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Conflicted by Jurgen von Stuka
Thousands of men disappear every day. They walk out of their office or their home and vaporize into thin air. Some end up in the morgue; or worse: they end up in the hands of female slavers who will turn them into personal sex, bondage or sissy slaves. The men in this tale are taken by slavers using the most worn and tried gimmick on the planet: they got involved with a gorgeous woman and easily fell into her trap. Warning: If the idea of living a totally changed life of a heterosexual male converted to a fully equipped female slave bothers you, don’t even think about reading this story. It will not make you feel good. But, as the story goes, there are things that we know exist in this world that no one wants to talk about. This is one of them. Includes caging, CBT, beatings, whippings, gender reversal, slave training, extreme bondage, organ removal/substitution, enemas, male/male sex, boy/girl-girl/boy sex and other encounters too complicated to mention here.

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