Folie à Deux: A Novel of Erotic Obsession


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Folie a Deux by Imelda Stark

Maledom BDSM. Welcome to the strange world of psychoanalysis, where smart neurotic people diligently try to understand human frailties, both those of their patients and themselves. Imagine a man and woman in that community who discover that they both have a fierce interest in having massive blonde Viking psychiatrist Eric deliver erotic spankings to the shapely well-toned bared derriere of petite Jewish fellow shrink Melissa. And then, imagine you get to be a spy on the insides of this fascinating couple by hearing each of their journal entries describing not only the very hot sex they discover together, but also what they were thinking and feeling at every step of their sizzling courtship. This unique exploration of the inner life of a handsome dom and his adorable sub breaks new ground in Imelda’s ongoing explorations of the psychology of BDSM. This volume includes lots of spanking with implements ranging from hands and paddles to whips, straps, and switches, as well as breast and pussy punishment and lots of anal attention. Also includes a sizzling vignette with an experienced domme introducing neophyte dom Eric on how to top his nubile new sub. Mainly maledom and femsub with a dash of femdom.

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