Cruise Ship Captives


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Cruise Ship Captives by Roger Hastings

An aging steamship cruises toward a South Seas Island for a photo shoot, on board, a bevy of beautiful fashion models. The crewmen, the medical officer Dr. Rawson and the modeling agency’s photographer plot a mutiny – their plan to sail the ship to a remote island where they’ll take advantage of their good fortune and use these voluptuous young women for their kinky sexual pleasure.
Once the captain and his officers are set adrift in a lifeboat, the ship sails toward the aptly named, Lust Lagoon. Meanwhile, below deck, the girls are suspended in chains and stripped naked, delighting the men with their beauty, as they are prepared for a special initiation. Later in the ship’s ballroom, Dr. Rawson begins the night’s festivities, setting the girls free to hide about the ship, becoming prey for the lusty crew who will chase after them. Once captured, they’re taken to the cabins for a night-long siege of sex and punishment, followed by days of carnal amusement. The bondage, whipping, electric prods and torture continue as the girls are savagely tormented while being primed for sex. Though some resist their captors, many learn that the wanton behavior demanded of them brings pleasure beyond their wildest imaginings. It would seem that a spell, cast by pagan gods, has descended over the entire cast of players in this unreal fantasy come true.
But all it not perfect in paradise! When the lovely Josie and her friends escape from the prison hold, they kidnap Dr. Rawson and take him to the island where they bind him in a cave and give him a rough taste of his own medicine. While they may enjoy their scheme for the moment, but they should be advised that a rough punishment awaits when they are found.
In time, the ship is discovered by a spy satellite. Will this mean rescue for the imprisoned girls? Or are they destined to sail into the hands of more ruthless captors, who will take them to the slave market where they will be sold as slaves? An exuberant tale of sexual excess that includes unique devices for bondage, caging, torture and suspension, plus plenty of welted asses, crimson behinds and painful breast torture. This is one S&M story that readers will savor from beginning to end.

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The full moon hung in the dark lavender velvet of the eastern sky when I shoved the key into Josie’s cabin door. I opened it and saw her standing in front of her open closet door, beautifully silhouetted in the dim light of a bedside lamp. Her lithe body was slyly revealed through her filmy white gown.

“Oh, Doctor,” Her pretended coyness was skillfully acted, “you surprised me. I thought gentlemen knocked on a lady’s bedroom door before they entered.”

“I expect they do, Josie, but what does that have to do with me?” We both laughed softly. “Ready for a stroll around the deck?”

“More than ready—impatient.” Josie took my arm and we stepped out into the soft night air. “O-o-oh, look at the sky; the stars are so brilliant—like diamonds.” She lifted her free arm and pointed to the south-west, “There’s one that is impossibly big and bright.”

“That’s the planet Venus.”

“Venus—she’s the goddess of love.” Josie tugged at my arm for attention and gazed up into my face with her shining eyes. “How perfect for us on this night.”

I smiled down at her. “For every couple.”

Josie purred and pressed her face against my arm. “Your so big and strong, uh, I don’t know your name! What is it?”

“Doctor Rawson.”

“No,” she playfully jerked my arm, “I mean, what’s your first name?”


Josie sighed. “Alan—what a perfect name for a handsome male creature like you.”

“And you are a beautiful young girl.” I pressed her against the ships railing and gripped it with both my hands, trapping her between my arms.

“Alan?” she said with a husky whisper. “Are you…?”

I leaned down and silenced her with a long, energetic kiss. Her arms lifted and snaked around my neck. She pressed her warm belly against mine, twisting and rubbing slowly. After a long moment we broke the seal of our lips, panting for breath.

“Oh, Alan, Alan,” she gasped softly, “you’re so perfect.”

I gestured at the sky with my eyes, “And Venus is mad with envy at your beauty.”

“Oh, Alan, let’s go back to my cabin.”

“Not now. Let’s walk together for awhile and enjoy the beauty of the night sky and sea.” I remembered my promise not to fuck any girl before the rest of the crew could have their pick of the girls, too.

“Well, okay,” Josie raised up on her toes and pulled my head down to give me another quick kiss, “but then let’s go to my cabin.”

Other girls were on deck too. Most escorted by a male passenger, some girls in twos or threes leaning against the rail and gazing at the sky. They talked softly together, each lost in their own hopes and dreams. As I passed each one, I took a mental inventory of her feminine assets, happily considering what sex act or bondage position would be most enjoyable to do with her.

“Doctor Rawson!” Seaman Murphy came trotting up behind us. “Doctor Rawson, there’s been a little accident in the engine room. Please come with me.”

I tugged my arm free from Josie’s clasp. “Excuse me, Josie. Some other time—soon. I’ll surprise you, I promise.” I heard her hoarse whisper as Murphy and I hurried away to the engine room hatch.

“Damn it to hell!”

We clambered down the gangway stairs into the heat and rumble of the powerful engines. I scanned the crew in the muted illumination and stark shadows. “What’s the injury? Who is it?”

“No injuries, Doctor,” Seaman Thorne said. “Something has happened you need to know.”

“Doc,” Ralph said, “First officer Harper’s been sneaking around. We caught him hiding behind some machinery down here, listening to us talk. We think he knows.”

“Do you think he told Captain Emerys or anyone else?”

“No. We didn’t want to take the risk of him ruining our plan, so we kept him here.”

I exhaled a weary breath. “Get him for me.”

Thorne dragged Harper out from a storage closet. His arms were bound behind his back, and his ankles were tied together. Thorne ripped the gag off the officer’s sneering mouth.

“We’ll,” I said, “what do you know?”

“You’re up to something,” he replied. “And I would have found out more if these greasy monkeys hadn’t caught me.” He turned his head and scowled at the rest of the men. “You’d better release me before you get yourselves in worse trouble. When Captain Emerys notices I’m missing, he’ll have the officers search the ship for me. Then whatever you’re planning will be cause to hang you.”

I reached out and felt his forehead. “You’re running a dangerous fever, Harper. Probably some very contagious disease. You’ll have to be confined to my sick bay for a few days while you lie unconscious. Don’t worry, I’ll notify the captain of your misfortune.”

“What? You wouldn’t dare…”

“Wouldn’t I?”

The seamen all laughed.

Harper glanced around, his face pale and sweating. “You can’t do this to me, I’m the first officer, and…”

I reached into my medical bag and pulled out a hypodermic and a tiny vial of Phenobarbital. “Gag him and hold him.”

Ralph and another seaman gripped him as Harper struggled.

“Niff! Nungh!”

I filled the hypo and injected the sedative in his arm. “That should keep him quiet for hours.” I grinned at Harper. “Nighty-night. Sweet dreams.”

They carried him up the stairs and through the empty passageway to my tiny sick bay hospital.

When the chuckles faded, Ralph spoke up. “There’s more news, Doc.”

“What?” I sighed with relief when I saw only cheerful expressions.

“Cookie here says he’s smuggled a few extra tons of food on board. We should last for an extra two months before we need to risk getting more.”

“That’s all? You interrupted my stroll with a really sexy girl you know.”

“No. There’s something else—something you need to decide, as our captain-to-be.”

“What’s that?”

“The photographer and his sexy female assistant. We heard you want to take them both to the island with us. What for?”

I grinned and slapped him on his shoulder. “To photograph and videotape our fun and games with the girls, of course.”

“How do you know he’s willing to do that? Won’t he try to stop us somehow and rescue them?”

“Not likely. He’s my uncle, and best friend—has his own photo studio in New York. I managed to get him hired by the modeling agency for this trip. He knows what we are going to do, and he’s as happy and excited about it as we are.”

Murphy raised his hand. “And his cute young assistant. Is she in on it?”

“No. Her name’s Melissa. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s going to be one of our captives, too. My uncle has the hots for her—big time, but she sneers at him with her snobbish nose in the air—won’t let him touch her. He lured her into this job by offering her a fantastic salary. It’s going to be sweet for him to get his revenge for all her insults and superior attitude.” I swept my gaze over their faces. “When he hired her, he didn’t tell her what her most—um—stimulating duties would be on this voyage, but he’s going to have fun training her to please him sexually.”

The men laughed.

“Is that all, then?”

“When will we arrive at the island, doctor?”

“Probably day after tomorrow, at dusk. We’ll unload the officers and male passengers into rafts tomorrow night, as planned, then steam at full speed for the island and Lust Lagoon. Keep your cocks in your pants until then.”

They all grinned and spoke together, “Aye, captain.”

I lifted a warning finger. “We’re not at the island yet. Let’s not get too happy until we arrive. Lots could go wrong before then if we get careless.”

I went to Captain Emerys’ cabin first and told him about Harper’s unfortunate illness. Then I returned to my cabin, being careful not to be seen by any of the girls. But by now, Josie probably had seduced some other man and towed him back to her cabin. I shucked off my clothes in the dark, not wanting to draw attention to my cabin by turning on the light. Pulling the bed covers off onto the floor, I lay down naked on the clean white sheet and tucked my hands behind my head on the soft pillow. As I lay in the dark thinking about all those pretty girls bound and naked for our pleasure, the moonlight poking through my cabin’s porthole spotlighted my twitching cock. I wished for a wet dream and dozed off.


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