Deus ex Machina


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Deus ex Machina by Jurgen von Stuka

One man searches for beautiful young women to train and sell as sex slaves while one of his captives searches for the perfect orgasm.

Owning a magnificent sailing yacht is a great way to pick up gorgeous young women. Ron Casco is good at it. He seldom leaves a short stay in port without some nice piece of female slave meat stashed in his bogus water tanks: bound, gagged and helpless. His good looks, charm and his boat help. But the real attraction for most of these women is the promise of being gagged, chained and kept.

They women know it going in because he tells them, and one way or another they want it. The women are happy to leave their boring cruise ships or distant relatives whose money they live on, and head out to sea on a lovely yacht with a charming, handsome man who obviously wants them…for reasons that will soon become clear. Which means his boat is a slave ship, sailing to exotic places where he sells his slaves.

And then there is one captive in particular, Leanne, a frustrated woman who has never had an orgasm. In a convoluted way, this is her story. Featuring all the usual BDSM acts and toys and devices. Naturally, the events are all consensual.

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