Dutch Surrender: Dutch Capture Series, Book Three


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Dutch Surrender: Dutch Capture Series, Book Three by Gemma Stone

Katrina Van Tuyl is getting married to her Master, Paul Ulbrecht.  Yet in a complex legal maneuver, Kat and Paul are also marrying Claire, another of Paul’s slaves, who manages Star Fall, the clothing-optional BDSM resort Paul owns.  At the same time, Kat has promised her sister slaves, Meg and Courtney, that the marriage won’t change anything in their living situation.  To say that Kat’s life is complicated is an understatement.

Yet it’s about to get even more complicated.  Just when it looks like Kat is headed for her desired, if unusual, happily ever after, threats emerge.  Rebecca, a former live-in slave of Paul’s, arrives on their doorstep intent on picking up where things left off.  Then Courtney abruptly announces that she is moving out.  Can Kat make everything right and salvage all their happy endings?

Follow Paul, Kat, and their extended D/s family on their erotic adventures to the sun-drenched pleasure playgrounds of Rio de Janeiro, the French Riviera, and the Caribbean and experience the lifestyles of the Rich and Kinky.

Includes: Master/slave, bondage, discipline, spanking, anal play, male dominance, female submission, male submission, exhibitionism, polyamory, LGBT 

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