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In Pink – ebook


In Pink by Miss Irene Clearmont

With an original cover designed by the great Sardax, the incomparable and glorious Miss Irene brings you her latest adventure in the world of dominant and irresistible females and the men ” and sometimes women ” enslaved into their service.
Welcome to the first book in the glorious Miss Irene’s “Domains” series.
Imagine a corporation, so powerful and secretive, that it can gratify even the most decadent and sadistic female desires of those wealthy enough, and perverse enough, to pay for their services. A corporation that calls itself “CM Domains” and supplies an ever growing number of compounds catering to the explicit fetishes and desires of its female customers. Compounds that allow those that can afford them the luxury of having complete mental and physical control of a slave who is modified to suit their needs and is NOT a robot.
Alexa, a powerful woman with a desire for complete control, is about to enter “CM Domains” and find herself…
In the “PINK”.

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Charles sat up and unlocked his ankles before trying to put an arm around Alexa, but she shook him off and moved to stand from the bench. Looking down at the naked man who had so nearly been used for her pleasure. With disdain and sheer annoyance showing on her face. He slid over the soft leather top of the bench and moved his legs to rest his feet on the ground.

“I’m sorry, really I am, but it seems that every time the scenes get heavier and heavier, darling. It used to be just a little game, now all of this!”

His arm moved to indicate the playroom that Alexa had as an annex to her bedroom. The bench with its fetters, a soft top on a cage, the Saint Andrew’s Cross on the wall and the glass cabinets with their assortment of sex-toys and clothes that were her over-strict idea of sex.

Alexa huffed and tossed the hood into a corner in a fit of pique and then took a single step that rang on the tiled floor with a sharp noise as metal spiked heel hit ceramic.

“I just want to play,” she said. “That’s all…”

Charles tried again to sooth the dominatrix that he had upset. The girlfriend who was pushing his limits at every turn. His eyes went to the hood and he shrugged.

“I love it, Alexa, really I do… just not tonight!”

She looked at him and then the bench that he sat on and tried to make light of her frustration.

“I’ll lock you in the cage for the night, naughty boy!” she muttered.

He shrugged.

“If that’s what you want…”

His comment took the last erotic strands of the web in her mind and blew them clean away. Twice this week he had used the safe word, ruined a scene that was heading towards nirvana.

“You told me that you were really into BDSM,” she said accusingly. “All the hard stuff, you said…”

“I am! Just sometimes I get claustrophobia and it is no fun…”

“You didn’t mind dressing up as my maid, did you? Why is this such a problem?”

Charles smiled, clearly she was calming down and responding to reasoned argument.

“That’s quite different, Alex. I love being your little sissy, serving and pampering you. It’s just that being cuffed and gagged is too much for me!

Alexa pulled a face and started to strip the uniform that had taken hours to put on. Her fingers fumbled with the corset and loosened it and it dropped the length of her long legs to fall to the floor.

“I had so much to do to you,” she murmured as she stepped from the fallen corset. She shook her hips and a thought came to her.

“You are just upset because you lost your job, Charles… This is your way of taking it all out on me!”

“Why would that have anything to do with it?” he asked.

“Because it would make you my bitch,” she answered. “Who has the gold, has the power, that’s why… Because I’m pulling six figures a year and now you are fucking homeless!”

“I’ll find another job,” he said confidently. “You know I will! New York needs tax consultants like me… Anyway, it’s just a blip, then I’ll be earning again like before and things will go on…”

Alexa put a hand on his shoulder and gripped it tight.

“So, when the credit cards call for their money at the end of the month and the car payments have a headlong crash with the rent, where are you going to live?”

Charles shrugged.

“I’ll find somewhere, I only need a month to get up and running. Anyway, I was sort of planning to move in with you for a few weeks while I sort it out!”

So much for the plan of persuading his lawyer-girlfriend to allow him to roost in her nest, he thought. As always, she had got there first and spoiled the idea.

“I see…” she said in a slow voice. “You were going to ask me tonight?”

He nodded.

She opened her legs and stood before him. Feet planted wide, stockinged legs straight, the naked slit of her sex still weeping from the anticipated fuck, Charles felt almost overwhelmed by her charisma. No wonder that he always came back, even though Alexa always pressed at the confines of his boundaries. The woman was sex-on-legs, dominant, well paid job, and a fuck like no other with no holds barred. He watched her brush her long hair from her face, waiting for him to elaborate.

“I already have three interviews,” he mumbled. “All with good firms…”

“So, how are you going to pay me any rent, while this goes on?”

That was the trouble with Alex. She saw a hole in the defence brief and plunged in the knife with a twist.

“I can’t pay, Alex, I’ll owe you!”

“When do you have to be out?”


Alexa changed the subject, but it was clear that the conversation would loop back around to the point that she intended to make. Alexa was nothing if not good at arguing and Charles usually lost, hands down.

“When we met at that party a year ago,” she started, “you told me that you would do anything for me. That we were perfectly matched in interests, so I took you on…”

It was not quite as Charles remembered it, but he was in no position to argue and they both knew it. The fetish ball in Boston had been that moment that Alexa was referring to. Curiosity killed the cat and she was a tiger! Pretending that he was seriously into all the domination stuff and hooking up with the ferocious woman in boots and corset who stood alone at the bar like a hawk surveying which mouse to get her claws into.

A year ago, she had not pressed at his boundaries so hard, in that time she had found her feet… Even gone so far as to equip her own little dungeon to play in.

She continued, “Now, all you do is whine that I go too far whenever I try something new. Now you think that you can move in with me, just like that, really, Charles, I just have one thing to say!”

“And, that is?” he said cautiously.


He looked puzzled and she smiled.

“Yep, for the first time, I’m using the safe-word that you keep on saying! Safe-words are not only for the games we play,” she said. “I can use it to stop you moving in, babes! My way of saying fuck off, I suppose!”

Charles felt the ground open beneath his feet. The crazy bitch was actually throwing him onto the street! His mind sought a way of getting her to change her mind, but there seemed no argument that would serve. Tomorrow he would be living in his car, by the end of the month he would be in an alley when they repossessed the Mercedes. How the fuck could he find a job when he could not afford to stay in New York?”

“There must be something that I can do…”

Alexa smiled.

“Let me think, Charles! Ooh, now I have it, you could go back to small town where you came from and live with your parents and help them on the farm! And all because you said that one little word!”

“Is that why?” he asked. “Just because I used the safe-word? You would fuck my life, just because I said the word ‘chocolate’?”

Alexa discovered that she was enjoying the quarrel. Suddenly it had all turned around and she held the reins in her hands. A feeling both piquant and exultant. She tried to keep a victorious tone out of her voice as she tried to decide if she was going to really throw Charles out or perhaps just keep it all going now that she was in the saddle.

Nothing quite like blackmail to push her advantage!

“Part of it,” said Alexa. “It’s been a year now, Charles and we just haven’t moved forward as I would like! Perhaps it is time for both of us to change and play elsewhere? It would be good for both of us!”

She made as if she was considering some deep emotional statement and then came out with the well-used phrase that was buzzing in her head.

“We both need space, we can still be friends… perhaps with benefits!”

She laughed bitterly and then started to tidy up the dungeon that was her playground. For a minute Charles watched her move and felt a deep desire to stand and overwhelm her. Take the bitch and shake her, but he knew that any move like that would end in her screaming at him to get out and the last chance of staying in New York would be gone. The interviews that he had lied about were a fantasy, the chances of finding a job with a consultancy would be gone and he would indeed have to head back to Springfield where his parents lived in that ramshackle barn of a house.

Alexa pulled the hood onto its stand, arranged a row of dildos in their glass cabinet to make room for the one that she had planned to use and then moved to run her fingers along the rack of pretty dresses on the far wall. Charles looked at that perfect naked ass, the trickle of dew that wetted her stocking tops and the studded collar at her neck.

What could he say to change her mind?

“So, what do I have to do?” he asked.

Charles already knew the answer, what the lawyer-bitch would say in reply.

“A month,” said Alexa. “I’ll give you a month to shape up and sort yourself out!”

She turned to face him and smiled. Not a pleasant smile that portended well for him, but a sly smile that was driven by the lust and power that filled her. This was her moment and he was going to pay for needing her help.

“A month?”

“Yes my dear Charles! A month to find a job and prove to me that you are worth the effort on my part.”


“And, while you are living here you will wear this and be my bitch of course! That’s the cost, so that you won’t forget that you owe me…”

Alexa turned back to the rack and ran her finger over the hangers delicately as if to taunt him. She stopped her hand and unhooked a pretty frilled dress and held it up.

Charles had worn the dress before and shivered. It had always been worn for an hour or so as part of a scene that had him as her maid that ended when she had had her fill of his face between her thighs. The reward being a blow-job that always sent him over the edge. The idea of wearing it full-time was almost repellent, but was there any choice?

The triumph on her face was plain for him to see and she swayed her hips as she stepped to him and passed over the dress. Hands on hips it seemed as if she was now waiting for him to put it on.

“For the whole month?”

“Except when you leave the apartment,” she chuckled. “Even I wouldn’t do that to you!”

“Jeez, Alexa, for Christ’s sake. I just need the sofa for a month while I arrange some interviews!”

“You said that you already had three lined up,” she accused.

“I do,” he lied, “but, isn’t this going just a little too far?”

“You decide, Charles, I’m off to get a shower and get ready for bed. If you are still here when I am ready, then it will be wearing that! Man-up and make a decision for once in your life! Either live here on my terms or get out! You flit from one job to the next and think that you can top from the bottom like a little sissy, now you can find out what I want out of this relationship for real! There’s is another condition as well…”

“Something else,” he whined.

“Loads more that you will discover, Charles, loads more…”

Now the sense of ascendancy was almost at the point of climax, almost at the point of sending her over the edge. She could feel a warm trickle between her thighs and a flush in her breasts that filled her to the brim.

Glorious, this feeling of utter dominance.

Now she was actually glad that her pathetic subbie had brought the whole thing to a head. He was always toning down the scenes that she created, from now on Charles would be in her grip. For a while at least, before the weeks’ vacation that she had planned kicked in. There was no way she could leave him alone in her apartment, so it had to be Miss Gillian…

Oh, God, of course, that was so perfect for him, she thought.

“Yes, Charles, there is another condition that you have to promise…”

“Which is?”

“In few weeks I am off for a week to that resort and I don’t want you alone here, so I’ll arrange to put you up with Gillian…”

“But, she’s not even in New York,’ he argued. “Way up Long Island!”

“If you don’t want to go, then say so now and you can walk!”

“Are you really pimping me out to that old bitch,” he said hotly. “I can’t fucking believe this. A week with her will be terrible!”

“It will do you good,” said Alexa with a wicked smile. “Anyway, how many girlfriends actually arrange a sex holiday for their men, eh?”

Charles shook his head in disbelief. Gillian had been with Alexa when they had met in Boston, he had met her just twice since and it was clear that she was perhaps even more extreme that Alexa. A week with her would be like a lifetime!

“You really mean this, don’t you?” he answered.

“I will make sure that she looks after you properly and it will be fun for you and you might learn a thing or three while you are with her!”

“And a safe-word,” he said as he tried to manoeuvre out of the trap.

“Of course,” said Alexa, breezing over the idea. “She prefers little feminised sissies to serve her, she never really uses corporal punishment except when they do not obey. You will both love the experience, then we’ll see if you want to move out, and maybe we can resume as if nothing happened! Gillian will put you straight for me…”

The thought of being at the beck and call of Alexa’s friend was sort of exciting, but it was also terrifying. Gillian was some sort of teacher, that he knew, but she was also fearsome in some way that he could not fathom. Restrained, a woman of few words, always polite and yet, underneath he had always had the feeling that she was a woman that was better avoided. A part of the depraved secret life of Alexa that was a stone better left unturned.

“I have to?” he asked as he clutched the frills of the dress.

“You have to, darling. It’s what I want… now then, I’m off for my shower and you can think about it. By the way, that beard had better be gone by the time that I return. If you want to stay here, that is!”

Charles’ hand moved to his chin where a five-day stubble rasped his palm.

“You’ll have me shaving my legs as well, next,” he tried to joke.

“Good point, Charles; use the en-suite and do that as well! Either that or be gone by the time that I return. A little make-up would not go amiss either!”

“Is that your final word?”

Alexa did not need to answer, she just turned on her heels and swept from the small room, pausing briefly at the door to make a final comment.

“There’s no way that you are sleeping on the sofa,” she stated. “This will be your room for the next month… remind you of your status!”

With that, Alexa slammed the door behind her and Charles was left holding the fluffy pink dress with a feeling like a pit in his stomach. It had all seemed so easy a few hours ago. Persuading her to allow him to move in, his continual presence in her everyday life slowly tearing her from her obsessions. Now it seemed that everything was turned on its head.

Alexa climaxed twice in the shower as the steam filled the room and the water ran over her smooth skin. Her hands, slippery with the shampoo, her feet braced and her back to the tiles as she gasped and trembled with the force of her victory over the man who claimed to be her subbie.


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