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Fierce  by Shawnee Summers

Femdom. James just took a job in Dallas transferring from Miami as an HVAC estimator. Little does he know that first love, Alexa, from college has engineered the transfer. She’s a feminist, who for the past four years has worked on career. Now she wants love – specifically her first love, James, at her side. When he walks into his favorite sports bar, there she is!

In the following weeks and months Alexa leads James into his new life as her soon to be male wife. She’s one of a group of wealthy Texas widows known as the “Female Leadership Association” (FLA), an organization created  to help mentally and/or physically abused women gain independence. The women of FLA aren’t interested in staying home barefoot and pregnant; they chart their own relationships and teach other woman to do the same.

Although the story is a romantic comedy, at its heart are strong messages of gender equality. The power of intimacy and sexual desire are leveraged by our heroines to help the males they love accept their new, submissive and completely unorthodox roles. Plots twists abound! Includes role reversal, anal sex, humiliation and cross dressing.

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