Fettered Frolic


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Fettered Frolic by Roger Hastings

Traci and Debby, two young, beautiful girls working as waitresses while waiting to be discovered by a modeling agent, go to a night club one Friday evening and meet two handsome men. The men invite them to spend the weekend at their home, built against the rocky foothill of a mountain. Little do the girls realize the bizarre and shocking games the men play with naive girls they snare in their secret lair. The men have converted their abandoned silver mine into a fiendish labyrinth of game rooms and cells, turning it into a fun and games sex paradise.
Their discovery of the truth, and the multitude of sexual adventures they are compelled to participate in opens a whole new world of exotic orgasms and intense pleasures for them. Follow Traci and Debby from pleasure chamber to cell to group games as the whores chase after ever new surprises. When danger rears its hideous head, they confront their worst nightmare. What happens next? Read Fettered Frolic and all will be revealed.
The most tragic mistake a reader can make is to assume it’s just fiction.
Includes: Male domination, female submission, bondage, discipline, dungeons, group sex.

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We had finished eating and the masked Consenta had cleared away the dishes. Mark stood up, his face shadowed darkly in the flickering candlelight.

“I’ll turn off the air-conditioning and adjust the warmth so Dave and I can take off our shirts and loosen our belts.” He grinned suggestively, “Then we can all be more comfortable.” He went to the door, unlocked it with the combination, and went out, locking the door behind him. He was very careful.

They’ve probably done this many times, with lots of other girls.

By the time he returned, the air was warming.

Mark and David went over to the row of hooks in the wall and removed their shirts. Consenta hung them next to their jackets. Their bare chests and arms were magnificently muscled!

They must work out every day.

Then they slipped off their shoes and socks and Consenta placed them neatly against the wall next to ours. Mark and David stood a moment by the wall, whispering and glancing at us while Debby and I felt our hearts pounding. They were both grinning as they unbuckled their belts and removed them. Even in the near-darkness, Debby and I could see the swelling tent in the crotch of their trousers.

It’s going to happen now…

I felt my skin tingle and flush with the warmth and anticipation of their sexual aggression.

Mark went to one sidewall, David to the other. They were lighting candles in the wall sconces, giving just enough light to be romantic.

If only this room didn’t look so…intimidating.

They walked back to us, smiling like cats which had caught the canaries. David bent over behind me, his breath caressing my neck, his cologne spinning in my mind. “Well Traci, did you enjoy our dinner?” He reached around for my shivering breasts and cupped them in his hands through the silky fabric of my blouse. His male touch on my captive body brought a lump in my throat, and I struggled to speak. My voice was a hoarse squeak. “Yes, David. it was…was… Oh, David, so wonderful,” I tried to swallow the lump in my throat. My breath gasped with carnal need.

Mark stood behind Debby, his quivering hands inching across her shoulders, burrowing down and under her collar. They slowly moved down, separating her button-less blouse, slowly exposing her surging breasts. His fingertips slid under their twin orbs, circling in tiny orbits, undulating her femininity in a slow-dance of arousal. Watching his hands tampering with Debby’s defenseless breasts had me panting with desire.

“Are you ready for dessert?” Mark whispered in her ear.

“Y-yes, Mark.” Her husky whisper wavered with panic and anticipation.

David’s mouth moved across my cheek, his breath burning my earlobe. “And you, Traci. Are you ready for the main event?”

The answer stuck in my throat. I could only turn my frightened eyes toward his.

Consenta blew out the candles on the table and removed them. She came back and removed the men’s chairs, setting them against the wall by the hooks. David nodded to Mark and they moved to opposite ends of the table of which they lifted and carried away, putting it down over against the far wall.

David opened one of the doors in the cabinet and took two shiny things out and handed one to Mark. They hid whatever it was behind them as they walked slowly back and stood between us smiling, their arms held behind them. David moved first. I started as he reached for me, gripping my arm as Consenta rubbed an alcohol soaked cotton ball on my upper arm, then on Debby’s. David and Mark were holding hypodermic syringes filled with a golden amber liquid.

“No-o-o-o,” Debby screamed, “not that! Please don’t make us drug addicts!” Mark gripped her arm tighter and plunged the needle into her. She screamed again and thrashed in her chair.

Consenta tried to calm her. “Seniorita Debby, it is OK, it is not drugs. It is an aphrodisiac. It will not hurt you, it is safe!”

David had my arm in his iron grip. I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes shut. It hurt. I could feel whatever was in the hypodermic squirting into my muscle, violating the purity of my body. His fingertips dragged slowly along my extended arm, testing my helplessness. I couldn’t help myself, I had to look. He was pulling the needle out of my skin. His voice penetrated through the pink gauze in my brain. “It’s a natural stimulant, not a chemical drug. We do not drug our girls. It contains only biological extracts; powerful, but harmless. It will keep you awake even better than coffee so we can play our exotic sexual games with you all night. It also contains a sex hormone that makes your breasts, buttocks, and pussy acutely sensitive. Your skin will feel every touch, every stroke, every caress with excruciating ecstasy.” Consenta handed a third hypodermic to Mark and held out her sleeveless arm. He injected it into her. David and Mark handed the three hypodermics back to Consenta and she returned them to the cabinet. Debby was sniffling, wiping her nose on her shoulder.

Mark now turned so he was standing between us, grinning wickedly with his fists on his hips. “Would you girls like to stand up and…stretch?” He emphasized the last word.

We just sat there, looking at him silently, not sure what we should say. He turned to Consenta and nodded. She handed David a device like a TV remote. He aimed it at us and pressed a button. I felt a rude tug on my wrists. The poles were rising out of the floor, lifting Debby and me from our chairs. We were forced to rise until we were standing on our toes, our wide-spread legs fighting for balance.

“What’s happening, what are you doing to us?” Debby cried. The poles continued moving upward toward the high ceiling, the chain of the cuffs playing out in measured tension until our arms were spread upward in a shallow Vee above us. David pressed another button and the pipes stopped rising.

“Surprise, girls.” Mark said. “We wanted your lovely bodies displayed in a better position to play with.” His eyes had changed; they narrowed and burned with fiendish sexual domination.

Consenta removed our chairs from under us and placed them in front of our bodies for David and Mark to sit on. Facing us. She stared at my body, giggling and rubbing her buttocks. She circled around behind me, stalking me like a predator with a lewd hunger smoking in her large brown eyes.

I tried again to swallow that lump of panic in my throat and glanced at David. His smile was gone, his jaw set in an expression of a male god demanding a female sacrifice.

Tears still ebbed from Debby’s eyes, dripping on her quivering blouse as her spread-eagled body struggled to escape.

David moved behind me and pressed himself against my back and ass. He reached around and began stroking my throbbing belly. “Now it’s time for our secret games to get intense.”

Mark seized Consenta who was behind me. I tried to turn my head far enough to see them. He was doing something to her wrists and ankles. David put his hand on my cheek and forced my head back to the front, “Don’t look at them” he said.

When Mark returned to Debby, David moved around in front of me. Mark nodded and David reached out and grabbed my blouse. His powerful hands began to slowly tear it to shreds, pulling it off my body. Strips of wounded cloth tore away, abandoning my breasts and fluttering to the floor. I could hear Mark savaging the fabric of Debby’s blouse, too.

Consenta swaggered back in front of us with a smirk of triumph. She bent over and picked up the torn fragments on the cement floor. I gasped when I saw that she had discarded her maid’s uniform and was naked except for her feathered mask, and her stiletto heels. She was now wearing a wide leather collar around her neck, and a very short silver chain linking her wrist cuffs together. Another short chain stretched between her ankles. She flashed her wicked grin at me and lifted her wrists to show me her chain, snapping it taut to make sure I understood that she enjoyed her sexual slavery. Dainty gold rings gleamed on her nipples.

Our blouses were gone, and the tender flesh of our defenseless breasts stood out in plain view. Mark and David stared at them, nostrils flaring to drink in our perspiring bodies’ spicy scent of fear. David sat down slowly in front of me, his face only a few inches from my breasts. They surged up and toward his mouth with the pumping of my lungs. He stared at them, silent except for the heavy rhythm of his breathing. His hot breath spilled against my skin, awakening the velvet torment of the itching in my nipples.

Oh-h-h-h, ple-e-ease, David, I wished, touch me—touch me!. He put his hands on my hips, and I started at the touch, making my breasts bounce. I thought I was losing my mind. I was terrified by what he might do to me…but if he didn’t do it to me I would go crazy with disappointment!

David whispered to my breasts; softly, almost like a pagan prayer of adoration. “So firm, so lovely, so perfectly shaped, so unblemished. No one has abused them before me.” He lifted his gaze to my face. “Oh, Traci, you are such a wonderful treasure.”

I tilted my head back and closed my eyes. The whispered hoarseness of my voice surprised me. “Oh, David…do it! Do all the terrible things you want to do to my body that gives you pleasure. Just don’t make me wait. Please don’t make me wait. I’m scared…I can’t stand it hanging here, enduring the torment of waiting, imagining all the horrible things you might do to me.”

David stood up and took my head in his hands, tilting my face back level. “Look at me.”

I opened my eyes. He was looking directly into them.

“You walked into this room of your own free will, knowing you would be imprisoned, stripped naked and used sexually. Now Mark and I will make you pay the harrowing price every beautiful girl pays who we lure into our prison. We will do depraved things with your bodies-all the things we promised both of you-and more. Much more!

“We will make your bodies perform sexual struggles which your minds cannot control. You will be dragged down into the dark chamber of your mind where your most savage nightmares are born. We will compel you to release a flood of raw lust throbbing in your bellies. We will force you to consummate sex acts which will repeatedly trigger flaming eruptions of savage orgasms you could never experience outside this place.”

Mark turned around and called to Consenta. “Now you can get rid of the last barrier to our lust.”

She produced a pair of scissors and made swift work of cutting our skirts apart from waist to hem. Mark and David held our skirts up while Consenta unzipped their flies, while holding up their pants momentarily.

“Ready?” Mark asked Consenta.

Si, Master.” Her eyes sparkled with feral lust as she squirmed in rapture. “Uno, dos, tres, Bombs away!”

Our skirts dropped to the floor in perfect synchronization with the men’s pants. I stared in helpless fascination at the glorious throbbing flesh of David’s erect penis.

Consenta squealed with lewd delight at the sight of our five naked bodies. She pranced over to me and printed her warm, naked belly against mine, rubbing her wiry pubic hair against my spread-open crotch. “I am bisexual, Seniorita Traci. I am going to do sex with you and Senorita Debby.” She giggled and did a little dance on the balls of her dainty feet.

“Well, I’m not!” I said, gasping in my embarrassment, and struggling to escape her touch.

Consenta wrapped her arms around my waist and forced me tight against her. “Oh, yes, pretty girl Traci, I will force you to be bisexual with me, Seniorita. I will force you to feel my body molesting yours.” She stroked her fingers down my ass and between my crack. “You and I will make much love together.” She released me, seized my pubic hair and yanked hard.

“0w! Don’t! Ow!”

Consenta giggled and dragged a finger across my lips. “Master David promised he would let me force you to be bisexual with me When he and Master Mark are finished with you tonight. You will kiss my pussy and your tongue will make me cum. Master David and Master Mark have ways of making girls do everything we tell them to.” She turned to show off her buttocks—they were laced with a dozen purple stripes where she had been whipped.

“Oh, Traci,” Debby’s voice quivered with dread, “what are they going to make us do?”

My trembling voice matched hers. “I’m afraid we’re going to find out it’s a lot more than we want to.”


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