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27 Chapters by Laura Ahee

Leona Matthews is a respected journalist for the Detroit Free Press. She has a dream job, devoted friends and a loving ‘priestly’ brother. However, there’s side to her that even the people dearest to her heart don’t know, that as erotic romance novelist, “Elona Ericson”, who enjoys a loyal following nationwide. While Elona Ericson and Leona Matthews are very different in character, they both share one thing… they both have writer’s block! Despite pressures from her publisher, Leona places her double-life on hold when she takes on an assignment to interview actor Grant Thomson. He’s successful and charming to the naked eye, but to Leona, he is also rude and conceited, and she wants nothing to do with him. However, unexpected turns of events leave the two blind-sided and embarking on sensuous adventures Leona never dreamed possible. Now, she uses her erotic escapades to write a new bestseller. However, Grant doesn’t know about her secret life, and her true identity is being threatened by unknown forces. Leona must look inside her heart to find out what is important – creating a bestseller or falling in love. Steamy, sexy erotic fiction with straight, oral and some anal sexuality.

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