Dance For Me Savannah


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Dance For Me Savannah by Lizbeth Dusseau

Submissive To Her Lust On orders from her mysterious dominant lover, Guillaume, Savannah becomes the model for erotic photo-graphic sessions. In bondage, bearing the marks of punishment and in compromising semi-public settings, there are no limits to the lust she reveals before the camera’s eye. With each demand from her dominant she yields more, with each session she exposes more of her dark lust, ripping away layer after layer of inhibition to make her an outrageous sexual statement.

Discovering that the photographer, Michael, is as dominant as her lover, Savannah is lured into this other man’s domain, soon forced to choose between the two. Guillaume and Michael vie for her affections, allegiance and the right to take this submissive woman to the next step in sexual surrender. With lush erotic bondage, discipline, spanking and anal sexuality, against the backdrop of an exhibitionist fantasy, this novel meanders through the erotic extremes with a sensuous allure, until its stunning and unexpected finale.

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