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Debased Men by Orlando

FEMDOM. Sadistic females in all their heartless glory abound in these eighteen new Femdom tales. From Daydreaming where Stephen is so obsessed with his girlfriend’s ass that he will do anything to please her to Possession where Amanda’s ex-husband is so enslaved he could actually leave without being stopped though he won’t since he’s nothing but one of her possessions. Find out why. In Banded and Tagged, when ten women falsely swear that you agreed to be a banded slave, the bitches band your balls and you’re a slave life!

Once Upon a Time is a silly story about a poor soul who lets his girlfriend lock him in chastity and pays the price when the story he writes for her fails to pass. In the Dog House Jerry’s wife wants a better husband, one who obeys her like a mindless dog. Then in Sissy Maid, Michael’s lesbian roommate forces him to agree to be trained as a sissy maid. And in Breaking Point a bet goes bad and poor Jimmy becomes a slave to Kara. His best friend is at the coming out party looking for revenge.

In A True Sadist, Brent makes the mistake of agreeing to become a sissy maid to a woman who is a sadist with a capital S. She delights in finding virile young men and breaking them completely. Finally, in A Satisfactory Arrangement, a poor soul is deluded, thinking that he has a failsafe out of a stupid contract with a vicious femdom. However, his plan backfires when Trent discovers that things are not always what they seem. These stories and many more, with chastity, watersports, flagellation, bi and lesbian encounters, humiliation, degradation, cunnilingus, castration, toilet service and much more.

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