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Hound – ebook

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Hound by Colin Dereham

Gary’s lived with bipolar disorder since he was eighteen. He’s stable and has a great career, family and friends, but at forty he’s never had a relationship. Casual sex has always been the easy option—fun, plentiful and no risk of upsetting the unruly emotions that simmer below his calm exterior.

This all changes the moment he meets Jeff. There’s no doubt in Gary’s mind that Jeff’s The One. But even though Jeff seems to be equally smitten, he only wants a part-time arrangement. Jeff works long hours, travelling constantly, and his last relationship was so abusive he’s seemingly ruled them out for good.

Gary does his best to settle for things the way Jeff wants. He’s not going to give him an ultimatum. Losing Jeff would be unthinkable. In any case, Jeff will come around. But each time Gary feels they are making progress, Jeff restates his position. Gary struggles with the way Jeff can be so loving, yet still maintain that he doesn’t want a relationship. Gary’s confidence begins to erode. Maybe he doesn’t deserve more. After all, he’s flawed. Damaged goods. Bipolar.

Time is running out for Gary—he knows these arrangements have a limited shelf-life and he can see Jeff is slipping away. Things reach crisis point when Jeff makes a devastating announcement, plunging Gary into a pit of despair. Gary is forced to resort to drastic measures to find a way through his quagmire of self-doubt and fight for the relationship before it’s too late.

HOUND contains frequent hot and sweaty gay bear sex in groups and one-on-one: oral, anal, rimming, bareback and scent fetish, with a little voyeurism, a touch of spanking, a whole lot of passionate romance and a guaranteed HEA.

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Taking my sweet time, I fish out an athletic jockstrap from my bag and slowly slip into it, carefully adjusting my package inside the pouch. Nick busies himself putting on some briefs, but I catch him checking me out on multiple occasions.

Once I’m dressed in shorts, singlet and trainers, I make the decision to be forthright—hit and run. “Well, Nick, I’m off to get hot and sweaty. Maybe we’ll chat more after we’re done?” I put a big, meaty hand on his shoulder, then start towards the door.

“Yeah… I’d love to,” he calls after me.

Sure enough, as soon as I’m finished and back at my locker, I’m joined by my handsome friend. In no time we’re completely naked. Nick wraps his towel around his waist, but I just carry mine at my side. I want him to look at my big, muscled arse as I walk ahead of him to the showers.

We’re the only two in the row of five open shower heads. Nick stands at the one next to me and we talk as we soap ourselves. He’s in town for a conference and heading back to Perth tomorrow night. He’s recently separated from his wife and has a nine-year-old daughter. I take a long, pointed look at his semi-erect penis. Well, he has to be at least a little bit bi. Reaching down with both hands, I give my own gonads a luxurious pampering with body wash, working my foreskin back and forth, rubbing all around my balls.

Nick’s eyes are fixed on this spectacle as he talks about his hetero life. Pretty soon we’re both ragingly hard. He tears his gaze from my erect cock, looking up at me nervously. “I’d probably call myself… uh… bi-curious. I’ve never really been with a man before.”

My heart aches with a sudden sense of empathy. Despite my overt display, he’s still way out on a limb here. His fear is palpable and I want to reach out and bring him to me, hold him close until he feels calm. But not here. “Do you want to come back to my place, Nick?”

“Yes,” he says very quickly, not even trying to cover up how eager he is. His face is one urgent mass of candid sincerity; he looks so exposed. Fuck it. I glance over his shoulder, checking the coast is clear, before pulling him into my arms. Our embrace is brief, but I imbue it with as much calming energy as I can. I need him to feel safe with me. I’m such a fucking softie.

We take my car. It’s only a few minutes’ drive and we’re at my place. Inside, I gather him into my arms again, hugging him tight. “You call the shots, Nick.” My voice is low and soft and I kiss him gently behind the ear. “This is your time to explore. Tell me what you want.”

“This first.” Nick moves back, slides his hand behind my neck and brings his lips to mine. They’re soft, warm, keen to search out new sensations. Before he’s even opened his mouth, he’s rubbing against my moustache, my beard—stroking his face with the kind of manly textures he’s probably been dreaming about for a long time.

Eventually, his tongue makes an appearance and begins slowly, tenderly moving inside my mouth, twirling around my own tongue, tasting underneath where the flesh is warm and potent. Moans come through his nostrils, because his mouth is now glued to mine with full force. I grasp him more firmly. His earnest vulnerability tugs at my heart. God, I need him desperately.

“Oh fuck,” I whimper, the only words I can manage to get out before clamping down on his lips again. Nick’s right hand pushes at the back of my skull, drawing me as close to him as possible. His left hand grasps my shoulder, kneading the muscle hard and slow.

His lips abandon my mouth to kiss along my cheek, till he mashes the side of his face against mine, panting. “Well, that was fuckin’ incredible, Gary.” We both laugh, still clinging to each other.

“So what else is on your list, Nick?”

He doesn’t need to ponder. “I really wanna suck your dick. But… um… I’ve never had more than a finger up my arse, so I don’t really wanna be fucked.” He looks at me, his face full of concern, like this might be a deal breaker for me.

I grin at him, barely suppressing a chuckle. Dear, sweet man. “I doubt you’d find many guys who’d consider that to be a problem, Nick. I’d be more than happy to take your dick instead.”

Relief washes over his face, quickly morphing into a wide smile. “Awesome. Um… also, I kinda really want to be rimmed.”

I’m salivating. “Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place, Nick. I’m an expert.”

That’s exactly what he needs to hear, judging by how desperately fast he sheds his clothes. I can barely keep up with him. Once we’re naked, I pull him close. The warmth of his body against mine is electrifying. My skin feels like it’s on fire. I run my large hands down to his furry arse and knead his cheeks—beautifully muscled with a small layer of body fat for extra cheekiness. I can’t wait to sink my face into that little piece of heaven back there.

However, Nick has other plans first. I’m a much bigger man, but he shoves my hulking frame down hard onto the bed and clamps his mouth straight onto my penis. If I’d had any doubt that Nick was telling me the truth when he said this was his first time with a man, then this is proof. He’s clearly never sucked a dick before. But what he lacks in technique, he more than makes up for in enthusiasm. His eagerness is a massive turn-on: the way he sucks and licks and slurps with such genuine, unbridled hunger makes him one of the best cocksuckers I’ve ever encountered.

I lie back and enjoy the manic warmth of his mouth, groaning as I fondle my nipples. Nick looks up and notices. “Do yours work?”

I laugh. “Like a woman’s, Nick.”

Clearly aroused that there’s a special skill he might bring to the table, Nick scuttles up and starts sucking on the most sensitive spots on my body, flicking his tongue as he nurses each teat. Back and forth he goes, sucking one, tickling the other. I’m so lost, I don’t even monitor the amount I’m moaning. Other than being fucked hard by a big cock, this is the most intense stimulation my body can get. I grip my dick, shuffling my foreskin, but I don’t dare touch my knob. Edging, for me, isn’t just a sexual enhancement activity—right now it’s a necessity. I’m not nearly ready to shoot the fountain of sperm I have waiting in the wings.

After wallowing in a swamp of near-orgasmic bliss, I know I have to get out. “You’d better stop, Nick, or I’ll blow.”

He looks up and smiles. “Really? I’m that good, eh?”

“Bloody amazing. Must be all that straight-boy practice with real tits.”

Nick laughs and I shuffle around, rearranging him onto his stomach.

“Oh, fuck,” he mumbles breathlessly, as I knead one of his buttocks, pulling it outwards so I can get a glimpse inside. He knows what’s going to happen, and I’m only too keen to show him my own special skills. Scooting down between his legs, I lower my face to his furry cheeks. Nick groans in anticipation. His excitement is so fucking cute. My cock throbs, leaking its copious pre-come as I thrust it against the quilt underneath me.

His manscent is muted and subtle, following our shower at the gym. I nudge my face between his buttocks, breathing him in as the scent intensifies. I want to be gentle, I really do. It’s Nick’s first time, after all. But the piquant masculine aroma has me instantly ravenous. I’m a fucking animal. I start to growl and snarl as my tongue flails furiously. I need to consume him, to gorge myself on this rare delicacy. I rub my beard and moustache around his arse crack in a total frenzy. I try to keep my tongue as broad and well-behaved as possible, but it doesn’t work. Before long it’s poking into his hole, flicking hard against the inner edge of his sphincter. Fuck, I’d better slow down.

I pause, listening intently as Nick quietly whimpers away. He humps his hips, making his anus wiggle against my nose. “Don’t stop… please.”

Oh, FUCK. That’s all I need to hear. I go to town, spearing my tongue as far into that butthole as it will reach, expanding it thickly once I’m buried deep. In and out I thrust, tongue-fucking him without mercy. My hands are gripped on his meaty buttocks, stretching them far apart to give me the best access possible. Nick sounds like he’s weeping.

I scramble up and pull him to me, kissing him with scorching heat before remembering I’ve just had my face submerged in his arse. The average dirty gay boy might love that, but Nick is a newbie. I needn’t have been concerned, however. The moment I ease off, Nick launches himself back onto me, licking my lips, delving his tongue into my mouth, kissing me all over my face.

“I need your arse now, Gary,” he pants. “Have you got a condom?”

I hate those damn things, but I’ve never gotten around to trying PrEP, so I use them—especially when I bottom. I lay on my stomach, stretching out to reach into the drawer of the bedside table. I feel hands pull my buttocks apart, and a warm tongue wastes no time in searching my arsehole. My initial surprise gives way quickly as I realise how skilled Nick is: of course, he does this with women. And he is so much more elegant than I was. I’d been a hyena at a carcass. Nick, on the other hand, is refined, sensitive and methodical. I sigh, collapsing in a pool of pure pleasure. Nick shows no signs of slowing down, giving small grunts as he toils away at my arse. My penis flexes underneath me, my foreskin well and truly slipped back, allowing my knob to rub against the bed. I could spend all night suspended in this kind of rapture.

After a while, I notice Nick is no longer pulling my arse cheeks apart with both hands; one of them has moved down and I can hear it shuffling on his cock. Soon his magic tongue stops its delightful anal exploration. “I gotta fuck you now, Gary. I can’t wait any longer.”

I hand him the condom and he suits up behind me. A large gob of spit hits my pucker and I feel his finger rubbing it in. Slowly, he pushes his penis against my hole, enticing it to open. I counter the pressure, relaxing my sphincter, then buck my hips towards him so he can slip inside me in one painfully sublime movement. I’m moaning. It feels unbelievable.

Nick chuckles. “Wow… you’re good at that.”

“Experience, Nick. And the awesome rimming you just gave me.”

Nick chuckles again and starts to pump. I moan again, even louder. His penis is fucking perfect. Spurred on by my positive feedback, Nick’s thrusts become stronger and more rapid. He’s driving right into me, making me move against the bed, my bare knob grinding into the sheets. His breath rushes against the back of my neck, causing the tiny hairs to stand on end. His furry chest slides up and down against my back—a warm, manly blanket massaging away my tension. My body gives in completely. I’m mired in a utopian state of sweet agony and utter bliss. I reach underneath myself, grabbing my penis. Big mistake. The battering my prostate is getting from Nick’s schlong is painfully celestial. Giving my knob the benefit of my experienced hand makes me start to come straight away.

“Sorry Nick, I’m gonna blow…”

1 review for Hound – ebook

  1. Deb

    Beautiful Men in Love

    Colin Dereham has written a story that digs deep into the headspace and the heart. We follow a journey of learning to communicate, through its highs and lows, through the magic and the pain, and through the course of navigating emotions that might bounce around before landing.

    Gary and Jeff hold each others hearts, but must find the skills to communicate their love, even as each is trying to overcome psychological and emotional baggage that could stop their relationship before it can even begin.

    Physical love, and showing each other the importance of that tactile connection, takes the forefront of this MM romance. As Gary and Jeff prove their love to each other through touch, using their emotional words is much harder. Feeling those highs and lows is what keeps you invested in their outcome.

    I felt I knew, admired, and became friends with this unlikely couple, and there were many profound moments during my reading, when I could step back and examine that true love is unique to each relationship. This story garnered my respect for the author and the individual characters

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