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Australian Holiday by Harrison Warwick

Smug American Jason thought that his blind date with the comely Aussie Amanda would lead to fun down under. After all, they share common interests in mild BDSM, and plan a not-so-mild kidnapping scenario. Dominance and submission is based on trust, Jason reasonably believed, but a humbling experience with Amanda will soon devolve into a horrific one. Still, he can’t resist the beautifully intoxicating Goddess and her sexy compatriots.
Ultimately, Jason must decide whether to boldly sacrifice his mundane life to become their slave. It’s an insane move that would change his life, perhaps not for the better. Will his kinky obsessions lead to his tumultuous downfall? And just who is Amanda’s shadowy husband and what part does he play in Jason’s degradation? Why does the mysteriously evil Japanese woman seem to passionately hate Jason and obsess over his demise? And what about Jason’s ex who seems to have a soft spot for him? Will she save his life or betray him? Hold on to your hats for the heart-stopping finale.
Includes Femdom, F/m, F/f, D/s, intense, non-consensual, domination, severe bondage, CBT, feminization, pussy worship, foot worship, toilet slavery, psychological torture and corporal punishment.

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