Hell Bound: Spinnaker’s Gold


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Hell Bound – Spinnaker’s Gold by Tobias Tanner

John Willis has a problem, to no one’s surprise. Trouble seems to find him wherever he goes. In this second installment of the Hell Bound series, Willis has gone home to Florida. With a few like minded friends, he orchestrates the downfall of a sadistic pedophile and murderer named Aaron Farnsworth, a very nasty piece of work. On the face of it, the job is simple. Do the things that officers of the court are unable to do. Entrapment is not the problem for Willis and crew that it is for the police. Nor is drugging the suspect, or planting evidence, or any number of other things.
There is, however, one law that can never be ignored: the law of unplanned consequences. Do one thing, other things happen, whether you expect them or not. Willis and crew make their way toward Key West, unaware that they are dragging a load of trouble in their wake. And it’s in Key West where greed clashes violently with tropical passions. A friend asks Willis to hold some gold coins he has found, a simple enough request. And then all hell breaks loose.
What appears at first to be a series of unrelated incidents begins to resolve into one problem. But the answers don’t come easily. Willis must draw on all his resources, from both sides of the law. In his world, there are only two measures for friendship: trust, and loyalty. Everything else is window dressing. It is to people who share those articles of faith that Willis turns.
The gold is only one problem, however. Willis has woman trouble, too. His owned slave has some deep-seated uncertainties about their relationship. His best friend’s wife is in love with him. And a girl from the past suddenly needs all his attention. Willis beds them all, and there is plenty of maledom kink to go around: submission, bondage, anal sex, double penetration, fisting, spankings, whippings, and public exposure.
John Willis must navigate through all of that and more to resolve the mystery of Spinnaker’s Gold. Because to him, it isn’t gold. It’s personal.

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