Friendly Fire


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Friendly Fire by Imelda Stark

Meet Alison, a whip-smart blonde 25 year old lawyer perfectly willing to exploit her good looks to win a case. Past experience has led her to harbor certain very private preferences that leave her high libido unsatisfied by the politically correct, liberal young men she dates. In desperation, she ventures on-line seeking a man who can give her the erotic spanking she longs for. She wades through a mountain of inane responses before uncovering an intriguing one from a less educated man who makes his living as a contractor. Avery is a few years older, a large clean-shaven former Special Forces soldier whose politics are opposite of Alison’s, but with whom her chemistry is sizzling hot. Once he gets her home, she is rapidly swept off her feet and over his muscular lap, where she discovers her own peculiar version of Nirvana in the first erotic spanking of her life.

It turns out that Avery is an accomplished Dom in the local BDSM scene, but has decided that playing the field is less appealing than going deep with one woman. Based on her spirit, intelligence and white-hot responsiveness, he suspects, after that magical first night, that Alison is the one with whom to take things to the next level. When he skillfully introduces her to all manner of submissive delights, beyond just having her taut bottom bared and spanked, they both are amazed at how powerfully she responds. Her personal bests for most intense orgasm are routinely shattered, and soon they are living together and happily married, their secret life well hidden behind closed doors. However, when an attractive couple move in next door, new possibilities for naughty fun open up that neither of them could have imagined.

This book contains Maledom, femsub, some f on f action, anal play, and extensive consensual spanking, paddling, and whipping.

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When Alison realized she was about to be spanked with the belt, she began to struggle, breaking free of her submissive trance. Her vengeful mother, no doubt even more incensed by her awareness that her husband was turned on by the sight of a younger and prettier rear end than her own, grabbed the struggling teen’s hands and held them tight against the small of her back, holding her skirt in place so it would not interfere with the impending activities. The older woman ordered, “Spank the little slut as hard as you can, Alfred! I’ll see to it she doesn’t wiggle out of a single stroke, and we’ll teach her wicked bottom the lesson of her life!”

The belt was drawn back and made an audible swoosh as it swung through the still air of the sanctuary to impact with a loud crack across both of the perfect ivory teenage moons. Their owner shrieked, and the blow was repeated many, many times as she squirmed and struggled and yelled and wept. After the fiftieth spank, both buttocks were uniformly bright red and already starting to bruise from the repeated fierce kiss of hard leather against soft skin. The Pastor stopped, catching his breath and starting to be a bit dismayed at the havoc his punitive rage had wrought on his daughter’s behind. But his furious wife ordered, “Give her another dose, Alfred; I want you to spank her ‘til she bleeds this time!” He complied, his reluctance overcome by his guilty feelings about his own erotic pleasure in what he was doing. And indeed, by the hundredth spank, two welts intersected in just the right (or wrong) way, and a drop of blood appeared. A halt to our heroine’s torment was finally called.


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