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Contracted to Mistress Taz by J. D. Laydon

Book two of the Mistress Taz series. Having experienced pain and pleasure beyond his wildest imagination, Machin agrees to commit himself fully to life with his new Mistress, signing a contract to become her parttime sub. Pain and humiliation are the regular diet at the hands of this insatiable Mistress, while the wicked maid Freda takes him with her own brand of domination, which includes sensory deprivation. Mistress has craved an invite to one of Mistress Tatyanna’s infamous parties, where rich and powerful people are included in the guest list. He must pass two challenges with the Eastern European dominatrix, who in some ways is even more fearsome than Taz. Can Machin succeed and will Mistress Taz’ invite follow? A further challenge for Machin is the sultry dominant Mistress Scarlett, who trains Machin in orgasm control. He will need her teaching skills to help get through the first fortnight of life contracted to a lifestyle domme. With the challenges ahead, along with the upcoming party, the relationship between Mistress and Machin, evolves in surprising ways. Also includes, a fucking machine, suspension, restraints, anal dildoes, cane whipping, breath control and fellatio.


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Fetish club debut.


The taxi drivers of London, must have all seen the craziest and weirdest of parties. This evening, our female driver had one male and two females all in long trench coats.


The females had high heels on show and very provocative make-up. One of them had almost all black make-up and she looked like a goth at Halloween.


This look was enhanced by the leather spiked collar she wore, with a leash attached, which the male also had on.


The second female had no such collar visible and whilst the make-up was dark it was burgundy lipstick and colourful eye shadow, looking more like an Egyptian princess or Queen Cleopatra even.


The driver never batted an eye and she even appeared to have guessed the address Mistress Taz gave her.


No-one spoke in the taxi, though Freda was very excited. She kept rubbing her calf against mine and occasionally lifted her heel and placed the sharp heel on my foot or ankle. I had on merely a black plastic slipper, which Mistress told me, should be moved to my coat pocket, once we were on the steps of the club.


The club had a very inauspicious and low-key entrance. ‘Private club, members only’, was all that was written under the sign outside. There was nothing to suggest what was through the next two doors. The entrance hallway, through the first door was carpeted in red thick-pile and had silver walls. Pictures of erotic acts of sex, hung on every available space.


Mistress Taz checked us in with a receptionist come bouncer. I was a guest, Freda and Mistress were both members already. The bouncer was dressed in jacket and tie, was tall and slim, but the entire physique spoke of an ability to move quickly and handle himself. A high-class bouncer. He appeared not to look at any of us, other than in the eye, even when we removed our long coats and gave them him.


That must have been a very practised skill I realised once I went through into the next room. It was an enormous reception space, with seats and a large spiral staircase leading to a galleried level. Rooms came off both the ground floor and the gallery, some with open doors, others with doors closed.


There was the unmistakable sound of a paddle hitting flesh coming from one of these rooms. There was a small cluster of people in the doorway watching.


The dress code was cosmopolitan, but one thing was certain, is that the only clothes you didn’t want to be in within this room, was normal street attire.


Any embarrassment I had felt as I dropped the coat off my shoulders disappeared as I had time to take in the other guests. Mistress had obtained for me a PVC second skin top, which finished at my waist. All I had on apart from this was a harness and a leather pouch thong. The latter had poppers, so it could be released quickly in any form of restraint. I had a choker with spikes just like Freda. There was a leash attached, which I had kept largely covered, using the upturned collar of my coat as we travelled, but was now held firmly by my Mistress.


Over the PVC ‘skin’, was a leather harness, that had a steel O-ring in the middle of the chest. Leather straps went around my back and over the shoulders, but a steel band of chains connected the chest ring to a second one, which confined my cock and balls under the pouch.


“The advantage of this, is it will keep your cock semi hard, even if you are terrified and embarrassed, when it would normally shrink.” Mistress had explained her choice. A steel bar ran from the bottom of the ring to a leather belt at the back, which pulled between my buttock cheeks. Buried in this device was a butt-plug, which was a sign of my servitude to a mistress domme.


All slaves would have them in and access to this area, was only allowed after express permission, by the owner. Consenting swinging couples, would have all their orifices open and largely on display, she had explained.


The outfit was incredibly comfortable, even in the taxi ride. How Mistress had acquired one of the PVC skins that Mistress Scarlett had modelled two days before, I did not know. For herself she had acquired a full length one. This was different from Mistress Scarlett’s in being semi translucent all over and only the zip covered the blurred view of her entire physique. As with myself, the PVC skin worked cleverly to tighten even the parts that were a little less toned than they might be. On Mistress Taz the effect was mesmerising. The other item she wore was a large leather strap on cock, which wobbled in front of her as she walked. She had kept this hidden, presumably dangling between her legs on the journey.


As we walked in one female slave knelt before her and asked if she could suck, ‘such a beautiful black cock’.


The owner was another female and much more clearly butch and lesbian than the slave. “Possibly later, when I have settled in my slaves. One is a debutante.” Mistress Taz replied, with a kind but matter of fact voice.


“I apologise for my sub. She is very bratty and wants a public flogging. I am selling her to the highest bidder!”


The slave was stunning looking in red stockings and a red leather basque. Her eyes were coquettish and she looked directly at me, when she heard about the ‘debutante’ status.


“I want you in my ass virgin boy!” She was openly challenging her Mistress and I knew she was looking for severe punishment.


I didn’t reply with words, but tried instead for the best charming smile I could, dressed as I was and suspect I got closer to pervy.


Mistress Taz, pulled my lead hard and we were dragged over into one of the booths that circled the room. There was no sign of Mistress Tatyanna, from what I could see as I gazed around the room.


Freda was openly staring at a couple in one of the opposite bays. The man, who was clearly the dom, was black and was fulfilling his prophecy as even flaccid, he was huge. His sub, was sat at his feet and was idly sucking one of his balls, whilst she admired the room.


“Freda, be patient, you cannot be gifted until, we know what Tayanna wants to do with you and Machin.” The word ‘gifted’, was not something I knew the implications of, though its’ general concept was transparent.


Just then, the door we had entered through opened and Mistress Tatyanna walked in. She also had two subs with her on a leash.


“Oh no!” Freda whispered. “There are two, so we will both get gifted to her.”


Mistress Tatyanna was devastating and everyone in the room turned to stare at her. Her basque was red leather and she had matching thigh boots. Tights not stockings implied she was not open for any offers to her own sexual orifices I realised, but nor had I expected her to be. On the other hand, the basque finishing at quarter cup bra level, was just an open invitation to suckle on her beautiful deep brown nipples, that were standing to attention. They were enhanced by tightly fitted nipple bars across each one. Her hair was wild again and she had a deep red choker. With her gold-coloured hair, it was surprising that red suited her so effectively, but there was no doubting the striking appearance, put everyone else in the room in a second division, if ‘striking’ was the aim.


Like Mistress Taz, her two slaves, were one male and one female version. Their outfits, were of similar style to Freda’s and my own.


The only difference really was the fact, that these two were on their hands and knees and were being dragged along the ground in their mistress’s wake.


“Darling, great minds think alike.” Was her opening gambit. “The boy won’t walk fast enough on all fours, so please correct him in your time alone with him. The girl can be gifted to anyone. She is still being broken in from a pain tolerance perspective, so she can be fucked anywhere, but not whipped, by anyone but me.”


This was the minimal instructions as the two leads were passed to Mistress Taz and exchanged for Freda and mine. “I’m going to the chamber viewing room, with your two. I have it reserved, so anyone can watch.”


“Knees!” She instructed as she took our leads and Freda and I were half dragged across the room and up the stairs. I tried to stay just behind Freda, so I could watch what she did for climbing the stairs and copied as best I could.




The chamber looked like a medieval torture chamber and I was placed on a device that resembled a rack. Ankle and wrist cuffs were put on me, with my cock on full display to a semi opaque window. I could make out silhouettes, but couldn’t see detail and certainly I didn’t know if Mistress Taz had followed to watch.


Once strapped down on the old wooden device, Mistress Tatyanna, got a horrific gag device, which pulled my jaws open and there was nothing to bite on to prevent any throat noises. It gave me nothing to distract myself with either.


To my amazement, my cock, just got harder and more rigid, the more my predicament became outwardly helpless.


Once I was restrained, she took Freda and placed her in wrist restraints, dangling from a pulley system.


There was no need for anymore restraint beyond the wrists as Mistress Tatyanna, quickly raised my partner in crime first to her tiptoes and then a few centimetres higher so her toes were dragging on the floor, but not offering any support.


She then came over to my equipment and started turning the wheel. To my horror, the device worked properly as a rack and I was pulled taut. Soon all my muscles were complaining and were rigid as the device stretched me out.


After a few minutes of gradual increasing of the stretch the pain became, so severe, that I was groaning as much as I was able with the dental torture gag.


Only then did she stop stretching me. I was terrified, that the extent of pain in my shoulder could imply the joint was in danger of dislocating, but slowly my body slightly acclimatised to the enforced stretch. I looked at Freda and realised her toes were now just on the ground and I presume her body had acclimatised to the stretch also.


Next Mistress Tatyanna went to a switch on the wall, which I thought was a light switch, but indeed it was a sound and microphone system.


From this moment onwards she kept a running commentary to the crowd. She told the gathered throng that it was my debut here, but that Freda was a regular and could barely get enough pain, cock or strap-on sex.


Mistress Tatyanna started on Freda, smacking her with a paddle to redden her bottom cheeks first, before moving onto a very flexible cane, which as well as using on her bottom, she brought down twice on each breast. The second time, it looked like a vertical strike on the nipple itself. Freda groaned and moaned and squealed finally as the nipples were assaulted.


“I will want a volunteer sub to fuck her pussy, when she slides her arse onto the boy, after he has taken his pain and if he can stay hard. Please be standing at the door and I will choose one of you. Real or strap-on cocks will be considered!”


At this, I started to panic. Clearly, she wasn’t completely playing by the rules, but I had my steel butt plug deep inside me and firmly planted on the bed. Mistress Taz and I, had not clarified the detail of how this proposed event might work out.


My mind was soon taken off thoughts of things to come as first I had to endure a similar process of warming up. All my available skin she assaulted first with the paddle and then she regained the cane. She used it everywhere on the front of my body, but without the level of ferocity that Mistress Taz might have used. However, the front areas of my chest and abdomen were so much more sensitive to the assault and had been much more lightly tested, before this evening. Even through the PVC skin (which may have offered a slight protective effect, the pain on my nipples was devastating as she landed the tip of the cane, expertly right on each one in turn, with a series of blows.


The worst she saved for last, as she brough the final blow upwards on my balls.  I had once been struck with a cricket ball in my sack, whilst fielding close to the wicket. The pain today was just as severe as that day. I remembered all use of my legs going missing for many minutes after the cricket impact. This evening, I was glad my weight was fully supported on the rack, which had all my muscles, pulled tight, but uselessly so. I jerked and bucked in the restraints. The cuffs digging ferociously into the ankles and wrists.


My mind partly fused in the moment and it was only at the feel of a condom being slipped over my cock, that I tried to open my eyes again.


Freda was putting the finishing touches to it, smoothing it down over my cock, which despite the pain had remained acceptably hard. It twitched in Freda’s expert hands.


“This will be good Machin, believe me.” She was reassuring me as best she could. She got astride me and placed some cool liquid on my now rampant cock. She slid it slowly into her bottom, as she remained astride me. Once she was impaled, she lay back across my chest, reached her arms up placed them around my stretched upper arms, which she used to steady herself.


As Freda was relatively short, she fitted just below my chin. Next, I felt her feet on my thighs, with the sharp stiletto point digging in. I could tell that her hips were open wide and her sex must have been on lewd display to the watching crowd, which from what I could make out from my disadvantaged position, was now substantial. I was sure they would be able to see the base of my cock, now embedded deep inside her bottom, even though there was no movement at this time.


“How many takers do we have?” I could feel the draft and knew she had opened the door, even though I couldn’t move to look. This isn’t a gang bang, so maximum of one cock and one strap-on ready, in case the cock owner, comes too soon.


“Oh boy Machin, this is sooo hot!” Freda whispered from below me. The chosen male, approached and was clearly putting on his own condom. I felt his presence astride my legs stretched on the bed as they were.


Getting the angle right to penetrate Freda took him a few moments, but finally I could feel the second cock slide alongside mine, separated by the thin membrane of tissue. Unlike myself, he could and did move. He went at his task with a frenzied rhythm. Freda groaned in pleasure, but I could sense frustration. He was certainly not in time or pace to maximise her pleasure, just his own. It was no surprise to feel my partnering cock, go hard and spasm within twenty or thirty violent thrusts.


The baying crowd, were giving a mixed review, some cheering him on, but others unmistakably giving advice. He climbed off and was replaced by another body. I saw the red basque and suspenders of the sub, we had met earlier. She must have acquired a strap-on and was now sliding it inside Freda, who this time was much more vocally excited. She was squealing ‘yes, fuck yes’ repeatedly. The dildo was clearly of substantial dimension as there was much more pressure on my own cock.


From the moment ‘red-basque’ started, the rhythm was steady, but the forward thrusts were firm and measured.


Freda was losing all control and her head was thrashing from side to side below my chin. Her hips were wriggling, stimulating my cock in her tightest orifice, much more than when she had been still. To counter this sensation, the heels were sliding and scraping on my thighs providing an unpleasant sharp distraction. I could even feel the hot sticky wetness, which made me realise there was blood released at some point.


Freda came again and again. To control my own desire to orgasm, I focussed on the memories of Mistress Scarlett from yesterday.


It was Freda’s third and most vocal orgasm, that appeared to bring a close to proceedings. ‘Red basque’ removed herself from her position astride the rack and slowly Freda extricated herself from on top of me.


“Before she exposes him, do we thing the debutante has orgasmed or has de-tumesced without orgasm?” Tatyanna was addressing a now highly vocal audience.


There were lots of votes, only one said, he will still be hard and will have saved his orgasm. I recognised the voice of the silhouette. A few said ‘no chance’ and ‘are you crazy after that?’ in response to Mistress Taz’s prediction.


Once Freda, was off me, it was clear for all to see that the condom was empty and my cock was still rigid.


“The debutante’s true Mistress knew him best and I will return him to her, with my own, as well as your congratulations, I believe.” Tatyanna’s voice echoed forcefully over the hubbub. There was a brief ripple of muted applause.


The strain of the rack was removed slowly and the cuffs at my wrists and ankles removed. It took a few minutes before I could get myself first into a sitting position and then vertical and taking my own weight.


The crowd had dispersed to see something else, or to use the show as a trigger for their own coupling in a corner, in a room or in the open space, for everyone’s amusement.


I checked my thighs for the damage Freda’s shoes had caused and true enough there was a patch of blood on both thighs, but nothing that needed stitching or was a cause for concern.


Eventually we were led outside the room where Mistress Taz, stood, with both of Mistress Tatyanna’s slaves.


“Your boy has been severely and publicly whipped. He drew a crowd until the noise came from your room. As a result, your girl is as yet un-serviced”.


“Yours both did very well as you probably saw at the end. I will be in touch with your invite, assuming you both still want to come.” Although it could have been a question, it was not said as one.


The two pairs of leashes were handed over. “I will have the girl serviced publicly before I leave, I think. You can watch if you want, though you may have another offer?”


“Thanks, Tayanna. We will hopefully see you soon! Mistress took our leads and looked me straight in the eye. I winked with each eye in turn.


Apart from the cane blow to my balls, there was nothing I wouldn’t cope with again, if it was what my Mistress wanted.


She smiled at me as Freda looked at the two of us, with a degree of humour, but also with curiosity at the eye level exchange.


Mistress recognised it and turned to her. “Freda, your pleasuring slave has been offered to you and Machin as a gift, but in private. Is that something you and Machin, think you can manage between you?


“Yes Mistress, that would be the most perfect of rewards.” Mistress led us to a room, where the Lesbian Mistress and her slave were waiting in a closed room.


The red-basqued minx, immediately passed over a strap-on dildo, already wet from Freda’s own juices. Her Mistress, had chosen a room in which there was a giant bed covered in black PVC.


Over the next hour, Freda and I changed positions. Firstly, Freda fucked the red-basque submissive, who leisurely and with little enthusiasm licked my cock. We switched roles, once I had sheathed up again. There was much more enthusiasm for working on Freda’s pussy with her tongue, than she had shown on my cock. However, it was only once I changed positions and penetrated her bottom, that she went wild and bucked and screamed at me, before settling her face back down on Freda. I kept on repeating my Mistress Scarlett’s lesson in my head, allowing the fucking to continue for long enough for several orgasms to be accrued by the two women below me.


Towards the end my own excitement was building. At that point I looked at Mistress Taz, who knew where I was at.


“Yes Machin, you have my permission to cum.”


The impact of my hardening and then spasming cock was to further drive red-basque into the frenzy of another substantial orgasm, which went on for a long time. Freda was left to herself, until the butch looking Mistress, asked for permission to finish Freda off and judging by Freda’s reaction her tongue was well practised and effective.


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