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Frenchie: Love & Bullets – ebook



Frenchie: Love & Bullets by Surreal

Caught in the last throws of World War II, Frenchie, a young blonde finds herself embroiled in the defeat of the Nazi regime and catapulted into the ranks of the American Army. This is the story of Frenchie’s march across Europe in a tunnel-sighted lust for revenge, her romances and affairs and the responsibilities placed upon her by the General of the Third Army. Frenchie, an orphan and a French national, as well as an indubitable, outrageously sexy teenager steals the hearts of many. She seizes the loyalty of hardened soldiers and forges a secure future from the wreck of her shattered past. She holds fast in a brutal and rough world where men dominate the stage, giving an account of herself where even the most hardened yield to her intractable stance, and those that see her beauty as a weakness soon change their opinion. A romance set against the backdrop of a hostile world where the girl survives, loves, and tosses aside the rules and morals of a peacetime existence. Romantic erotica, with a variety of sexual situations and some spanking.

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“Zofia was almost there when he lost his focus, the woman’s body exemplary the man’s lust typical. He moved to grab her, add her to his hostage. The gun was no longer aimed at anybody, and he was clear of the tanker. Both fired together, Katya loading another cartridge into the receiver just in case and Frenchie loading one into the breech. One second he was full of expectancy the very next he was falling lifeless, blood splattered over both Zofia and Shelby.

“See,” the Pole said as she took a knife from the deceased and cut Shelby free. “Nothing to worry about.”

Crouched she laughed. “Why are you trying not to look General? It is only a body.”

Shelby coughed as he massaged his wrists. “No, Zofia it isn’t. It is so much more.” He struggled to his feet legs numb and took off his tunic, laying it over the girl’s shoulder. “I really don’t know what to say young lady. That was one of the most courageous and selfless acts I have ever seen. “How can I ever repay you?”

“Easy,” she assured him. “I no go back to Russian held Poland. You make me American. Yes?”

“I will certainly try,” he replied sighing at the sight of her butt as she walked back to her underwear.

“What was that call about?” Katya asked handing back the Mauser.

“At that moment he was thinking on killing Zofia. I was not going to let that happen.”

“I saw nothing,” she questioned thinking she had missed something.

“It was his gun hand. You couldn’t see what I could.”

“Not me then?”

“Far from it Katya. I think we should celebrate tonight. I will see if Aleks will fly us back tomorrow.”

When General Shelby caught wind of the intended celebrations he insisted on paying and hosting the party. George knew how to throw a shindig and hired a local inn for the night. When those partaking eventually struggled to their room they had no intention of remerging until very late the next day. Besides Harry’s team and Frenchie, there was the aircrew and George’s staff as well as Todd Jamieson, all set to have a good time. Food was laid on as a buffet and all drinks were free. Music arrived in the shape of the base’s brass band who excelled at freefall tunes, you hum it we’ll play it.

George took up the launch with a heartfelt thanks to both Frenchie and Katya, with special mention of Zofia and her acting beyond the call of duty and does she take bookings? He didn’t forget Aleks who had not flown for some years but didn’t hesitate in coming to the rescue.

Frenchie relented on the drink and downed a few vodkas placing her in a mischievous and unpredictable state of mind.

Dragging Mike by the hand she led him to their room. There she began the throws of love, the word then seeming appropriate. She kissed him with that Frenchie passion curling his toes and stiffening his organ before pushing him onto the bed. There she lay on top, wiggling her torso leaving the man in no doubt about what she had to offer. In turn his hands held and wandered, roamed the soft contours, gauging the thrust of breasts and savouring her fragrance.

Pulling what she called the piste de résistance, a blindfold she said. “With this I do things that surprise. It accentuate feeling. When I put it on you, you no look. Promise.”

“Okay. You remove and the game is no more. You comprendre?”

“I have to go first. But you wait and no look.”

She climbed from the bed and tip toeing to the door opened it to let Aleks and Katya in. While Frenchie and Katya stood to one side Aleks climbed on the bed and straddle Mike.

“That didn’t take long, he noted. “Aleks would disappear for half an hour and come back like she was expecting royalty.” The woman scowled.

She bent and pecked at his lips, Mike frowning. Seductively Aleks began undoing his shirt, pinging each fastener, accentuating the action. Shirt pulled apart she ran her hands over the hirsute pectorals, while Mike lifted the woman’s shirt tail and dipped into the skirt. She rose on her knees and swept his chest with cloth concealed bust, stopping as her tits encompassed his face. “You actually smell like Aleks.” He noted.

Frenchie leant over Aleks shoulder and snapped. “Shut the fuck up about her. If you want the bitch then I can always go and get her for you.”

“Sorry,” he apologised working his way along Aleks blouse buttons, while Katya copied the state of undress. At that moment Frenchie dropped a coin on the floor.

“What was that?” she asked again very close to Aleks head. “Hang on Mike.”

Aleks slipped off while Katya took up her station, Mike feeling for the bra and pulling it clear of Katya’s breasts. He rose to the boobs, licking and nipping and suckling her teats.

Eventually breaking from that, Katya turned her back on his chest and unfastened his fly. Licking her lips she pulled his rigid pole free and peeling the foreskin took him between her lips. She dallied, suckled the dome before abruptly plunging, her small mouth tight about his stem. Mike groaned with the pleasure, completely unaware that three women played with him.

Katya raised her head and removed her fist from his girth, Frenchie took over. “But what is this hot sausage! Bratwurst!” she announced pouncing on the stem.

Frenchie brought him to the edge, and Aleks lifting her skirt and dropping her pants saddled him Texas style. Mike groaned as she slid down on his wet pole.

“Am I allowed to take off this damned blindfold and admire you now?”

“Not yet.”

The three stripped completely and when all were naked Frenchie cried. “Surprise.”

As he pulled off the blindfold so Frenchie and Katya lay either side of him.

He stared in disbelief at Aleks rising and falling on his member, then at Katya. “Fuck’s sake! Did you organise this Aleks?”

“She did not!” Frenchie told him. “It is my way of saying I’m sorry I don’t mean to be a jealous bitch. Now you think you’re man enough to fuck all three of us big boy?”

He put his arms around Katya and Frenchie and said. “No promises. But I will certainly do my best.”

The problem with a three to one, two were always going to be side lined. Frenchie ever the adventurous one turned her sexual attention to a hopeful Katya, who received her with a vigorous, writhing, close combat embrace. Frenchie reciprocated the best she could soon realising woman to woman was just not her forte. At one point their energetic contortions sent them rolling from the bed. There Frenchie broke free. Hot and somewhat bothered and squatting on a hyped Katya she ran fingers through tousled locks asking. “What the hell am I supposed to do now?”

“Fuck me,” Katya replied aroused.

“What with!” Frenchie countered. “I don’t have a cock!”

“Like this.” Katya placed her hand on Frenchie’s bush and first stroking the slit, dipped a finger, then four, her thumb massaging the clitoris. The surprise caught her off guard, the intrusion sparking a chain reaction. Pushed back with Katya’s head between her legs accentuated and prolonged the climax, Frenchie sighing, moaning with the extended fervour.

From Mike’s point of sexual interest he had already had many liaisons with Aleks and Frenchie, so he had his lust sights firmly on the leggy, busty Katya. For all he knew the offer was a one time only especial bogof, have one get two side salads. First opportunity and Mike was on the floor with the Russian finding how rough and ready the Steppes’ girl liked it.

Eventually they gave to a drunken sleep, four crammed in a bed made for two. It was a night Mike would never forget.


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