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Female Prey & The Elusive Prey



Female Prey & The Elusive Prey By S J Lewis
Two full-length novels in one volume!
Ready for a wild adventure, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty, Kimberley, hikes into the forest alone, knowing that somewhere nearby are anonymous men who will hunt her down like an animal, take her captive, and keep her as their sex toy for days on end. She is eager for the experience – in fact, she set up the game with a clandestine company that specializes in unique wilderness adventures like this one. But, just to make the experience more fun, she decides to make the hunters work before she lets them have her. Her scheme takes the men by surprise, and the days that follow are grueling for Kimberley and the posse that tails her. Maybe it’s not so much fun after all, she begins to think… maybe she should call off the hunt, and go back to the resort hotel where she started – spend her week enjoying the luxury of room service…hot baths and sensuous pampering…
Unfortunately, it’s too late to change her plans and she’s on the run…forced into a game of escape and evade. While Kimberley knows the outdoors and can survive on her own, her pursuers know it better. Tired and hungry, she is finally captured, and her days of naked slavery begin.
She’s kept in a cell below ground…unable to tell when one day ends and another begins. She knows there is a limit to her captivity, but she has no idea when it will end. As the days go by, Kimberley learns about her captors, especially the big, strong leader of the gang she calls ‘Alpha’. He’s rough with his newly captured slave, and as the days goes by, Alpha’s power over her increases…the things they make her do alarm her. But soon she’s doing more than enduring the forced nudity, bondage and torrid sexual gangbangs. Perhaps, she doesn’t want her adventure in the wilds to end?
This steamy novel is a sexy, savage read…including a shocking sexual awakening for the unsuspecting Kimberly and plenty of hard-hitting sexual content … Bdsm, imprisonment, mild torture, straight, oral and anal sex, girl/girl action and hot group orgies.
The Elusive Prey by S J Lewis A Female Prey Book
Kim and her friend Barbara voluntarily sign on for an unusual wilderness adventure where they’ll be brutally trained and used as sex slaves by the Dominant men who claim them – a real life fantasy fit for only the most daring. Arriving at the hamlet of Gordburg, they discover a resort town where women are caged, being readied for the slave market where they’ll be sold at auction. Some slaves are sent to Gordburg by their masters for intense training, others are there by their own choice. The two curious women discover that while some of these caged women relish their enslavement, others find the rough treatment is more than they signed on for. For those who run this unique resort, the fantasy is not a fantasy at all, but very real!
Undeterred by what she’s seen, Barbara decides to go straight to the slave market for purchase – and the hard sex she expects to enjoy. Meanwhile, Kimberley decides on a game of hide and seek where she’ll be pursued by both men and women intent on making her their slave. She wants to the feel the thrill of being captured, forcefully subdued and compelled to submit to their sexual demands. Kimberley sets out on a game of escape and evade where she becomes Elf-girl, a cunning and elusive player. While there’s no one better at dodging the hunters, Kimberly really wants to be caught, tamed and put in her place by a man powerful enough to give her the satisfaction that comes from total surrender. Can the adventurous Elf-Girl succeed in living out her dreams? Or will time run out, leaving her desperately longing for more?
A story with lots of twists, turns, hot scenes and exciting action to keep the reader turning pages. Expect graphic sexuality, including straight, oral and anal sex, girl/girl action, domination and submission, bondage, collars, chains, mild whipping, not-so-mild spanking, enforced nudity, public displays of nudity, captivity and branding.

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