A Controlled Existence: Dutch Capture Series, Book Two – ebook



A Controlled Existence: Dutch Capture Series, Book Two by Gemma Stone

As this sequel to The Sessions opens, Kat, Meg, and Courtney are slaves to Paul Ulbrecht, a wealthy and mysterious Dom, with whom they live in a polyamorous relationship. The quartet live a 24/7 D/s lifestyle. Paul continues to deepen their submission, using them not only for his own pleasure but to serve at his frequent play parties. Things only get more exciting for them all when Paul introduces the women to “Princess Ondine,” an internet sensation.
Though Paul works as a controversial sex therapist, he also owns Star Fall, an elegant clothing-optional resort in the Caribbean, which covertly caters to the D/s community. Two additional reside there ” Claire, his business protégé and Tom. Despite the relationship with Tom, Paul maintains that he is straight, contending that his relationships with men are about domination and not sex.
As Kat’s relationship with Paul evolves, she becomes determined to marry him, although she doesn’t want it to upset the group’s stabile “family.” Things, however, are threatened when her desire sets off a competition with Claire. Kat is confused, uncertain what the contest is all about. Will the game upset the very relationships she wants desperately to preserve? Will she lose both Paul and Meg whom she loves equally? Will she get what she wants or perhaps more than she bargained for?
Follow the group’s adventures from affluent New England to New York City and to a sun-drenched island in the Caribbean. A Master/slave story featuring bondage, discipline, spanking, male dominance, female submission, male submission, polyamory and LGBT.

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After Kat, Meg, and Courtney moved in with Paul, he devised a rotation system. Each night, one of them would share his bed, having the privileges of whatever their Master desired that night and of the first fuck of the morning. (Paul loved morning sex.)? The two who were not in the rotation slept together and were permitted?no, encouraged?to have sex with each other. Courtney had moaned softly the first time Kat saw her come, when she and Kat did cam2cam when Kat was recruiting another bi female to participate in her and Meg?s stage-two training. With her Master, however, she proved a screamer. Meg and Kat would lie awake in bed and giggle like schoolgirls at her vocalizations, trying to imagine what he was doing to her at that exact moment. Bedroom doors were never closed at night. There was no need.That night was Kat?s night. She was up in the rotation. ?Thank goodness!? she thought, uncertain if she could have gone without him. As she and Paul walked into his bedroom, he stopped her and kissed her firmly. She had removed her wrist and ankle cuffs and waist cincher after the sex show and before going into the pool. Now she wore nothing but his collar. It was the way that she loved to be.Kat got up on the California king bed and crawled to the middle, setting herself up on her hands and knees. She looked over her shoulder and saw that he was fully erect, his nine-and-a-half inch staff pointing towards the ceiling. ?No, slave, not tonight,? he said. Kat pouted.?I thought he had told me that I?d get what I craved! I need to be fucked in the ass,? she thought, though she did not dare say anything or risk punishment. Kat was one of those rare women for whom anal was the preferred way of intercourse.?Tonight I want to have your ass the way I had it that first time. Lie on your back.?Kat?s frown turned into a big grin. She flopped on the bed and rolled over on her back. As Paul approached her, she stretched her legs up in the air and raised her ass. He eased his cock into her dark sheath, and she wrapped her legs around his neck. Her hand dropped to her crotch, and she began to massage her clit. She kept her eyes open, and her Master kept his locked on hers while he stroked in and out of her anus forcefully. Her swollen clit was ready to burst. ?Please, Master, may I come for you?? she begged.He did not answer directly, as he usually did. Instead, he said, ?You?re a horny bitch, aren?t you, slave???Yes, Master, I?m your horny slave bitch,? she gasped desperately.?Then come for me, my beautiful slave bitch!? he growled.She exploded. A few strokes later, Paul followed suit, shooting his warm cum deep inside her anus. ?Thank you, Master,? she exhaled.Paul pulled out and ordered Kat to clean him off with her mouth. She turned and engulfed his still semi-rigid cock. Her Master hated to have a single drop of his semen not be either injected into an appropriate hole or to be eaten. He considered spunk to be sacred. Initially, Kat had found that whole ?semen-is-sacred? thing vaguely creepy, but now that she had been worshipping his ?Master-full? cock so long, it seemed perfectly natural.As she tongued his cock dry, Paul looked down at her and said, ?Very good, slave. I?m afraid that?s all you get tonight.??It was more than enough, Master! You always are,? Kat cooed. She got up and turned the overhead bedroom light off. Shuffling back, she slipped into bed and scrambled under the covers, snuggling up next to her Master. He spooned her all night with his wonderful member comfortably nestled between her ass cheeks. And the next morning they began it all over again.


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