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Come With Me Tonight by M. Daniel

The haunting tale of the deeply romantic poet Michael, whose tortured soul is torn between his highly erotic love for Jeanine and Claudia, the two most alluring women he has ever loved, and his desire to create the perfect poem – a desire that has come to plague his soul. As he struggles to translate the erotic harmony he’s found with these women into a romantic poem, he remains afflicted with a sense of failure in his pursuit. His quest possesses his every waking moment. Against the backdrop of his torment, he brings Jeanine and Claudio into a world of kinky sexual pleasure, becoming their loving master and taking them into graphically depicted sexual scenes that include spankings, discipline, domination and submission, and highly erotic oral sex. His lovers are not shrinking violets, but highly sexed women who want what he has to offer and are willing to give back in pursuit of their own pleasure.

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“Yes, Master,” she said, bending slightly forward as I landed the first slap from my hand on her right butt cheek. As always I started slow and fairly softly, and as required of her, she counted each blow as I landed two more, one on each cheek. “Three, thank you, Master,” she said, as the next blow landed hard enough for her to appreciate it.

Since I had not removed her panties yet, the sight of the slow glowing flame of bright red that always so quickly overtakes her cheeks was denied me. But the edges of the red glow did flare up just below the rim of her panties, cascading down her thighs in response to the blows that gently stirred her rising passion. “Seven, thank you, Master,” she said, her voice beginning to quiver as the pleasure of the pain and the humiliation and the love of it all combined to cause her to tremble a bit as she sang out, “Eight, thank you, Master. Nine, thank you Master.” Then I made her wait, before finally delivering the last and most forceful swat to her quivering buttocks. “Ten, thank you, Master. May I have one more, please?”

“No,” I told her, bringing her down into my lap and pressing her mouth with a deep, probing kiss.

“Bite,” she said, lifting her nipple to my mouth. I took it in and bit down very lightly while also tickling it with my tongue. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned. “Harder, please?” And I obliged causing her to breathe a soft moan of, “Ouuu, oh, yes,” as she pressed her breast into my mouth, stroking my hair. “I love you, Master, Michael. I love you….”

“…Beause all I want for dinner is that bulge in your pants right now.” I hurriedly turned the oven down and grabbed a couple of wine glasses. When I reached the bedroom she was out of her panties and just strapping on her collar. “Now, Master,” she purred, “take me to the limit,” as we crawled into bed.


I lay down beside her and rolled her on top of me. We kissed and she squirmed around on me rubbing her breasts on my chest as she often did to stimulate her nipples. I let her enjoy her playful delight then gave her one last kiss before placing my hands on her shoulders and guiding her down to the pleasure awaiting her luscious lips. She kissed my stomach on her way down. She kissed my tufted groin and mouthed the base of my swollen shaft slowly and playfully nibbling with her lips and tickling with her tongue up to the engorged head of her throbbing toy. Then she teasingly paused a moment. Then she flicked the massive crown with her tongue. Then she stroked it with her lips. Then, hesitating briefly, she finally dived down onto it as far as she could ramming it into the back of her throat and holding it there before backing off and slowly beginning to glide deliciously up and down in earnest.

She was actually very new at oral sex, never having given or received before our coming together. But once I introduced her to it she craved all I gave and gave it her all. She lovingly wrapped her lips around my shaft and slowly bobbed up and down letting her tongue flutter all along its length as her lips lovingly glided up and down around it. She sucked all the way to the top and concentrated on sucking the head alone. Then she plunged back down on it to the hilt and back up again over and over as I felt myself building to a bucking release. But just then she plopped it out of her mouth and trailed her tongue all the way down it to lap at my balls with her tongue before softly sucking them into her mouth. She gently massaged them with her tongue, first one then the other then both playfully enjoying her delicious treat. Then, in perfect harmony with my impending release, she swallowed the head of my shaft back into her mouth and relished my release swallowing and sucking and swallowing until she took every last drop of her reward.

“Damn!” was all I could say. “Whew!” I pulled her up to lie on top of me, panting and trying to catch my breath. She cupped my face in her hands and thrust her tongue into my mouth spitting her longing through my spirit. I took her in my arms again and turned her away from me and came together behind her. “Oh, god, yes,” she panted as we joined again our burning passion and I drew her close. I bent her forward and wrapped my arm around her middle and pulled her in so that I entered her deepest and fully. I gripped her hips and delivered her up and down and in and out. She drew her knees up tight to her body growing into a fetal position and giving herself over to my total use of her. “Oh, God Oh, Oh, Baby! Please, God. Yes! Do it, do it, god damn do it, Baby. Agghhhh! Yes!” she cried as our deepest selves merged one into the other. Tears waxing into sweat where passion’s rivers, pain and pleasure, married our deepest selves. Released, enchanted as in sleep our ecstasy hot, sensuous, sweet, making us one into the other in our free naked moments as lovers. I rode her in and out until I heard her moaning in that soft, low, raspy growl that let me know she was deeply enraptured in her climactic exhaustion. Finally, there was a soft squeal from her as her intense arousal subsided and her body went limp for a moment as I slowly withdrew.

Again we lay exhausted. I kissed her back, glistening from her effort. I turned her and pulled her close. She obeyed my will in softness. I kissed her eyes, her lips, her fingertips, then hugged her close and absorbed her willingness. We lay in loving embrace, our silence praising our delight.


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