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Chattel by Frederick Hambling
Excerpt. “The bathroom was modern and spacious, stylishly appointed in a mixture of arctic white and pastels and larger than the usual en-suite. But it belonged to only one of the two people occupying it at the time.
And it was not to the male half of the equation.
From his position between her legs, the smooth brown skin of her thighs visible to him as he knelt before her, the usual question assailed him as he prepared to do what was now required of him on a daily basis.
And on numerous occasions throughout the day.
It was by far the most debilitating and dehumanising requirement of the daily routine expected from him and one that never failed to provoke the same unspoken question in a mind, for the sake of its own preservation and sanity, becoming growingly numbed to the once unimaginable realities of his current situation.
A situation that had been ongoing for over three years now.
And the question itself”
“What would my ex-wife and two daughters say if they could see me at this moment?”
Divorced, unemployed, and about to have his home repossessed, a man is about at the end of his tether when the wealthy Indian housewife who was his neighbour offers him a lifeline.
A lifeline, if he accepts it, that will lead to a life in her service.
And in ALL ways.
Includes Femdom, male submissive, interracial, domestic service, humiliation, toilet training, debasement and arse licking.

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