Have & Hold



Have and Hold by Miss Irene Clearmont
“It had been good, and strange beyond belief! Being fucked by a man who was wearing stockings and heels had turned her on like never before. Her husband had been so awkward at first, but for the first time in years she had climaxed hard and it had been great! She almost shuddered to recall the way that she had forced herself on his face and the impulse to have him kiss her ass that she had resisted! That would come later!”
For one husband who thinks he has it made, the penny is about to drop. Especially when his scheming mother-in-law points out that Edith, the young wife and career-woman who married him, is aware of his harmless crossdressing. She has yet to confront him but she will. It will be her means to exert greater and lasting control over the husband she essentially keeps, and will ease into a female led marriage. Control that same mother-in-law will have no conscience in using for her own ends”
Includes crossdressing, humiliation, girdles, domestic service, punishment, caning, bondage CBT, cock cage, chastity, full steel caging and more!

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