Fall From Grace



Fall From Grace by Lizbeth Dusseau

A mysterious stranger comes to Regan from nowhere, drawing out her deep submissive longings. The masochist in her begs that he take her freedom, but he makes her wait, requires she undergo extensive sexual training and when he finally accepts the gift of her submission, he insists that she give not just a piece of herself but everything she isher body, property and all personal choice. In turn, he offers her the thrills of bondage, punishment and the opportunity to serve him. Choosing to become his alone, she soon believes she can never waver from her devoted service. And yet, when her owner sends her to Tennyson Hallock, she faces a pitiless and cunning master who is determined to expose her weakness. Before she realizes what has happened, he’s turned her world into a twisted knot of confusion and deceit. Can she ever make her way back to her master, and will he accept her if she does? Consensual BDSM including dungeons, training compounds, bondage and a variety of sexual variations.

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