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Dominated, A Little Black Book of Treasures by S. M. Ackerman

Welcome to the world of all things Domination. This little black book of sixteen short stories opens the door to understanding the world of bondage and domination in all its glorious and varied forms.

Whether you are a lifestyle dominant, a full on submissive, or just the vanilla girl or boy next door with an interest in kinky sex, these stories will entertain, arouse and enlighten. In this world, lives change instantly, fantasy becomes reality, the whip is held tightly, and chains strictly secured – all offering sexual satisfaction on a level unparalleled for any who dare to enter into this bizarre and secretive world.

Stories include Service Slut, Retribution, Nanny Needed Ugently, The Machine Restarts Everything and many more. Plus, an expose on understanding voluntary slavery and an informational piece explaining many BDSM practices.

Featured content in these sizzling hot stories includes slave contracts, restraints of all kinds, punishment & discipline, whips, pain and ballgags, caging, devious sex toys, adult babies, Masters, Mistresses, male and female submissives. A BDSM storybook that has it all!

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An Explanation Of An Inexplicable Desire

Understanding Voluntary Slavery.


What Is A Slave?


A slave: A person of either gender that has decided that their life will be dedicated to the obedience of a chosen Owner.

This could be on a permanent basis or for a given time slot. By so selecting, the person becomes the total property of its owner, thus entering into a voluntary slave status. Becoming an entity without choice, its only reason for existence is to provide pleasure, through service, to its selected owner. The free person electing to sign a Slave Contract, is giving total control and power to its owner over every aspect of its future life. It has decided to willingly refute the freedom that was its human right; for a state which places it under the total control of an honoured, trusted and loved person.

Entering into total slave status is not an easy thing to enter, nor should it be allowed, without serious consideration by the prospective slave. Most potential slaves, in reality, would choose to play the slave for fantasy reasons, and therefore would not seek out the permanent ownership of them, by another. The potential slave is offering the owner a gift of great value; equally the owner is accepting both the ownership, and responsibility for the care and safety of the slave. Thus a symbiosis of dependency and responsibility is created; with one giving willingly, the other accepting totally the gift.


Why Would ‘It’ Choose Such A State?


The slave requires the domination of its self by another to fulfil its natural function and desires. The slave wishes to be subjected for both sexual reasons and physiological need, for it to feel complete. The slave does not wish to have the choice of how its life is spent, or its body used; its only choice is that of signing and submitting, or not signing the contract, and remaining free.


What Is A Mistress/Madam/ Master/ The Slaves Owner.


The Owner is the chosen, a person that is deeply loved or adored by the slave and very much trusted; the owner takes on their slave with the intent of melding the slave to satisfy their every whim. The slave for their benefit gains through the instigation of such a regime.

To the uninitiated the slave may appear to be selfish or even self-centred; primarily because of having to explain and ask for the type of treatment that is desired. The reality of a true Slave / Owner arrangement, is that the slave does not have to ask for the desired pain or suffering; that is provided by the Owner, when and by whatever methods they feel is required, as either rightful discipline or training. The slave’s behaviour might directly instigate that need for discipline. For instance a lack of attention to detail in given duties might induce punishment. Therefore the slave gets punished, and the behaviour improves; the owner again receives the required service from the slave.


The Ideal Situation.


In an ideal symbiosis, the Owner enjoys dominating the slave, overseeing its instruction and training; ensuring total obedience via punishment or other suitable methods. They receive pleasure from the dominating and owning of the slave; thus creating a situation where the slave’s suffering is a part of the service that is required by the Owner, and the balance is complete. All parties to the contract receive their different, but equally important satisfactions. The Owner / Slave contract will be highly satisfactory to all parties in such an arrangement.


The Potential Dominant.


“I like my own way but get it subtly”. “I don’t want to dominate, it’s not normal”.

‘Are you sure this is what you want?’

All the above are typical statements from Vanilla novices introduced to the BDSM life style; they are used primarily to conceal or justify their desire, to participate in what they believe to be an abnormal, though potentially interesting life style. A statement similar in context to the above does not mean that the person stating it, is really a hard core dominant; only that they potentially could enjoy some, or all, aspects of the S & M life style, if sampled.


What Is True Domination.


Dominating another is to get your own way, have your desires fulfilled without the preamble of society’s bounds and restrictions. To dominate a willing slave is as normal in its own way, as it is to utilize your feminine wiles, or male aggression to manipulate another into providing service. The main difference being, that via voluntary slave domination, the desire is open and clearly understood by all willing parties.

Society in a ‘Politically Correct World’ (P.C) dictates that every person male or female has equal rights. There are some people that do not believe that everyone is equal; or that they all have equal rights. Despite the existence of P.C there is a hierarchy of control within our Society, its influence is indirect but totally aimed at controlling the masses, whilst maintaining the pretence of equality of sex, of position, of Human Rights.

Those that actively seek to gain power do so for their own reasons, to provide for their own needs; usually at the expense of the minions, who are possibly held in contempt beneath them. To maintain that power, they create and then foster their P.C Agenda. The pretence of the situation is deplorable and basically it is a Social Lie, which for a lot of people is unnecessary. Clearly it is better to be able to say ‘I want that now’, than receive it immediately, and given willingly with love; than it ever is to manipulate another to obtain the chosen state or gift.


What Does Domination Offer To Me.


The S&M life style offers you an open, honest, loving relationship. It provides the opportunity to fulfil any desires; either personal or sexual, and with a very willing slave who is eager to please and serve you. It offers experiences denied in any other type of relationship; mostly, it offers a feeling of guilt free freedom to be who you are. To demand and rightfully expect to do what you want, when you want. S&M allows the owner to be able to try out whims and fulfil wishes, always secure in the love of your slave. To know that you are reciprocating with both love and creating a deep pleasurable satisfaction to your partner or slave, by methods which the Vanilla world see as being selfish, or not PC.


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