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Bound For Pleasure at Blackthorne by Roger Hastings

Roger Hastings epic Blackthorne Series in one huge compilation. Featuring: The Secret of Blackthorne, Waltz of the Wantons & Prescription For Perversion.

The Secret of Blackthorne – Thus begins the first book in the new Blackthorne House series. Come to this half-mansion, half-prison, perched on a lonely crag surrounded by the moors of Scotland. Here secrets are concealed behind stone walls and iron bars, and escape is never possible. Join in with the forbidden revelries in the ancestral home of the Cailean family. From everywhere in Europe and America beautiful young girls are abducted and brought here, to be imprisoned in the cellar chambers, where they are stripped naked and taught to obey. The familys staff of powerful men and severe women train their defenseless victims with whips and cruel devices, these lovely subjects soon yield their bodies to the familys relentless carnal appetites. Seen through the eyes of the newest Laird of Blackthorne, Sir Richard tells of his amazing introductionand most erotic initiation into the world that he will rule. He soon delights in the lusty female slaves there to serve his every sexual desire. Though his enlightening education into his family heritage also reveals how once each year, the tables are turned on the Cailean family, as the spirited men and women of this remarkable clan must submit to a night of terror. Riding into the mysterious circle of stones hidden in the estate forest, they discover for themselves a secret world of feral lust and frenzy at the hands of the very slaves they have so carefully trained.

Waltz of the Wantons – October, 1913across the lonely Scottish moors to the Caileans Blackthorne Estate, come men and women in horse-drawn coaches, motor cars, and even on horseback. The glittering ballroom is teeming with guests eager to partake the awaiting sexual pleasure. The real action, however, takes place in the cellars of Blackthorne, where captive maidens and a few young men satisfy the constant flow of guests who find their way down the winding stone stairway into a forbidden paradise. This year, Lord Corwin attends with his son, Allan, and daughter, Lissa. On Lissas eighteenth birthday, she is determined to shed her virginity and join the revelry. She targets Sir Richard Cailean, the young, handsome, titled head of the Cailean family for her first seduction. However, jealous and in a fit of rage, Richards lover, Treise and her accomplice abduct Lissa. Imprisoned in a stone tower, shes ravished and punished, while Treise tries to win back Richard. When Richard ignores his lover, going in search of Lissa, hes also kidnapped, and held prisoner, where three nubile maids keep him perpetually bound and sexually exhausted. Meanwhile Lissa is taken into the forest and tied to a pillar where she falls victim to the grotesque half-human, half-animal creatures who claim her as their sexual prey.

Prescription for Perversion – An innocent encounter leads to disaster when the good Dr. Scott kidnaps two young virgins, Kerri & Poppie during the summer holiday. Sent to his family estate, they are stripped naked and locked in cells, where they begin their sexual training and learn the painful consequences of clinging to modesty and hesitating to obey. In turn, they learn to enjoy the wild sexual perversions that are so much a part of the family legacy – including a savage, naked, horse-bound ride into the wilderness where the two are sexually ravished by Dr. Scott. When WWII breaks out, the estate is turned into a hospital for wounded soldiers. Young men convalescing from their injuries are afforded a most unusual treatment. Nurses, dressed in skimpy uniforms – sans panties – gives these brave men their very special therapy.

Includes: bondage, caging, whipping, virgin initiation, and outrageous exhibitionism in a fast paced tale of debauchery and carnal amusement.

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