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Done With Dolls by Jo-Anne Wiley

It isn’t fair. I did everything you asked…

The metal face-plate is wrenched tight. She screams as the pump whines and suddenly, burning rubber is scorching the flesh of her cheeks, destroying her face and leaving behind a hideous apparition.

Cameron Rice is discovered in a rail-yard. A fashion model, she had everything to live for, until a photographer talked her out of her clothes. Found naked, evidence suggests Cameron has been sexually abused. But more disturbing, Cameron’s features are obscured by a rubber doll’s-face, fused to the front of her skull.

Cause of death: Suffocation.

Pathologist Frank Reid has Cameron on the table and eight other fashion-girls are reported missing. Frank fears that a serial killer is on the loose in New York’s Garment District.

The investigation falls to Buddy Sheean, an inept detective who is more interested in exploiting the glamorous complainants, than he is in solving the crime. But when Buddy bends model, Debbie Langford over, to push up her skirt, he doesn’t realize she has ties to the CIA. And that she is about to unload a shitload of grief on his sorry ass: Taz Azaria.

Halfway around the world, a coffin arrives from America and is delivered to the apartment of Alisha Wong. The consignment indicates the body is Li-Meng Yan, eighty-six years, who died while visiting the US.

Mrs Wong has the box opened and peers inside at the naked teenager. She is Caucasian– and perfect in every other detail, as well. Wong reads the toe-tag. “Ah-h, Cameron Rice. Welcome to China.”

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