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Alyssa’s Needs Trilogy, Book One



Alyssa’s Needs Trilogy, Book One by Olivia M. Ravensworth

Volume I chronicles the tantalizing and tormenting of an easily excitable husband purposefully pique and goaded and denied such that he at last is compelled to give his darling wife to strangers, again and again and again. At first, shocked and revolted as any man would be, Brad resists his wife’s seemingly impossible request.
The desirable Alyssa, however, is not easily put off, and she knows her slave-to-be perhaps even better than he knows himself. He is fiercely ashamed at what she has suggested, and yet on another level he cannot quite admit even to himself, he is guiltily excited, too. Sexually denied by a calm yet mercilessly firm wife who will not grant him the comfort of her supple white flesh until after he has allowed begged! her to give her sleek pale body to men he does not even know, Brad can only masturbate compulsively to a dirty porno magazine that shows, among other things, a slinky black-haired young model much like his own darling being gangbanged in the most explicit, uninhibited, and gooey fashion.

Brad tries not to understand where all of it must be leading, but in the end the poor man simply cannot help himself. Enslaved by the dark-eyed siren, he at last can only surrender to her needs.

On the night of her gangbang, as he squats breathlessly just on the other side of the bedroom door, hearing everything–every groan, every sigh, every illicit whimper, every squeak of the springs of his once-familiar marriage bed–the cuckolded Brad finally understands his true place as his mistress’s most worshipful and willing thrall…

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