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Julie’s Story by J.A. Smith

Julie is a shapely hot blonde of thirty-two years. Bisexual? Lesbian. She’s not quite sure. She masturbates thinking of male movie idols and hot rock stars. But it’s Ms. Shaffer, her art class college professor who first seduces her – much to Julie’s delight.

Even though Julie goes back and forth from women to men, depending on her mood, she’s always felt she more lesbian than bisexual. Her girlfriends introduce her to swinging, pussy and butthole parties, and a variety of naughty sex toys. She even learns a bit about BDSM from her good friend Sandy, whose fascination for kinky sex has led her to the Floggery, where she’s flogged by the sexy Sir Stephen. While Julies decides that whips and bondage are not for her, she’s busy enjoying her sexual exploits with the men and women that pass through her life.

However, when it comes to love, Julie’s repeatedly drawn to Mark, an old high school friend. They’ve gone from acquaintances, to friends, to lovers. Could he be that one special someone? Or will her wild bi-sexual ride continue. 

This romp of sexy escapades includes sex clubs, strap-ons, dildos, including a double dildo, anal sex, butt toys, forced rimming, forced cum eating, swinging, some BDSM kink, and group sex.





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