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Joker’s Mistress by Jo-Anne Wiley

Winner takes all in this new release from Jo-Anne Wiley

Malibu Beach: The love-babes and trophy wives the men bring to the table are among the most elegant women in the world; the product of the best breeding-stock: pampered, exercised, massaged, and as carefully nourished as any thoroughbred.

They stand behind their men, who gamble for real money. And for the sexual congress the women promise to provide.

With a quarter of a million on the table, Kathrine presides over the most prestigious poker game on the Coast. She manipulates the game as precisely as her dealer manipulates the cards: The stunningly beautiful Ava, known for her rapid-fire card play and who is not above working semi-nude if the game starts to lag.

Only the ultra wealthy come to play. They own the multi-million dollar beach homes, the Italian sports cars, the gleaming tri-decks that line the waterfront, the Armani suits, and the woman: The opportunity to bed a friend’s glamorous wife is more appealing than all the poker chips stacked on the felt. Mr. Ng lays a pair of jacks on the table. It isn’t enough and Mrs. Ng steps to the center of the room and rolls down her pantyhose. Martin laughs. He’s never had a Taiwanese…

But word of the game gets out. What should have been good for business, brings the vultures. The Hells Angels control the gaming on the Coast. And consider Kathrine a renegade. The crime boss wants to take over and states his case. Kathrine retaliates. But sees the error of her ways while eating her own lace panties while seated in his limousine.

But Kathrine isn’t quick to roll over. She boldly outmaneuvers him; a double-cross that nets her more money than she can carry. Now all she has to do is get away with it. Unscathed. Features sexual conniving, exploitation, humiliation, and blackmail.



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