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Dulcie Waters: The Wild Side by Surreal

Raised without affection in the post war tenements and care homes of North London, Dulcie must come to terms with the complexities of her unusual sexual drive. She has two competing boyfriends that trod the wrong side of the law and must walk a difficult path through the moralistic society of the day. Eddy is a petty criminal dreaming of the big time, while Ray is a wheeling dealing pimp with a love for money, sex, lies and little else. In the middle she has Lil, a hardnosed landlady hellbent on controlling her life. Slowly Dulcie comes to accept what she is and with a few setbacks sorts out the life she wants, while avoiding the beckoning finger of vice.  Along that path two friends aid and abet her, Frenchie a beautiful blonde war refugee and Carol a café proprietor and pay for tart.  Amidst a heavy mix of spanking and heterosexual/lesbian sex/bondage the group takes on a London mobster for whom Ray has long held a grudge.  Meanwhile, Long Arm Coulson a hardnosed detective is put on the case further exacerbating everyone’s nerves. Male Dom, Femme Dom. Spanking, caning, whipping, bondage, and romance.

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