Crimes & Lovers


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Crimes & Lovers by Lizbeth Dusseau

An Old World Romance. In a land of castles and kingdoms, of slave queens and noble whores, a barefoot girl, Jessamyn, with the virtue of an angel, appears before a hundred gawking eyes and is procured by the queen, Lady Casia, for her husband, Lord Nor. Though Nor is furious with his wife, he allows Casia to train this nubile young woman into a worthy slave. Under the dutiful tutelage of her Lady, Jessamyn learns of the great pleasures in sexual surrender. Meanwhile, behind the scenes the treacherous Lady Sophia hatches an evil plot to dethrone Nor, and all of Illusia is threatened. Sacrifices must be made. These dangerous times require bold action.

This story of Casia and Jessamyn and the men who love and conquer them is teeming with treason, adultery, betrayal and some of Lizbeths most startling scenes of debauchery and sadomasochistic revelry. Including bondage, whipping, spanking, female bisexuality, orgies and discipline and lots of sex.

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