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Captives of the Colonel – ebook


Captives of the Colonel by Charles Graham

Two demure and inexperienced Englishwomen, Arabella and Belinda, are traveling to India in 1876; Arabella to join her husband, the Colonel; and Belinda to be reconciled with Captain Adams, the fiance she rejected. When their trip is delayed, the two foolishly set off on their own and are accosted by a band of ruthless rebels. Stripped, bound and taken captive, they are at the mercy of the dethroned prince Razak. Until a huge ransom is paid, they will serve him and his men as chained and collared submissives.
Taken to Razak’s tent, Belinda is whipped and aroused, then forced to submit his ruthless domination, satisfying him like a common whore. Arabella, meanwhile, is trained as a submissive. Though she swears she will not submit, the painful bite of a switch across her naked flesh proves her wrong. In one short week, the two are turned into obedient and fiercely-hot submissive girls. At a feast for the rebels, their newly-acquired skills are tested as they pleasure whoever wishes to enjoy their charms. Shamed by their own lust, their only hope is that the ransom will soon be paid.
However, when Belinda’s jilted lover Captain Adams arrives and sees what the two women have become, he hatches a plan of his own. He ransoms Arabella, obtains a submissive for himself, and in an act of revenge, leaves Belinda to Razak and his men. Should Arabella tell the Colonel of his treachery, Adams will tell him of her disgraceful sexual submission. Though she’s back with her loving husband, she spends her nights as the helpless sexual toy of Adams and his companions.
When a pierced and collared Belinda is found on the auction block in the local marketplace, Arabella and Colonel Mayhew rescue her from the worst of fates. But with Belinda returned, Arabella’s lies about her captivity unravel. As Englishwomen, so easily turned from delicate ladies into groveling submissives, they are a liability in this rough country. With the men in their lives both titillated and threatened by their raw sexuality, the chance that their lives can return to normal looks more unlikely every day.
An engaging story with heavy S&M content throughout, including bondage, brutal whippings, punishment, submissive training, branding, piercing, chains, collars, shackles, some F/m, and consensual sexuality.

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Cover Art Wendy Needham

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In the dim, pre-dawn light of the thirteenth day, the guide and the three armed guards Arabella and Belinda had hired to escort them to Peshlara were occupied in striking their tents and loading the horses when a group of raiders swept out of the cover of the trees and galloped into the camp, their rifles trained on the four Indians and quelling any possibility of resistance before it could begin.

In the sole remaining tent, still in their flimsy nightwear, Arabella and Belinda screamed in fear as horses’ hooves thundered outside and the deep, guttural cries of unknown men split the dawn peace. Then, seconds later, as the two women hugged each other in terror, the tent flap was hurled back and four Pathan warriors, all fierce eyed, heavily bearded, and armed to the teeth, burst in.

Belinda screamed as she was ripped from Arabella’s embrace, but she was no match for the brutal strength of two of the warriors as she was dragged  from the tent and thrown to her belly at the feet of a fifth warrior, a rough hand at the nape of her slender neck holding her face pressed to the bare earth. Blinded by dust and unable to see her captors or Arabella, Belinda’s tears splashed onto the dry ground, and she squealed in sheer panic as her arms were wrenched behind her back and she felt the painful rasp of coarse rope on her soft flesh as her wrists were bound cruelly tight behind her back.

The hand left her neck but fastened, instead, in her long blonde hair, bringing a hoarse gasp of pain from her as her head was bent back….a gasp instantly cut short as a thick bar of wood was wedged crossways between her lips, remorseless pressure forcing her to open her jaws as wide as she possibly could until the gag lodged between her back teeth and stretched the corners of her soft mouth. Dragged to her feet by the hand still knotted in her hair, she trembled in awful terror and whimpered into her gag as she saw Arabella.

Bound and gagged as effectively as Belinda herself, the taller brunette fought vainly against her bonds and the two warriors who dragged her writhing, twisting body from the tent and towards the man before whom Belinda stood helpless.

It was a battle Arabella could never hope to win and as one of her captors drew a razor sharp knife from his belt and placed it against her slim throat. She froze in abject terror, her brown eyes bulging in fear.

The fifth warrior, the leader, snapped a command; and, as Belinda watched in stunned disbelief, the knife slashed downwards, the flimsy material of Arabella’s nightgown parting instantly before the gleaming blade. Before the shocked and terrified brunette could react, the second man ripped the two halves of her nightgown back and down, leaving her stark naked in the cool early morning air.

For a split second, nobody moved, Arabella staring numbly down at her bare breasts, and her captors seemingly transfixed by the slender curves of her palely gleaming body….but then her trance broke, and she gave a muffled, gasping moan of dreadful anguish as she understood the full horror of her situation.

Belinda, too, understood what was to happen to her; and, as the leader gave a second order, she struggled frantically to tear free of her bonds and the strong hands which held her but to no avail. And as a glittering knife slashed and ripped her nightgown from her, the small blonde shuddered and wept in despair as her full breasts and softly rounded belly were exposed to the hot eyes of her captors.

Held by strong and powerful warriors, the two women were utterly helpless as the leader of the raiders subjected them both to a long and intensely humiliating scrutiny, their garbled pleas and tears of shame and fear ignored as he examined their gag-distorted faces, weighed their breasts in his hands, tested the firmness of their thigh muscles and, horrifyingly, even forced their legs apart to send his fingers probing the moist clefts of their sexes.

Seemingly satisfied with what he had discovered, he sent two of his men to fetch mallets and pegs from the packhorses. As the women screamed wordless pleas for mercy, he had their ankles lashed to pegs hammered wide apart into the earth and their throats bound to pegs on each side of their necks preventing any attempt to struggle. He walked over and gazed down at his two shamefully displayed victims then gave a cruel laugh and waved his hand; and, as they saw the gesture, his men gave a great shout of pleasure and fell upon the two sobbing women.

Utterly at the mercy of the warriors, their bodies spread open and held by unforgiving rope, each woman screamed and wept as a thick, iron-hard shaft bludgeoned its way into her defenceless sex, but neither could prevent her violation. As the warriors sated their lusts with savage lunges into the damp, soft heat of their victims’ bellies, neither could prevent the inevitable deluge of heated juices into their bodies as the men imposed their will and their power upon them.

Mercilessly ravaged, Arabella and Belinda gasped for air through flaring nostrils as the warriors pulled from their bellies, but even that breath burst from their starved lungs in an explosive squeal of appalled misery as the other two warriors took the places of their companions; and, for the second time, massive erections speared into the wet, sex-slick and hopelessly vulnerable recesses of each captive’s flooded belly.


This time though, to Belinda’s shame and misery, her body was prepared for the brutal assault; and, to her despair, she felt an unwanted wave of fierce arousal surge through her belly as the second warrior buried his maleness deep within her.       She tried to fight against it, to deny its very existence, but as the man began to thrust with great power and speed, she felt herself respond to the sheer eroticism of her terrible plight. Her nipples stiffened and her internal muscles contracted around the rigid flesh penetrating her, her eyes growing wide with anguish as her attacker grinned down into her face as he felt her body’s instinctive reaction to him.

He called to his companion; and, to Belinda’s helpless horror, the man knelt beside her and sent his hands to her naked breasts, his rough fingers rolling and teasing her tawny nipples until they grew rock-hard, quivering and throbbing to his every touch and sending unbearable jolts of arousal through her pinioned body. Laughing at the frantic responses they forced from her, the two warriors built Belinda to a pinnacle of panting, straining need and only then, when her rolling eyes and shuddering body begged and pleaded unmistakably to be taken, did they permit her to come.

The first man seized her buttocks and raised her hips, driving his shaft to the seething core of her belly and releasing a pulsing jet of juices into her body while the second alternately stroked and tweaked her achingly tender nipples. The combination of devastating pleasure and cruel pain propelled Belinda into a shattering orgasm, and she screamed in sheer terror into her gag as hot love juices exploded into her belly. Never before had she come with such terrifying strength; never before had her power over her own body been so completely and so brutally taken from her; and, as she spasmed and pulsed and writhed in the throes of a climax she could not even begin to control, the blonde wept in fearful dread of the men who had taken her so ruthlessly and forced her to respond against her will. Men who, their immediate lusts satisfied, left her bound and shuddering in the aftermath of her passion, the sweat and silvery stains of her enforced submissions dampening the dusty earth on which she lay.


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