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Alyssa’s Needs Trilogy Book Package by Olivia M. Ravensworth

After a year and a half of marriage, the beautiful Alyssa suddenly tells her adoring husband that she needs more than any one man, no matter how loving, can give her”far more. Brad is shocked, but Alyssa, with her dark eyes smoldering, explains patiently, yet thoroughly and graphically and very unapologetically, exactly what she requires.
Brad, aghast, may resist the seemingly impossible request, but Alyssa will not be put off, and she knows her prey perhaps even better than he himself does. Fiercely ashamed at what she has suggested, the confused man nevertheless is, on another level he cannot quite admit even to himself, guiltily excited, too. Sexually denied by a calm yet mercilessly firm wife who will not grant him the comfort of her supple white flesh until after he has allowed begged! her to give her sleek young body to men he does not even know, the once-proud husband is caught like a fly in the sticky web of her shameless designs.

Deeper descends Brad into utter and abject slavery at the hands of his smirking, beautifully cruel wife, ever deeper, enduring piquant humiliations and tasting strange joys such as he scarcely knew existed. The slinky-hipped temptress will not rest until Brad finally understands his true place as his mistress’s most worshipful and willing thrall. Cuckoldry and femdom, gangbangs and exhibitionism and lesbianism, sperm-slavery and male bisexuality in a way, these are only the beginning for the pliant, desperately needy Brad.

One dark midnight, after all, the exquisitely subjugated slave is wakened once more by the sounds of lovemaking in the bed right beside him. But rather than the anonymous man whom the husband naturally had been expecting, Brad blinks his eyes wide to see a fleshy middle-aged woman and a skinny young girl with long red hair and delicate tiny breasts cavorting with his unpredictable wife. The confused Brad has never imagined the like, but of course only Alyssa knows the true fate that awaits her sweetly degraded devotee”

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