In Pink & In Crimson Book Package



In Pink & In Crimson by Miss Irene Clearmont
Two Novels in one volume ” Femdom fantasy and male submission set in the near-future.
In Pink. Imagine a corporation, so powerful and secretive, that it can gratify even the most decadent and sadistic female desires of those wealthy enough, and perverse enough, to pay for their services. The corporation calls itself “CM Domains” and supplies an ever growing number of compounds catering to the explicit fetishes and desires of its female customers. The compound allows Alexa, a powerful woman with a desire for complete control a slave who is modified to suit her needs and is NOT a robot. She’s in the Pink.
With In Crimson the “domain’ goes far beyond even the extreme playground of the female fetishist of In Pink, and will be the launching pad not just for a new range of female-led debaucheries but a female president of the United States. The women who run the Domains are adamant that the men, women, and sissies imprisoned there do everything they are told by those fortunate women and one fortunate, and soon to be enslaved, man who happens to find himself In Crimson.
Includes obedience training, discipline, punishment, cane, whip, chastity, female worship and more!

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