Arabian Nightmare



Arabian Nightmare By Giles Rokeby
She finds freedom in the desert” Her husband discovers enslavement!
“You will have to know your place, Edmund,” she said finally; magnificent eyes holding his. “I demand complete respect and perfect obedience from my husband and will expect no less from you. If you do not feel that male pride of yours can countenance the control and command of a woman ” and especially a woman who is younger in years than yourself ” then you must say so now.”
A wealthy and free-spirited woman in the England of Edward VII browbeats her husband into an exploration of the Arabian desert. But when they are abducted by a fierce Sheik she finds her dreams and desires of dominating a male turned upon their head. Though she will experience the control and domination of a male she craves. Includes domination, control, collaring, punishment, spanking and humiliation.

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