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Angela’s Revenge by M. Daniel

Angela is a timid woman molded since childhood to believe she can do nothing right. But when she meets Wendell, her whole outlook on the world changes. However, when Angela loses a big sales deal for Wendell’s struggling computer store because of her mistake, his girlfriend and business partner Victoria insists she be fired. Wendell is reluctant to do so, but with the business dealt a huge loss, he cuts her hours so he can stay in business. When Wendall is out, Victoria drops by the computer store and talks with Angela about her screw up. Angela pleads not to be fired and asks for a spanking along with a reduction in pay. Agreeing to the arrangement, Victoria spanks Angela in the office, and thus begins the spanking relationship between Victoria and Angela.

When Angela’s two housemates move out without notice, she can’t afford the rent on the house. When Wendell offers his spare room in the attic, she has little choice but to agree. On moving day, Victoria spanks Angela in the attic for putting a nick in the wall, all without Wendell’s knowledge. Victoria demands that Angela keep her mouth shut about getting spanked or she’ll kick her out.

Wendell is often at the university teaching. He’s not happy at home, he’s worried about his businesses failing, and has plenty of reason to stay away. He has no idea what is happening in his own home.
One day, when Victoria and her friend Susan come home for lunch, they catch Angela asleep on the couch – which Victoria does not allow! The sleepy Angela has just earned a spanking right in front of Susan. Later, when Susan finds Angela snooping through the papers in Victoria’s office while she’s away, Susan threatens to tell Victoria, unless Angela submits to being spanked.
With both women on her, the stressed-out Angela finally breaks down and tells Wendell what’s been going on. Not only is Victoria taking liberties with Angela, Wendall learns from the snooping Angela that Victoria and Susan are skimming money from his business. Faced with the truth, it’s time for Wendall to take charge and help Angela get her revenge!

Includes Fem/Dom, submissive female, romance, erotic and brutal spanking, humiliation, punishment, discipline, forced obedience, paddle, brush, braided cord, and leather.

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Angela slowly stood up and closed the office door so the cashier at the counter could not hear. Then, in total defeat, she approached Victoria. She was beyond tears now. Crying would only add to the deeply humiliating sense of failure that she felt. “Please, Victoria,” she begged. “Don’t tell anybody about this. Promise?” She pleaded, as she unzipped her jeans and let them fall to her ankles. It was not until she stretched herself over Victoria’s lap to receive her spanking that a single tear finally fell from her eye.

Victoria relished the sight of Angela’s upturned butt across her lap. She slowly ran her hand over each cheek under the silky, pink panties. She looked down the long, shapely legs with the same envy she had always felt toward Angela. She was a very attractive woman. Even in high school she was one of the prettiest girl on campus. That was always the real reason Victoria and her mean girls crew tormented her so relentlessly. They made her feel ugly and unlovable. That’s why Angela never took any of the boys seriously when they tried to approach her. She figured they were just making a fool of her. All of the boys were friends with the mean girls. They were the sexiest, most flirtatious, and most sought after girls on campus. And now here was Angela once again the victim of the mean girl’s leader of the pack.

It was all Victoria could do to keep from laughing out loud as she raised her hand and delivered the first blow to Angela’s butt. Angela squealed a muffled “Ouch!” But there was little time for anything more as the second blow came slamming down. She squirmed under the rain of blows but Victoria held her in place with one arm and by wrapping her legs over Angela’s. She enjoyed seeing the thighs just below the panties beginning to turn a rosy red. But that was not enough. After the fifth time her hand slammed into Angela’s bottom, Victoria paused just long enough to grab the rim of the panties and yank them down exposing Angela’s naked bottom to the spanking. The more Angela squirmed and whimpered under the brutal spanking the harder Victoria spanked her until both cheeks of the ample bottom were glowing a deep, burning red. The last blow landed hardest causing Angela to kick her ankles wildly up and down as she sobbed uncontrollably. Finally, Victoria ceased her assault and flung poor Angela to the floor. “Get up, Freak!”

Angela slowly made her way up on her feet. She was only wearing one shoe, the other having flown off while she was wildly kicking and sobbing over Victoria’s lap. Her jeans were crumpled around her ankles and her panties were rolled down around her thighs. She stood facing Victoria crying and wiping her eyes. “Well don’t just stand there like some whore,” Victoria scolded her. “Put you clothes on, Geek.” And Angela, under Victoria’s burning glare, pulled her panties and her jeans up over her sore, throbbing butt, gritting her teeth from the pain. “Keep your fucking mouth shut about this, you little nerd, or I’ll see to it that you are fired. Understood?”

“Yes, Victoria. Okay?”

“One more thing,” Victoria said, as she stood up to leave. “Whenever we are together alone like this I want you to call me Miss Victoria. You hear me?”

“Yes, Vic… I mean Miss Victoria,” Angela said, in an embarrassed whisper as if afraid someone might her.

“Good, Freak,” Victoria said haughtily. Just as she was about to open the door she turned and looked at Angela and added, “You haven’t seen the last of me. Get used to it.”

Over the next three weeks Victoria paid two more unannounced visits to the Angela at the store and subjected her to more belittling ridicule followed by another spanking. But by now the routine was understood by Angela. There was no more jeans and panties down. Now she was made to stand in front of Victoria and slowly strip herself naked one piece at a time to Victoria’s dictates. And it was on the third visit that Angela lost all hope of things getting better between her and Victoria. Because on the third visit Victoria entered the office and told Angela, “I have a surprise for you today, my little geek freak. Lock the door and get over here,” she said, as she took a seat in the chair near the desk.

Angela sighed and her shoulders drooped as she approached and stood in front of her waiting for her to dictate how she was to strip herself naked. She was used to it by now. The worst part was not being made to strip naked in front of her or even the painful, bruising spankings that left her sore for hours afterwards. No, the worst was never knowing when Victoria would show up. It was always when Wendell was away at the university teaching. So during those times when she was alone in the office she was on pins and needles any time the sales clerk came into the office or the phone rang she flinched. She sometimes cried herself to sleep at night with fear and worry. She wanted to talk to Wendell about it but how could she? He had been out of town attending a seminar all week, as he often was. And besides it was too embarrassing to speak about with anyone. Anyway Victoria would only have her fired if she did. It was just like back in high school where she felt she had no one to talk to about the bullying.

She remembered how back then she was actually on anxiety medication because of the Mean Girls Crew. When she saw them coming she would begin to tremble and feel faint just at the sight of them. She remembered one incident especially. She had just left her music class after a very positive talk from her cello instructor. He had gotten her an opportunity to play with the city orchestra at an upcoming festival in the park celebration. She was feeling so proud of herself. But then, as she was heading down the hallway to her locker, she saw them. They rounded the corner ahead of her and were coming straight at her. She immediately began to tremble and go weak in the knees. She lost her grip on her books and they all went crashing to the floor. The Crew burst out laughing at her and calling her the usual names they had for her. And as they passed, they kicked her books and papers all over the hallway. Angela knelt there crouched in the hallway until they passed on, but not before one of them took her music notebook and threw it out of the window.

Then as now she felt alone in her situation. So she endured her surprise visits and the humiliation and spankings. She was constantly anxious and agitated whenever she was alone at the store. That was the worst part of it all, at least until that third visit. That is when everything changed. “Stand closer,” Victoria told her. “Closer.” And Angela advanced until she was only inches from her tormentor. “Stop!” Victoria told her. “Damn, are you that eager to get over my lap, freak?” Angela did not say anything. She just stood with her head bowed and her hands fidgeting at her sides. Victoria reached up and unbuttoned Angela’s jeans. Then she slowly unzipped them as Angela stood helplessly. “Turn around,” she ordered, and grabbed Angela by the hips and spun her. Then she reached up and pulled the jeans and panties down just far enough to expose the butt. She gazed at the flawless skin and perfect form of Angela’s body. Envy welled up inside of her as she gently ran her hands over the unblemished globes and between the delicate thighs.


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