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Eve: Portrait of a Submissive by Steve Maser

2012 National Leather Association International Writing Award Finalist! Pauline Reage Novel Award
When she finally did move in with him, he first had her sign a paper, in the form of a contract, under which she agreed to become his slave, to surrender all her rights to him, and to obey him unconditionally; furthermore she agreed in advance to submit to any punishment he might care to inflict in the event of disobedience.”
In the spring of 1975 Eve Sloan, a twenty-two year old college dropout, is living in a shabby tenement apartment in New York’s East Village, workings days as a clerk in a bookstore while her nights are occupied with casual sex, drugs and writing bad poetry. One day in a Soho gallery she’s accosted by Roger Nettles, a wealthy venture capitalist, with whom she ends up having sex in her apartment. Roger, an experienced dominant, quickly sizes her up as a born submissive and proceeds to introduce her to spanking and bondage, to which she responds enthusiastically. Increasingly dissatisfied with her aimless existence while experiencing ecstatic pleasures unknown before, she accepts his offer to come live with him as his slave, agreeing to accept a life of total dependence in which she has no rights of her own, but an absolute obligation to submit to all of her Master’s desires.
As the live-in companion of a wealthy man she is forced to abandon her bohemian ways and is thrust awkwardly into fashionable society, where she becomes known as a great beauty. In the course of her three-year odyssey, she encounters a variety of colorful characters”the university professor who teaches history by day and conducts sadomasochistic orgies by night, a dominatrix doctor, a rock drummer with a spanking fetish, a fashion photographer she poses for and who lusts after her, a slave girl with the fragile ego whom she befriends and tries to protect, and Olympia, Roger’s former lover and now bitter business rival, who guesses her secret life and uses it to torment her. Eve’s adventures include being a guest at a dinner party of sadomasochists in which the maid is caned, participating in a spanking party and in a terrifying orgy with two other slave girls.
However, she finds her greatest pleasures when alone with her Master in his luxury apartment, in his bed, or over his knee, or bound naked to a cross or a bench in the room he has turned into his private dungeon. In time though, even these pleasures are not enough. What she craves most of all is to be truly loved by her moody work-obsessed Master. When she comes to feel neglected, she’s driven to rebel, provoking a crisis that will end up changing her life forever.
Features numerous scenes of spanking with hand, belt, paddle, hairbrush and cane, bondage, anal and oral sex and group sex.

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When she finally did move in with him, he first had her sign a paper, in the form of a contract, under which she agreed to become his slave, to surrender all her rights to him, and to obey him unconditionally; furthermore she agreed in advance to submit to any punishment he might care to inflict in the event of disobedience. The paper had of course, no legal force, as he readily acknowledged, but he wished the inauguration of their new relationship to be invested with an appropriate degree of solemnity. Indeed it had that effect; she trembled all over as she read the words, first silently and then out loud, as he required, the words “punishment” and “disobedience” giving her a particular thrill. Then she signed, and went down on her knees and called him “Master,” the first time he had allowed her to do so.

Her life would now be strictly bound by rules, most of which he had explained beforehand, although he emphasized that he was not bound by them and could change them at will and without notice, for his rights as her Master were absolute while she possessed no rights at all but only privileges which he could revoke at will.


What she liked least was the requirement to get up early on weekdays to serve him his coffee. Roger, wishing to be at the office before the staff, left the apartment promptly at seven and arose only a half hour before. Eve had to rise still earlier, which she could not manage without an alarm clock, but Roger would not permit his to sound any earlier than necessary. So she ended up retiring to her own room on work nights. (It should be added that he regarded her sleeping in his bed as a privilege, though one usually afforded her on weekends.)

Eve had always been a night owl, and Roger may have intended to change her habits to match his. But she still tended to stay up late (she was addicted to late night movies on television), often rising after a few hours sleep and later napping during the day. The inevitable accident happened. One morning a few weeks into her stay she stifled the alarm and promptly fell back into slumber. Not long after she found herself rudely awakened, a strong hand gripping her arm. She looked up to find Roger, fully dressed for work, with a look of displeasure on his face, and holding a hair brush. He pulled her naked body over his lap (she always slept naked) and rapidly but soundly punished her, leaving her crying and her bottom sore for the rest of the day.

They discussed the incident later that evening in his bedroom, Roger sitting on the side of the bed with Eve on her knees in front of him. He began by expressing regret in having given in to anger. “I don’t like to lose my temper, and anyway, I’d rather not punish you in anger. Also I don’t think I should use a spanking to punish you. You enjoy it too much.” Here he snickered. “It somewhat detracts from the deterrent effect.”

“I assure you I derived no enjoyment from it and I don’t intend to repeat the offense,” she replied humbly.

“Still, in the future I intend to rely on other forms of punishment. Of course,” he added, “I can’t guarantee I’ll never lose my temper in the future. So if the spanking did have a deterrent effect, then perhaps it’s as well that it did happen.”


Later though Roger changed his mind about not using corporal punishment as a means of discipline. One evening he came home and discovered dinner wasn’t ready. He had had a rough day at work and was in a foul mood. “What have you been doing all day?” he asked her.

“Uh, I did some shopping. Mostly I read.”

“I see. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day, are there?” he said with heavy sarcasm. “I guess I’ll have to lighten your schedule.”

“I’m sorry, I fell asleep.”

“Uh huh. That’s because you stay up late watching television. I’ll take that damn thing away if you don’t shape up.”

While Eve continued preparing dinner she burned with resentment. She had been having trouble sleeping lately and had spent last night mostly reading. She was still tired and cranky. Roger’s sour mood continued during the meal. He made some critical comments on the food to which he added, “Of course I know how busy you are.”

“Then why don’t you cook your own fucking dinner!” she erupted, and ran out in tears.

She immediately regretted her outburst and knew there would be consequences. She returned ten minutes later just as he was finishing up. “Oh, I’m glad you’re here,” he said blandly. “Clear the table and wait for me.”

He went out and when he returned, he was holding a paddle made of polished wood which she had never seen before.

“That little display of temper before is going to cost you. Bend over the table and raise your skirt. Good. Now pull your panties down to your knees.” Eve’s hands shook as she complied, overcome with humiliation.

“Good,” he said. “I’m going to give you fifteen strokes and they’re going to hurt.” And he proceeded to make good on his threat, striking her very hard so that she yelped in pain. After the fifth stroke she began to cry. By the time it was over she was bawling hysterically. He leaned over to her ear and said quietly, “Don’t ever talk to me like that again. Now go to your room.”

For a long time she lay face down on the bed in the dark, thinking about what happened. It seemed so unfair. Obviously he was in a bad mood and had taken it out on her. She was in a bad mood too. But they weren’t equals—he was her Master. As a slave, she didn’t have the right to show temper but must meekly bear his moods whether it was fair or not. She decided she had deserved her paddling; her insolence had demanded rapid and condign punishment. Positively reveling in self-abasement she decided to humble herself further. Later in the evening she sought him out and found him in the living room, reading. She was naked, and assuming a kneeling posture, apologized for having shown disrespect, and begged his forgiveness.

His reaction was unexpected. “I just think you want to be fucked, that’s what I think. Should I reward your misbehavior by fucking you?” he asked pointedly.

“No, sir.” She was not required to call him “sir” but did so now to underline her humility.

“On the other hand, I rather feel like fucking you. Kind of a dilemma, don’t you think?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Go to your room and wait for me.”

She crawled out of his presence to her room and waited for him, still on her knees. Soon he entered carrying a box from which he drew a leather collar, leash, wrist and ankle cuffs, which he told her to put on. He had her assume a bowing position on the bed facing the headboard, which was not solid but contained vertical wooden slats. He attached the leash to one of them and cuffed her wrists behind her back, a very economical way she thought, of rendering her helpless.

He said, “I’m going to spank you now with my belt, although again I hate to reward you.”

It was true that she loved being spanked with the belt, but with her ass still sore from the paddling it did not afford her the usual pleasure. But she was gratified when he entered her pussy from behind, and as he thrust back and forth she vibrated with pleasure, despite the pain caused by the repeated collisions of his pelvis against her ass which was raw from repeated spankings.

But once he had achieved his pleasure and withdrew he decided upon a new and even crueler punishment. He tied ropes around her knees and connected them tautly to the front posts, so now she could neither close her legs nor slide them down onto the bed. Then he turned out the light and closed the door. Now she faced the terrifying prospect of spending the night in this uncomfortable position. She began to cry and struggled helplessly against her bonds. After a time she gave up, exhausted and began to doze off. Sometime later she was aroused by the sound of a door slamming shut, and a few seconds later heard the creaking of the boards under the bed and felt his weight on the mattress. Again he penetrated her, only this time it was in her anus, something she was just getting used to. When he had done using her in this manner, he untied the ropes and let her lie flat, but left her hands cuffed and the leash still wrapped around the headboard. He covered her with a blanket, turned out the light and said “Good Night.” It was not the most comfortable way to sleep; moreover she couldn’t put her hands between her legs as she wanted to do, for the anal penetration, which she usually disliked had this time aroused her, but she could do no more than squeeze her thighs together in impotent frustration.

The next morning he came to release her and told her to make coffee. In the kitchen she saw that the paddle he had used the previous evening was hanging on a hook by a little eye-hole in the handle. It was to remain there as a reminder, a continual humbling presence. He waited for her in the dining room in his dressing gown. After he had consumed his coffee, he ordered her to kneel at his feet, and opened his robe under which he was naked with his male member fully erect. Normally in the morning he did not have the time or inclination for sex, but the sight of Eve, naked and in restraints had aroused him. He ordered her to suck his cock and gave her five minutes to make him come. By now she had become expert in this activity and it only took her four.

When he was gone she returned to her room and lay on the bed with her legs spread, able now to use her fingers to give herself the release she had just given Roger. She played back in her mind the events of the night before and of the morning, and thought of how his passion had been aroused by punishing her. We’re a very compatible couple, she thought ironically. It was true, for they were bound together by a common passion—the enjoyment of her punishment.


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