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Allow Me To Serve by Alexander Kelly

Fantasy? Reality? Bring both Together with us.
Attractive couple. He – Dom, 36. Long hair and
neat beard. She – switch, 29. Brunette with good
figure. We’re looking for that special person.
Are you?
Marlene is a lonely divorcee just kicking around her big old house, looking for something new to spice up her dreary life. An on-line personal ad suddenly attracts her attention. But this is not just any ad! She discovers, with some delight, that it was placed by the tenants who moved into her garage apartment a few months back. Daniel and Stephanie are a hot young D/s couple, and Marlene wants in on their magic. After a teasing seduction between landlord and tenant, Marlene has them convinced to take her on as their personal slave. Though just an initiate, Marlene’s life is quickly changed. She’s forced to her knees, tightly bound, sexually used and made to obey her master’s every desire. Marlene is thrilled by the extremes demanded of her. Life couldn’t get any better than this!
Yet, there is someone lurking in the shadows of her new life, a self-styled master who will stop at nothing to pry Marlene away from her blissful three-way relationship. When this determined villain forces the choice on her, Marlene must do as he commands to protect her master and mistress from his malevolent schemes – even if it means she’ll lose what she desires most.
A novel filled with many well-drawn and detailed scenes of sexual submission and restraint. This dark and steamy look into the world of Dominant/submissive relationships contains both Male/female and Fem/fem domination, tight rope and leather bondage, suspension, public play, an intense interrogation scene with electricity, as well as the fascinating mystery, ritual and ceremony that make this alternative world sizzle with erotic thrill.

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Late in the afternoon Stephanie knocked on the kitchen door.? I didn?t go down, not even after repeated knocks and her calling my name.? She wanted to confront me, wanted to know why I spied on them last night, but I wasn?t about to let on that I saw anything.? Then I remembered the rent was due today; that?s why she came around.? But just in case I quietly descended the stairs, afraid that she or Daniel lay in wait.? On the bottom step I halted and listened for any noise from outside. All was quiet.I shook my head. This was stupid and paranoid.? They both had jobs.? Daniel was probably preparing lectures and Stephanie was most likely hunched over a computer to meet a deadline.? Besides, this was my house!? Why should I be afraid of going around where I want?? I could even go up to their apartment.? After all, I owned that too.? Who cares what Stephanie and Daniel did up there?? As long as they didn?t break the law, stayed quiet and paid their rent on time what did I care about their lifestyle?And exactly what kind of lifestyle was that?Oh, c?mon! I said to myself.? Don?t act stupid.? I wasn?t the most experienced person, but the clues were there.? The leather dusters, the knot tying lesson.? How Stephanie and the other woman were made to stand at attention, like they were…Like they were tied up!I leaned against the wall.? I had rented to a nice, quiet couple.? That?s all.? Nice and quiet.? No problems, as long as they paid the rent on time…rent on time.I repeated that to myself.? Just pay the rent and there won?t be any problems.? I opened the kitchen door.? There was the check.? On time, as usual, for the right dollar amount, made out to me.? Everything was going to be fine.? Fine.? Except for one thing.The check wasn?t signed.Shit.? Shit and fuck.? Now what?I needed the money. Needed it to make my house payment.? All right then, I headed for the apartment?s stairs. I would just ask them to sign it.? That?s all.? Just sign the damn thing!I knocked on the door. No answer. Someone had to be there, I could hear the shower water.? I knocked again and the door creaked opened?it hadn?t been shut all the way.The check shook in my hand, as I poked my head inside. ?Daniel?? Stephanie??There wasn?t anyone in the kitchen area, so I walked through the breakfast nook, and then slammed on the brakes at the edge of the central living room.Everything seemed normal enough. In the center of the wall opposite me a door opened to a short hallway leading to bedrooms on the left and right.? Just beyond the hallway door was the bathroom and the still running shower.? Near the window on my right sat a desk with a computer. A notepad with what I assumed was Daniel and Stephanie?s physical descriptions lay near the keyboard.? On the monitor above the screen saver changed from one bright nature scene to another.? Set against the left hand wall was a black leather couch, a red, green and white afghan draped across the back.? In front was a glass coffee table, a large picture book angled just so to one side.? An entertainment unit was set against the wall that separated the living room from the kitchen.? In the corner on the unit?s other side was the tall, round cage.? I got my first look at it up close and it was painted glossy black with a red accent here and there.? I made the excuse to myself that the open, swinging gate on the cage was the only thing messy about the room and needed to be tidied up.? I kept my steps light on the hardwood floor and then on the dark area rug as I noiselessly crossed to the cage. My hands curled around the thin, but strong bars and swung them closed with a slight clang.? Yep, sturdy.I backed away, ready to leave the check on the coffee table with a short note.? Then I noticed the book: an artful, black and white photo of a woman?s stomach graced the cover.? Around her were several tight windings of rope.? I stared at it, transfixed, just as I had stared at the scene from my bedroom window last night. Again, I don?t know how long I stood there.? Too late, though, I suddenly noticed the shower had gone quiet.?Oh, hello, Marlene.?I jumped.? There was Stephanie, wrapped in a towel.? Water glistened off her slim arms and legs.? Her dark, wet hair shone like wet obsidian.She wandered over to me.? ?So, to what do I owe the honor of your visit??I blinked.? Why did I come here?? ?Ah, it?s this,? I said.? I handed her the check.Stephanie frowned as she looked it over.? Then her eyebrows shot up.? ?I am so stupid.? Forgive me.?? She brushed past me to the desk and scribbled her name on the signature line.? As she bent over the towel fell down her back a little.? Three thin, angry red stripes peeked out.? Her movement against the desk also disrupted the screen saver.? I just managed to catch a web site banner that announced ?Bondage, Inc.? before she turned back around and blocked my view.?I am so sorry.? We were up late last night.? It won?t happen again.?? Stephanie handed me the check.?It?s okay,? I said.? ?Uh, did you have a good time at your party last night??Stephanie?s eyes lit up.? ?Oh, yes.? After it broke up we came back here with some new friends.? We didn?t get to sleep until real late. Poor Daniel.? He had a faculty meeting this morning though, but he was all hyped up last night.? I don?t think he slept at all.? He woke me up before he left.?? She adjusted the towel around her, pulling it up higher.I wanted to get another look at Stephanie?s back, the computer, or even at the coffee table book, but Stephanie kept facing me, blocking my view of the screen, and the book was behind me on the other side of the room.? And since the check was taken care of…?Well, thanks,? I said, then I headed for the door.?Marlene,? Stephanie called after me.? ?It must get lonely in that big house.? If you ever want to just come over, you know, just to talk.?Lonely?? Sometimes it sure did get that way.? Hell, a lot of the time.? I wanted to say: Why do you think I ran out to talk to you last night? ?Instead I shrugged and said: ?Maybe you can invite me to your next party.?Stephanie stared at me.? ?If that?s what you want.?I paused.? She was serious.? But was I??I don?t know,? I said.? ?Frankly, I don?t know what I want.?Stephanie slowly nodded.? ?Let us know when you do.?I ran my errands, first the bank, then groceries, then gas in the car, etc.? Somewhere in there was a brief, lonely espresso at South Coast.? I sat at an out of the way corner table, jealous of all the laughing couples on their way to a movie, or dinner, or whatever.? I even saw the big, dark-haired man from the night before, and the light blonde woman too, but they were on the far side of the room with people constantly in between us.? They didn?t move much, as if, like Daniel and Stephanie, they hadn?t gotten any sleep at all last night and today.? His arm wrapped around her shoulders while her head rested against his and they both just stared into space. The peacefulness in them reminded me of what Daniel and Stephanie had, maybe not to the same degree, but it was there.? Whatever it was, I didn?t have it, but I wanted it. Oh, god, I wanted it!I shot out the door, flew through the rest of my tasks and got home after dark.? I parked in the garage, cradled the groceries in my arms, and marched back to my house.? The apartment?s living room lights shone down from above on the concrete and moody, classical music floated from an open window.? The music followed me into the house, stayed with me while I slammed everything in a cupboard or refrigerator.? Then it abruptly stopped. I glanced out the kitchen window and saw Daniel lock their window and draw the drapes.I ate dinner alone, then tried to watch some show, and later wandered from empty room to empty room. I put on some gentle music of my own to match the house?s Victorian style but instead of making me feel warm and protected it made me even lonelier. Suddenly, I had a vision of myself as a crazy old lady living alone for years, rattling around in a huge empty house?the house in the neighborhood that no one dared approach.But it didn?t have to be that way.? I had an open invitation from Stephanie, an invitation to just come up and talk.? Still, I held off.? What exactly would we talk about?? Their jobs?? The weather?? No. No, it was fairly obvious that Stephanie had something more in mind than just patter. And so did I!Next thing I knew, I was on the apartment stairs and my fist rapped on the door.? I could hear the music again and again I knocked, but now tentative and unsure.? No answer.? I tried once more and still nothing.? But then I heard something other than music.? I stepped around the corner, onto the balcony.? From between the drapes and the window?s edge, a small slit of light cut across the balcony.? Carefully, so slow that the boards underneath me wouldn?t creak, I crept up to the little opening and peeked inside.? I gasped.Rope was strewn everywhere. On the floor, the couch, it even hung from a ceiling hook in the middle of the room I know I hadn?t put up there.? But the ropes didn?t hold my attention.? No, my attention was directed solely on my tenants.A naked Stephanie knelt in the middle of the room.? Tight, white rope bound her arms in back at her wrists, elbows and upper arms.? More rope crisscrossed over and under her full breasts like a makeshift bra that squeezed them out, her pink, hardened nipples leading the way.? More rope pressed into her stomach, like on the cover of the coffee table book, except several more strands plunged to Stephanie?s crotch, disappearing in her pubic hairs.? In back her hands trembled, an action that matched her lips just below a leather blindfold that covered half her face.? Her head turned this way, then that, and sought to track Daniel?s movements.Whip in hand he circled her. He was naked too while his large, erect cock thrust out, shiny and wet.? He stroked it occasionally, then closed on Stephanie and it poked her on the cheek.? Instead of pulling back Stephanie eagerly took it in, her mouth all over it, sucking, pulling, frothing, her head a machine.My mouth turned dry and a warmth spread between my legs, one that I hadn?t felt in a long time.? Only dimly aware of what I was doing, my hands pulled apart my pant?s snap and unfastened the zipper.Daniel pulled back, but Stephanie leaned forward, keeping his cock in her mouth as long as possible.? At last Daniel stood clear but Stephanie?s tongue sneaked out, and its wet, pink end strained to barely touch Daniel?s cock tip.? It flicked across it, back and forth.In a high arc Daniel brought the whip down.Whish!? Crack!It landed across Stephanie?s arms and shoulders.?Aaaii!? she cried.My fingers pushed down between my panties and swirled in my juice as I teased my pussy lips.? Oh, yes!Daniel leaned down and whispered something in her ear. His other hand reached around in back of her and the crotch rope tightened.? Stephanie gasped, held herself rigid while Daniel worked the rope. Tighten, then relax.? Tighten, relax.?Umm.? Ohhh,? Stephanie moaned.I managed to swallow and spread my legs open further.? My hand dove deeper and my fingers pushed inside me. Oh, good. That was it. Yes.?Do you like showing off your whip marks?? Daniel said.? ?Do you think Marlene saw them???I don?t know. I don?t know!? Stephanie croaked and struggled with her words while Daniel kept on with the crotch rope. ?Maybe.? I couldn?t…ah, ah!? I couldn?t tell.? She…She surprised me.? I forgot, ah!? I forgot to sign the…the check.?Daniel gave a harder tug and Stephanie half-sobbed, half-gasped. She hung her head and her chin trembled.?You ?forgot? to sign the check,? Daniel said.? ?So she came up here and you were so conveniently wrapped in a towel. How could she not see your stripes? You little exhibitionist, you didn?t forget.??I?m sorry, I?m sorry!? Stephanie whined.? ?I can?t help it.? I can?t!? I?m proud to be your slave and I wanted her to know.? Forgive me!??Of course I forgive you, slave.?? Daniel stroked her head and his fingers found their way to her lips.? He forced them in Stephanie?s mouth, almost to the knuckles and Stephanie held her head absolutely still.My other hand pulled at my own mouth lips.? They pushed down on my tongue.?I forgive you, slave,? Daniel said again. ?But you will be punished.? You know you deserve it.? No orgasm for you tonight.? That?s right.? No release.? No matter what I do, you are not to cum.? Let?s see if a night of denial will bring you back in line.?A haze overtook me.? I could still see, but everything turned soft, dull.? My pussy, oh, my pussy was a river.? I had never been this wet before!? The haze transformed into a vague but pleasant sensation and my muscles began to tighten while I also mentally floated.? It was all so warm, so safe.Daniel hauled Stephanie to her feet by the crotch-rope.? With a cry Stephanie stood up on her toes, then Daniel pulled her to just under the ceiling hook.? He threaded a rope through it, then passed it between her wrists and pulled them up, up, way up, straight out behind her and above her shoulders.? Daniel kicked her legs apart and attached a long, metal bar with leather cuffs at either end to her ankles.? He ran his hands over her tight legs, her strained arms, slapped her once on the ass and then retreated to a part of the room I couldn?t see.Stephanie?s mouth grimaced.? Her spread legs shook, but she didn?t complain, didn?t make a sound.? From between her legs a small drip formed at the bottom of the crotch rope.? It hung there for a second then plopped on the hardwood floor, followed by another, and another.Daniel called out from his hiding spot.? ?Are you prepared to please your master???Yes, sir,? Stephanie barely said.Daniel came back and leaned in front of Stephanie, face to face.? ?What was that, my slave?? I didn?t hear you.?? He squeezed a nipple.Stephanie gasped.? ?Ahh!? Yes, sir!? This slave is ready.? Let me please you.? Fuck me.? Oh, please, fuck me.?My fingers moved in and out.? Fuck me.? Fuck me, please.? I need it too.? Slow.? Slower.? Fuuucck meee.Daniel reached up and pulled off the blindfold. Stephanie?s red-rimmed eyes stared back at him.?Fuck me.? Oh, god, I need it.? I promise I won?t come.? I promise.? Just use me ??Daniel grabbed the back of Stephanie?s head and kissed her, long and deep.? She returned it, just as passionate, then kissed him all over his face.? Daniel held up a red, rubber ball with straps that dangled from either side.? He allowed Stephanie to kiss him some more and then he shoved the ball in her mouth.? The straps wound about her cheeks and buckled in back.? Now gagged, Stephanie closed her eyes and sniffled while her fingers spread out above and behind her, then formed into tiny fists.? Daniel got up and stood behind her, his hard, straight cock just inches away.Daniel speared her.My fingers drove in all the way. I pushed, pushed them inside me all the way, right up to the knuckles.? I stroked my clit, pinched my pussy lips. ?Do it.? Do it!Stephanie closed her eyes and cried out behind her gag, deep and throaty.? Daniel?s hips pounded against her ass.? She squealed under his determined thrusts, but a little less each time.? She…She stared right at me.Our eyes met. She knew I was there, but I couldn?t run. Not yet.? I was close.? So close!?Stick a cock inside me!? Let stern but gentle hands make me serve.? Keep my arms tied, my legs spread.? Cock, cock, cock.? Fuck me.? Make me come!? Make me ?? Oh, at last!? Feel the flood, the release.? Ah!? Ahh!?Ahhh!?? I cried out.?What was that?? Daniel stopped.? He glanced around and listened.Stephanie?s head shook three times.? ?Ermph!? Ermph!? Ermph!?Daniel focused back on Stephanie.? ?That was you?? You made a promise, slave!?They stayed that way a moment; Daniel stood stock still while Stephanie?s tremors subsided and her gagged squeals faded away.Then Daniel softened.? He leaned forward and caressed Stephanie?s tits.? ?But then, some promises are meant to be broken.?He squeezed her nipples, and then resumed his fucking of her.? Stephanie pinned me with her eyes again.? Did she nod at me?I wasn?t sure.? All I knew was I crawled away, back to my kitchen where I lay curled up on the floor for a long time.Yes, master.


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