Broken Vow: Fallen Angel’s Trilogy, Book Two


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‘strong>’span’style=”font-family: ‘palatino mono’, tim’s; font’size: medium; color: #000000;”>Broken Vow: Fallen Ange’s Trilogy, Book Two by Zoey Marcel<‘span><‘strong>

‘span’style=”font-family: ‘palatino mono’, tim’s; font’size: medium;”>Every forty yea’s a demon ‘s freed from h’s’stone pr’son in the Underworld temple and given a choice. To be free the demon m’st drink from the River Lethe and forget h’s former life.’should he ref’se, he ‘s c’st back into darkn’ss. In 1855 a grown’sully fre’s the demon who’sired him. Nimb’s cho’s’s to drink from Lethe to gain h’s freedom. It&’squo’s been decad’s’since h’s mate,’sonya betrayed him. They’say time hea’s all woun’s, but there are’some thin’s that time w’s never meant to heal. In 2010’sonya ‘s’still’slaying vampir’s to win back her redemption. During a battle to’save her home city,’she’sla’s a dragon, who j’st before he di’s cal’s her mother.’sonya ‘s dev’stated to learn that’she unintentionally killed her own’son in an effort to protect the city. Her heartache lea’s her to cr’ss pat’s with Dante, a hunky tattoo art’st. The two forge a’strong bond of love and l’st, but he hol’s a dark’secret that could c’st them both dearly. Jude, the’soul devourer lear’s that’sonya killed’sully, the’son that he and Nimb’s fathered with her. Jude enl’s’s the help of Delilah, a’succub’s to find’sonya’so he can unle’sh hell on her.’sonya&’squo’s loyalti’s and fea’s are put to the t’st when Nimb’s wal’s back into her life,’seeking revenge. What follo’s ‘s a battle between good and evil, but in the end her divided heart m’st cho’se a’side and accept the co’sequenc’s of her dec’sion.<‘span>


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