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Depraved Angel


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Depraved Angel by John Ponder

Forty year old Linda is greatly attracted to Jack, her angel-faced 18 year old lodger. Not only is he extremely good looking, he’s a caring young man – and a shy one. She flirts with idea of relationship with her young boarder, but if hopes for a relationship with him, she’ll need to seduce him. Snooping around on his computer, she learns that Jack watches perverted porn videos where men use and abuse women. She’s alarmed at first, but her desire for him is too strong to stop her planned seduction. Afraid of losing him to the younger women who are after him too, she dives into his depraved sexual world, going further and further down the rabbit hole of his fantasies to keep him interested. She becomes willing to do humiliating and degrading sexual acts just to please him. But is her perception of Jack correct? Is this what he really wants? she wonders, as she discovers there is an unexpected side to Jack’s character she didn’t suspect. Featuring blowjobs, throat fucking, spanking, anal sex, piss drinking and ass licking.

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