it easy,” he ordered calmly.

Crissy immediately felt the pressure ease, and turned to her rescuer, grateful for his intercession. But his next words showed that her sense of relief had been premature.

“Katerina is quite insistent once she makes up her mind, you know. She says you should be punished for being such a bad girl.” He tsked, the pause to let that sink in, a thin smile playing along the edges of his lips. And then: “And I’m afraid I must agree with her,” he added in mock defeat. Not much we can do once Katerina here has made up her mind. Now come to daddy and we’ll get started?”

“No, let me goooo!!!”

“Humm…You just don’t understand do you? See, here’s the thing Crissy. Kat thinks you should be spanked; so do I. And so before you get out of here, you’re going to get a spanking, one way or the other,” he sighed. “The only question is: are you going to come over here and lay down over daddy’s lap, like a good little girl, or does Kat here have to persuade you? Kat can be very persuasive you know?” the woman behind her tightened her menacing grip.

Crissy shrunk back against the lean hardness of the taller woman, her clear, frightened eyes widening in disbelief. She could only shake her head, shocked speechless by the outrageous words she was hearing!

“But why do you want to... sp-spank me?” she managed to sputter out in an incredulous tone.

Sky looked up at the distraught girl, his eyes thoughtful, reflective. At last, he nodded.

“Because that ass of yours is just so damned cut, simply cries out for spanking. Come now, what’s so terrible about it? “ He was reasoning with her, as though he were talking to a child. “Are you going to tell me that none of your little boyfriends ever took a swat at that sexy butt of yours before?”

Crissy stood with eyes downcast, and slowly, silently, she shook her head.

“Well, then... no time like the present!”

“Noooooo!” Crissy moaned a desperate plea, as Katerina renewed her grip and propelled her forward, shoving the struggling girl so hard she tumbled down over the seated man’s lap.

Now the agitated girl was growing more desperate, flailing her limbs wildly in a mighty effort to get up. She twisted and turned, legs dangling down one side, inverted head over the other; her hair falling forward to partially shield her face. And through the veil of those hanging blond tresses, she saw those high-heeled boots take a step closer. A hand pressed down on the small of her back, decisively pinning her in place as she flopped and wriggled helplessly across the man’s spread thighs.

“Unngh! You’re crazy! Let me goooo!”


“Yeeeech,” the frantic girl shrieked as she felt the impact of the punishing hand that came down to deliver a solid smack to her skirted behind. Her butt clenched and she whimpered, as with extra effort the anxious girl forced herself to lay still, body held rigidly tense.

“No... noooo, please, Sky, please.”

“Stop that sniveling,” Katerina snapped. She leaned over to purr in Crissy’s ear: “Looks like Barbie Doll’s been a naughty little girl. Too bad. Daddy’s gonna have to spank our princesses’ precious little bottom to teach her a lesson.”

Crissy disheveled dress had ridden up in her struggles so that the seated man had only to elevate her loins a bit by raising his knees. Then he could reach between them and free the material, to continue working dress all the way up over her hips. She felt her behind being uncovered as the hem was drawn up the back of her stockinged legs, her panties being exposed. The full truth of her situation hit her like a ton of bricks -- she was in the hands of a couple of sex-crazed perverts! And now she was about to be spanked! Like a little girl! While that bitch got her jollies by watching the whole thing!

The outrageous thought was interrupted by a second jarring whack, as the cupped hand smacked the seat of her panties.


At the sudden impact of the big cupped hand that smacked her behind, the blond girl yelped, her body recoiled, shoulders jacking up, legs shooting out behind. He waited till her body became limp once again lying over his lap. Then he cupped and held her little cheeks with both hands, sliding the slippery panties all over her twin mounds. When he began again, it was alternating rhythm, smacking one side then the other, hard crisp smacks that had the girl yelping after each slap. She wriggled helplessly in his lap; a hand shot back to protect her vulnerable rear-end, but he quickly grabbed her wrist and held it tight, while his right hand continued its methodical slapping.


Without pause, that punishing male hand came down solidly on Crissy’s pantied behind, walloping her taut little rear-cheeks that flattened and bounded back at each impact. The girl was yelping and struggling furiously, kicking up her heels, and trying to squirm away. But his left hand came back to press flatly on the small of her back, pinning her even more firmly in place.


“Will, you behave now?” the man asked menacingly, punctuating his question with a short crisp smack. It was a redundant gesture since the girl had already stopped struggling, but Sky felt the need to reinforce his will.


Her punished buttocks tightened, cringed in fear, as the frightened blonde acquiesced, dumbly nodding her inverted head. At that, the hand that pinned her in place eased up and left her. The tension went out of her body and she lay slack, panting, her bottom smarting. From upside down, she saw the hateful woman stride over to take a nearby chair from which she could better watch the show. The black-trousered legs crossed, one booted foot swinging easily as she settled back to enjoy herself.

Now Crissy was being shifted in his lap once again, lifted like a rag doll, as Sky’s hands came up under her and found the front of her panties. Curling his fingers in the waistband, he hauled the twisted scrap of nylon down to her knees, baring Crissy’s smarting bottom to their eyes.

“Look at this, Kat! Didn’t I tell you? A perfect little ass! Isn’t it pretty?” he murmured, his splayed hand easily cupped Crissy’s small buttocks. The hand moved in a loving caress sliding up and down the twin symmetrical curves, till the warmth of that gentle caress brought a tiny whimper from the inverted blond head. He let his hand rest there, lightly but possessively, tapping her taut cheeks, while she waited tensely. Taking her tight-cheeked young bottom in his a large hand, he squeezed the cheeks together, till Crissy’s shoulders jerked up as she arched back, sucking in a sharp intake of breath through clenched teeth. His fingers curled in, the nails digging in till he could grab a handful of ass, which he squeezed and mauled roughly, while the girl wiggled in his lap. He slapped her butt, then spaced each slap with a caress, alternately rubbed and massaged and fondled Crissy’s firm little rump, till he had her squirming with growing excitement, all the while making little whimpers from deep down in her throat.

Crissy was getting hot in spite of herself, her body responding to the humiliating position she had been forced into, keenly aware of how she must look to them; of the woman who sat in rapt silence while she was punished; of the man looking down on her blushing ass offered up for punishment by his masterful hands. It sent shivers of delight through her. And the feel of that warm masculine hand holding her by her throbbing bottom, was simply heavenly. She couldn’t help the lustful stirrings that rose up in her healthy young body. Sky kept up his slow, languid playing with Crissy’s bottom, waiting till he had the girl twisting uncontrollably, caught in the heat of rising passion, then he struck again and again in rapid.


He was spanking her harder now, hauling back, to fully wallop that those tight cheeks, testing their bouncy resiliency, as the flattened mounds sprang back and quivered after each open-handed slap. Soon he had the girl gyrating wildly, bouncing, hollering, and yelped continuously, kicking up her heels, and scissoring her legs in a frantic blur.

Through it all, the regal Katerina sat motionless with legs crossed, booted foot swinging slowly. She watched the punishment being meted out without emotion, the hard lines of her face set in stone. But a careful observer would have noted that her hands, the sharp blood-red talons at her fingertips, were curling under as she gripped the arms of the chair in white-knuckled intensity. Her hard black eyes had narrowed, and she seemed poised to strike, leaning forward in yet another subtle sign of her growing arousal. Those intense eyes, and the repeated moistening of her lips as the tongue passed rapidly over those slightly opened lips, showed how her passions were stirred by the erotic scene unfolding before her.

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