In-cor-ri-gible: Impervious to Constraints



In-cor-ri-gible: Impervious to Constraints by Mamie Anne Adams

This is Lucille Carmichael’s story and her love of no-barriers fucking. Her personal journey follows her through business and pleasure from Hawaii and San Francisco to Greece and France. And back.

All the while nurturing and growing her love of life and her wild, exuberant, untamed self. Discovering her preference for the finesse of older experienced men, a surprise inheritance also springboards her into entrepreneurship and tremendous success.

Beginning in her early 20s Lu meets Kostas Papadiamantopoulos, architect and builder, on the Greek island project. After receiving a gift of special intimate jewelry from former boss Walter Whitlock while in Paris, her own designs become a business endeavor with Cartier. Veuve Clicquot flows, Valentino couture appears along with private jets, expensive cars, and photo shoots at Le Meurice. Rare family jewels are repurposed for her. Lu’s remaining aunt passes away leaving her an old Victorian mansion, a former bordello, in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights. Weekends are often spent hosting soirees upstairs on the mansion’s restored third floor or at Lord Sil’s Sonoma vineyard. The combination of her loves, a passionate lifestyle, business endeavors, and the old house develop into parties and sexual scenes which are graphic.

The characters visit locations around the world including Hawaii, Greece, Paris, the Caymans, and San Francisco. Never alone for long, she finds interested men at every stop along the way.

Includes Sex, tits, older men, fucking, Paris, Greece, San Francisco, intimate jewelry, dancing, high heels, nude, piercings, Champagne, bustiers, apparel, clit, ejaculation, love, romance, cumming, Greek, billionaire, beach, running, Cayman, blonde, businessman, date, cock, Pacific Heights, thong, twenties, entrepreneur, shaved

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