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Contrasts by Charles Arnold

Charles Arnold, author of The Penitent Series, The Sweet Wife 1 & 2, Dick & Jane and many more titles, brings us another stunning tale with Contrasts.

Paul Gardner, a business owner, gambler, and embezzler is married to the luscious Ann, twenty-two years his junior. Keeping his addiction secret, he manipulates Ann into signing documents that were used towards Paul’s Ponzi scheme to save their business.

Gordon Watts, a successful CEO and stunningly gorgeous black man, offers to help Paul and Ann out of their dilemma that she knew nothing about. The offer is simple; Ann is to be a sexual submissive for members of the Negro Worship Society. She must do anything, sexual or otherwise, that a black man or woman tells her, with no questions asked, for a period of ninety days. Ann is stunned. Not only by the lies her husband told her and the threat of being incarcerated, but she’s never made love with the lights on. Essentially becoming a prostitute horrifies her, but they don’t have a choice. They signed the contracts.

Paul, now known as Paulie, has to chauffer Ann to her appointments with the members of the NWS. He is further degraded by having to watch or listen to the sexual exploits his wife is put through. Ann has to dress in sexy, sheer outfits that she would never look at, much less dress in and put on layers of makeup and body oil.

Her first meeting is with Darnell, a student in a class she teaches. He’s a dirty thug that has harassed her repeatedly during school. While Ann may have been disgusted by the entire situation, she finds that Darnell is the first person to bring her to orgasm, something her husband’s inadequate cock would never be able to do.

Can Ann endure being passed around the NWS? Will their marriage survive the lies and the months of torture?

Included: Anal sex, oral sex, rimjobs, cock worship, bondage, multiple partners and much, much more.

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