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Hollow Point Love by Jane Brooke

Author of Death Orchid and Vegas Savages returns with more mind-bending erotic fiction. This deadly love story is scorching hot!

Within a singular moment of rebirth, she will become a genius savant, an intruder bringing death within an ever-revolving typhoon of madness, and she will leave trails of red blood behind her every step, and it will be the blood of men.

A stunning Mensa brilliant blond hit-woman takes down an English crime boss/ mobster outside of London. Days later, she steals another mobster’s money and, then flees. A year later in London, alone and contemplating suicide with her first cup of coffee every morning, she meets a mysterious African woman and her even more mysterious lifelong friend, the most dangerous man on the planet. Both are killers, and the three bond. She has sex with both of them. In an ending that is nothing as it seems, we find out why she is there, who she is, and has fate stepped in, or not, and how these three remarkable people change their life course.

Erotica/FF, bisexuality, from madness to banality, with graphic, mind-melting sex, and illusion.

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