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Allow Me To Serve by Alexander Kelly

Fantasy? Reality? Bring both Together with us.
Attractive couple. He – Dom, 36. Long hair and
neat beard. She – switch, 29. Brunette with good
figure. We’re looking for that special person.
Are you?
Marlene is a lonely divorcee just kicking around her big old house, looking for something new to spice up her dreary life. An on-line personal ad suddenly attracts her attention. But this is not just any ad! She discovers, with some delight, that it was placed by the tenants who moved into her garage apartment a few months back. Daniel and Stephanie are a hot young D/s couple, and Marlene wants in on their magic. After a teasing seduction between landlord and tenant, Marlene has them convinced to take her on as their personal slave. Though just an initiate, Marlene’s life is quickly changed. She’s forced to her knees, tightly bound, sexually used and made to obey her master’s every desire. Marlene is thrilled by the extremes demanded of her. Life couldn’t get any better than this!
Yet, there is someone lurking in the shadows of her new life, a self-styled master who will stop at nothing to pry Marlene away from her blissful three-way relationship. When this determined villain forces the choice on her, Marlene must do as he commands to protect her master and mistress from his malevolent schemes – even if it means she’ll lose what she desires most.
A novel filled with many well-drawn and detailed scenes of sexual submission and restraint. This dark and steamy look into the world of Dominant/submissive relationships contains both Male/female and Fem/fem domination, tight rope and leather bondage, suspension, public play, an intense interrogation scene with electricity, as well as the fascinating mystery, ritual and ceremony that make this alternative world sizzle with erotic thrill.

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