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Cornucopia Eroticana by Jonathan Biernot

From the author of the best-selling The Sapphos Trilogy. Tanya is a Slavic beauty in her late 30’s ” a sexy, seductive, provocative blonde, with a rough background in need of a place to land. She meets the author of this tale in a chance encounter at a railway station, after which he brings her to his luxurious estate. She tells him of the Master she served as lover, whore, sex-slave and bitch, and the depths to which she was taken by this brute and his guests. She obeyed this Master’s every wish, becoming subject to heavy bondage, flogging, double-penetration, group sex and unflinching service. With the man who takes her in, she’s open, compliant and willing to serve him as well, because this is who she has become and still desires to be.

This one-of-a-kind of anthology includes Miriam’s Eye-Opening Experience, where the cock slut Miriam enjoys a trio of black lovers, Emma’s Day at the Beach ” a day that turns into a gangbang in a restaurant ” as well as the story of Maureen who gets fisted at her own request in The Gardener-Cum Handyman.
Eight stories in all. Graphic sexual content also includes examination, piercing and whipping.

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He’d set her up in a flat and barred her from inviting guests, going to bars or restaurants alone; he discouraged her from acquainting with the locals, neighbours and shopkeepers. He told her ‘she was his whore’ and kept asking her, “Who are you?” to which she’d reply, earnestly, “I’m your whore; your bitch, your sex-slave, your slut-fuck, your Mistress, your lover: I’m at your whim and fancy; the one whom you and your guests can use, abuse and debase.” Then he’d ask; “And who am I?” to which she’d reply; “You’re my Master”. He decided how she lived, breathed, performed and, if necessary, died; yet, he’d never insisted on any body-modifications; astonishing, but it was easy to see the equation and the quid-pro-quo.

His modus operandi was to visit on a whim and she had to be ready for him; implying, no bra, no panties, hold-up stockings, high heeled shoes, an elegant dress, which, as a concession, could be of her choosing: she had to be made-up, perfumed and depilated. On occasions he’d come and they’d have dinner delivered; on other occasions he’d take her to dinner; sometimes he’d invite her to go out to dinner and send a Cab but there were an increasing number of occasions when he’d invite his multi-ethnic acquaintances to join them in her flat for dinner and, afterwards, to use her.

Astonishingly, Tanya took this, and his other sexual extremes, in her stride: for example, he knew she wanted a baby; so, because he didn’t want her to get pregnant, he ordered her to take the combined oral contraceptive so she could have sex ‘safely’ with him and his ‘guests’; condoms weren’t allowed.

Of course, this delighted his guests because skin-to-skin was best of all; they were told, in front of her, and to add to her humiliation, that ‘anything goes’; she was open for vaginal, anal and oral sex; single, double-tap and triple-tap. Naturally, they could play, fondle and kiss her, she could be spit-roasted, tit-fucked and they could experiment with double-penetration in her mouth, her asshole and her pussy, often simultaneously: and it didn’t stop there!

These men were sadists and the real incentive was to whip Tanya.

After flooding her body with semen, and coating her skin with their fluids, the serious stuff started. They’d insert a Ball-gag into her mouth and the men would take turns to kneel across the bed in such a way as to make a ‘horse’ for Tanya to stretch-over at right-angles. Then, they’d tie her hands and feet to the corners of the bed and start the thrashing.

Wet skin and leather make-for a painful, and noisy, combination because the seal between the flesh and the crop is devoid of air to cushion the blow and dampen the sound; but they couldn’t hear her screams, anyway, and they weren’t bothered about her tears. Of course, they could see her squirm and hear her muffled groans but that was part of their hedonistic pleasure.

There were junctures where the beatings would stop and they’d take refreshments when, in the interim, one-or-other would climb-on-and-in. One favourite was to mount her from behind and fuck her in the ass; nothing unusual, there, but the speciality was that all five of them would take turns to ride-the-pony; one-after-the-other.

These sessions followed a familiar pattern, including compulsory self-exposure, where, after receiving them, she’d reveal her breasts; sit on a settee; splay her legs; draw-up her dress over her waist to display her shaved-pussy; she’d pull-apart her lips and announce; “C’mon, boys, who’ll be first to take his pleasure?” A prelude to rabid-sex and a flogging that ended with Tanya in recovery; feeling raw, sore and sticky.

Even so, there were stark similarities when she went on to describe the approved procedure she had to follow when receiving her Master for their solo-sojourns; she was to stand, eyes-down, her breasts uncovered, and greet him with, “Welcome, Master”. Usually, he’d grunt and mumble, “Get on with it!” whence she’d kneel, fish-out his cock and blow him to kingdom-come. Sometimes, he’d adjust her head so he could deep-throat her, a move she found suffocating; interestingly, he’d always ejaculate: so private-value did exist, then he’d go to the bathroom while she prepared drinks; Scotch for him, white wine for her, and then she’d wait, and wait and…

Beyond the Group-sex, her Master allowed his designated ‘solo-guests’ to visit, unannounced. It came to the point where Tanya never knew who to expect when she heard the door being opened and it followed that she was rarely lonely or, to put it another way, unused; but she was never happy.


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