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Brown Paper Fantasies – ebook


Brown Paper Fantasies by Lizbeth Dusseau

Lizbeth’s best sexy stories and erotic scenarios. Featuring provocative short stories from her collection, Extremes.
Includes 57 Chevy, I Never Complain About A Gangbang, Taffeta and In The Palm Of Her Hand, Plus sexual interludes from her BDSM novels. For those that enjoy titillating sexual fantasies with lovers, would-be lovers”and sensuous strangers.
Stories from Lizbeth novels include, Screwing Johnny Gold from Bounty Hunter, Sex Starved from Sexual Mischief, Night Shift from Nurse Nancy Misbehaves, A Shower With Alan from An Innocent Obsession, It All Began In A Stairwell from Rendezvous With A Stranger, Throwing off the Boy from The Red Door, and many others.
Just little bit of D/s sexuality…and lots of erotic fireworks.

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Cover Image Ludovic Goubet

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