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Contrasts by Charles Arnold

Charles Arnold, author of The Penitent Series, The Sweet Wife 1 & 2, Dick & Jane and many more titles, brings us another stunning tale with Contrasts.

Paul Gardner, a business owner, gambler, and embezzler is married to the luscious Ann, twenty-two years his junior. Keeping his addiction secret, he manipulates Ann into signing documents that were used towards Paul’s Ponzi scheme to save their business.

Gordon Watts, a successful CEO and stunningly gorgeous black man, offers to help Paul and Ann out of their dilemma that she knew nothing about. The offer is simple; Ann is to be a sexual submissive for members of the Negro Worship Society. She must do anything, sexual or otherwise, that a black man or woman tells her, with no questions asked, for a period of ninety days. Ann is stunned. Not only by the lies her husband told her and the threat of being incarcerated, but she’s never made love with the lights on. Essentially becoming a prostitute horrifies her, but they don’t have a choice. They signed the contracts.

Paul, now known as Paulie, has to chauffer Ann to her appointments with the members of the NWS. He is further degraded by having to watch or listen to the sexual exploits his wife is put through. Ann has to dress in sexy, sheer outfits that she would never look at, much less dress in and put on layers of makeup and body oil.

Her first meeting is with Darnell, a student in a class she teaches. He’s a dirty thug that has harassed her repeatedly during school. While Ann may have been disgusted by the entire situation, she finds that Darnell is the first person to bring her to orgasm, something her husband’s inadequate cock would never be able to do.

Can Ann endure being passed around the NWS? Will their marriage survive the lies and the months of torture?

Included: Anal sex, oral sex, rimjobs, cock worship, bondage, multiple partners and much, much more.

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?There is a clause in your contract that warns if you fail to honor any of the requirements we may choose to penalize one or more of your family members. I want you to be aware that we know who and where they are. It?s something you should keep in mind.??But they are old and helpless. Surely you wouldn?t…??We would.? He leaned forward staring at her. She nodded. He continued, ?Your contract refers to our organization as the NWS. Do you know what that stands for???No, I don?t.??Negro Worship Society?. We in the organization believe African American is a label that diminishes us. ?Colored? is a name they once put on toilets and in buses and other public places to let us know we were inferior. Negro is the name of a proud race of strong resilient people that can be used by both blacks and whites. Nigger is a derivation of that word once used by whites to demean us but recently embraced by black men and women as their own and accorded the same respect as the word from which it came. It is not to be used by whites.? He shook a finger at them. ?When you, Mr. and Mrs. Gardner, refer to us you will say ?My Master? or ?My Mistress?.? He directed his attention to Ann. ?Would you like some coffee??Her throat had gone dry. ?Yes, I would.??Wrong answer. Are you stupid? What did I just say??Ann felt the color rise to her cheeks. She hesitated then said, ?Yes, Master.?Watts nodded, ?Saying it will be awkward at first, but in a short time it will be automatic because that?s how you will begin to see us. You will think of us as your Masters.? He looked at Paul, ?Both of you.? At a signal to Ms. Ying she brought three cups and set two on the small table between Ann and Paul. The other she placed on Watts? desk. He sipped his coffee ignoring them for a few moments. Then looking up at Ann he said, ?I?ve been told you teach a history course emphasizing what you call ?African American? culture???Yes, I do.??Yes what??It took her a moment to realize what he wanted. She looked away and said softly, ?Yes, ah…uh…Master, I do.??Stand up,? he ordered. She hesitated then stood. ?Take off that goddamn raincoat.? She glanced at Paul then slowly unfastened the belt and unbuttoned it. Blushing, she shrugged it from her shoulders and draped it on the back of her chair. ?Walk across the room and back,? he said. Unsteady in the heels she crossed to the door and returned.?Turn around,? he said. ?Your wife has a fine ass, Paul. I thought she did the other night at your house, but with those oversized jeans it was hard to tell.? She was about to sit down. ?Not yet,? he said. He crooked a finger at her, ?Come over here and ask me to feel your ass.? She shot a glance at Paul, then crossed to stand in front of him. Her legs were trembling and her face was scarlet. He looked up at her, ?Well??She swallowed struggling to get the words out, ?Feel me…I…I…mean feel my…my ass.??Wrong,? he said. ?That sounded like a white bitch giving an order. You are asking for a favor. Try again.??Please feel my…my…ass.??Wrong. Who am I??Mr. Watts.??Wrong.??My Master.??Now ask again and try to get it right.??Please, Master, feel my ass.??Are you wearing panties???No, Master.??Is your cunt wet??She frowned and bowed her head, ?I…I…don?t know, Master.?He glanced over at Paul. ?Your husband has a bulge in his pants. I think he?s got a stiff prick. I think this is getting him hot. What do you think???I…I…don?t know.? He slammed his hand down on the desk. She gasped. ?I…I…mean, I don?t know, Master.??Ask me again. Tell me you want me to. Tell me you want to feel my hand on your bare ass.?Her legs were shaking. ?Please, Master, I….I….want to….to feel your hand on…on my bare ass.?She drew in her breath as his huge hand started at the back of her leg and slowly moved up. His hand was hot and sweaty. He cupped her ass cheek then slid his hand over so that his fingers were in her ass crack. She made a little sound, ?Please don?t,? she whispered.He squeezed her ass cheek hard causing her to cry out. ?You forget who this ass belongs to now,? he growled. ?You signed a contract, remember. Who does this ass belong to??Tears welled up in her eyes, ?You,? she said. ?I mean it…it belongs to you, Master.??Then I can do what the fuck I want with it???Yes, Master. You can do what you want with it.??How about you, Paul? Does your wife?s ass belong to me??Paul?s eyes had been riveted on the huge black man?s fondling of Ann?s ass. His cock was obviously hard. ?I…I….don?t……? he began.Watts moved his hand down so that his fingers trailed along Ann?s slit. ?Paul you got to know that unless you learn real quick who black men and women are and who you are, things will get more painful for your wife than they need to be.?I?m sorry. Yes…yes Master, Ann?s ass belongs to you.?Watts looked up at her, ?Your cunt feels wet to me. It isn?t sopping wet, but it?s wet enough. Maybe I?m making you hot?? It was a question.She felt her cheeks burning, ?No….no…… just….?He pushed his middle finger up inside her. She gasped and reached out to the desk to steady herself. ?You sayin you ain?t gettin hot?? he asked. He slid his finger in and out of her.?Yes,? she gasped, ?yes.??Yes what???Yes, Master, you….you?re making me aroused…..making me hot.?He looked across at Paul holding up his glistening finger, ?The bitch is learning, Paul. She?s learning.? He held his finger up to her. ?Clean it,? he said.She looked confused, ?I don?t…? she turned to Paul, ?There?s Kleenex in my bag.?Watts chuckled, ?Clean it with your mouth, bitch. Suck it clean.?She started to shake her head. He grabbed her thigh with his other hand and squeezed hard. ?I will,? she said, ?yes.? She leaned down and took his finger into her mouth. She felt his long fingernail click against her teeth and tasted her secretions. When he withdrew his finger he pointed to her chair. Holding onto the desk she crossed back to it and sat down bowing her head.Watts let her gather herself for a few moments then leaned back in his chair smiling, ?You like what I did? You like me feeling your ass and puttin my finger in your cunt? You like the taste of your pussy juice on my finger??Not looking up she whispered, ?Yes Master, I liked what you did.?


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