His Latest Acquisition


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His Latest Acquisition by Lizbeth Dusseau
Compelled by impulse, suspicion and obsession, Emily Booker hacks into her husband’s computer files discovering his secret life as a sexual master. Shocked but sexually ignited, Emily begs to become his slave. Though Justin reluctantly agrees to her request, he feels betrayed and her training becomes his revenge.
Rapidly forcing her deep into submission, Justin strips away her life a piece at a time: career, friends, property, even her marriage disappears until there is nothing left but “em’, the perfect submissive. She is humiliated before masters, stretched for double penetration, whipped, bound and finally given away. While em looks on with longing, Justin entertains his other slaves in the bed his novice submissives once shared with him.
Is this the life she truly desires? In the wings another would-be master with his eyes focused on this beautiful prize waits” her trainer Dylan Kincaid. A confrontation between masters is certain” “Sell her?” Justin chortled darkly. “Maybe to some Sultan for a night, but sell her outright? Hell no! I’d be crazy. em’s worth a fortune to me” I figure I can retire on the cash she’ll bring.”

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