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Julie’s Story – ebook


Julie’s Story by J.A. Smith

Julie is a shapely hot blonde of thirty-two years. Bisexual? Lesbian. She’s not quite sure. She masturbates thinking of male movie idols and hot rock stars. But it’s Ms. Shaffer, her art class college professor who first seduces her ” much to Julie’s delight.

Even though Julie goes back and forth from women to men, depending on her mood, she’s always felt she more lesbian than bisexual. Her girlfriends introduce her to swinging, pussy and butthole parties, and a variety of naughty sex toys. She even learns a bit about BDSM from her good friend Sandy, whose fascination for kinky sex has led her to the Floggery, where she’s flogged by the sexy Sir Stephen. While Julies decides that whips and bondage are not for her, she’s busy enjoying her sexual exploits with the men and women that pass through her life.
However, when it comes to love, Julie’s repeatedly drawn to Mark, an old high school friend. They’ve gone from acquaintances, to friends, to lovers. Could he be that one special someone? Or will her wild bi-sexual ride continue.

This romp of sexy escapades includes sex clubs, strap-ons, dildos, including a double dildo, anal sex, butt toys, forced rimming, forced cum eating, swinging, some BDSM kink, and group sex.

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Since meeting Christine at the campus coffee shop, Julie has done her homework at the coffee shop with her often. Christine is very pretty, has a great body, and a fantastic smile and laugh. Christine told Julie she had a drink of tequila once with Barb, the barista. Julie had also heard Barb is a lesbian. Julie always thinks it would be too good to be true if someone like Christine turned out to be pussy licking friendly. Julie figures it is a possibility that might only need the right opportunity, to move from studying pals to naughty friends. Julie tries to think of an opening line, to get a conversation about sex going with Christine.

On this particular afternoon, Julie and Christine have been studying about a half hour when Barb comes over to clean off a nearby table. When Barb moves away, Julie asks Christine, “How was the tequila from Barb?”

“It was my first tequila. I would say the best I have had so far.”

Julie is proud of herself for coming up with the tequila line. “I have never tasted tequila. I’m not twenty-one yet, but I think I might like it.”

“You do not have to be twenty-one to like it. Maybe you need a little taste.” Christine smiles and lets the tip of her tongue slip out a little.

Julie pretends she did not see Christine’s tongue make its brief appearance. “Well, I would be up to try the tequila too. A little taste to start might be fun.”

Christine gets serious and looks right at Julie. “You know we aren’t really talking about tequila…right?”

“I hope not.” Julie is breathing slowly. She knows she could be on the verge of being intimate with Christine. “I’ve never done very well talking about tequila, with a close friend.”

Christine says, “A close friend is the best person to confide in. When you are ready for a tequila party, let me know.” Christine emphasizes the word tequila.

Julie looks at Christine. “We’re still not talking about tequila are we?”

“Not a bit. We’re talking about pleasuring each other.”

Julie confirms, “I would love it.”

They make a date for Julie to come to Christine’s house at six. When Julie gets home, she cleans and shaves everything. She puts on one of her slinky dresses. She drives across town and arrives at Christine’s house a little before six. As Julie walks to the front door, she is almost trembling. She is so nervous and so anxious for this evening.

Christine answers the door. Her hair is down, and she is wearing what looks like a long tee shirt. It is loose fitting. Christine’s nice titties are evident. The tee shirt does not extend below her crotch far. If Christine sits down, Julie is going to be able to look right at her pussy. In the kitchen, Christine has two small glasses ready. Julie is thinking, we are actually going to be drinking something. Julie has sneaked a taste of alcohol from her dad’s liquor cabinet, but this is a real drink with a sexy friend…a first for Julie.

“I stopped and picked up a small bottle of tequila on the way home. I thought it might be a good ice breaker, beings we talked about tequila so much today.” Christine pours them a little of the cold tequila. Julie thinks it tastes horrible, but she does sip it.

Christine sips hers slowly also. “I think this stuff tastes like kerosene. If it makes girls clothes fall off…how bad can it be?”

“Tequila makes your clothes fall off?”

“Well, at least that’s what it says in the song.” Christine smiles and lifts the bottom of her tee shirt dress a little.

Christine pours them a little more tequila. “Gorgeous dress Julie. The material looks smooth and feelable.” She moves a little closer to Julie. “Can I feel the fabric?”

“Of course.” Julie knows this is it. Once Christine touches her titties through her dress, it is going to be a wild touch fest.

Christine sets her glass on the counter, moves near Julie, and touches the fabric of Julie’s dress. Christine starts near her waist, pretending to be interested in the feel of the material. Julie moves her arm away from her side to give Christine more room. Christine’s hand moves over one of Julie’s ass cheeks. Christine puts the other hand on Julie’s other ass cheek. They are close together with their titties touching.

Julie puts her hands on Christine’s breasts. “Your breasts are lovely Christine. I have wanted to touch them since I met you.”

Christine moves both hands to fondle Julie’s breasts. “I have wanted this a long time also. Your titties are perfect.” Christine moves her left hand to the side of Julie’s face and kisses her gently. Christine’s right hand moves to between Julie’s legs and touches Julie’s pussy through the dress. Julie is in heaven.

With the next kiss, Julie thinks she feels the tip of Christine’s tongue against her lips. She is not sure…it was so light and soft. Julie has never been French kissed before. They kiss one more time. Julie lets her lips open a little and moves her tongue to just inside her mouth. This time there is no doubt, Christine’s tongue moves across Julie’s lips. Julie puts her tongue out in time to touch Christine’s. It is not long before tongues are exploring and touching with their kisses. Christine can feel Julie is wet at her crotch. Julie never imagined tongues playing together could be such a big turn on.

They finish their drink in one final gulp, hold hands, and move into the bedroom. They pull their single garment over their heads. They move together naked, pushing their titties together. Tongues explore each other mouths, one more time, before Christine leads Julie up onto the bed.

Both girls have limited experiences…Julie with Ms. Shaffer and Christine with Barb. They have learned what feels good and how to give pleasure to their partner. They love the taste and intimacy of eating pussy. Christine places Julie on her back. Julie knows the routine…her knees are bent, and her legs are spread. Julie loves the feeling of Christine’s tongue in her mouth; now, she wants to feel it on her pussy.

Julie warns Christine, “Sometimes I squirt. Not all the time.”

Christine puts a towel under Julie’s ass. “Go ahead, squirt all you want.”

Christine moves between Julie’s legs. “You have a beautiful pussy.”

“Lick me Christine. Please eat my pussy.”

Christine bends forward and lets her tongue slide effortlessly across Julie pussy lips and clit. Julie shudders at the first contact. Christine is a great pussy licker. Julie thinks Barb has taught her well.

As Christine licks, she places the tip of her index finger between Julie’s pussy lips. Christine licks Julie’s clit, while her finger fucks Julie’s pussy opening. Julie whimpers, as Christine makes her pussy quiver and begin to come. Julie moans and pushes her legs together. She has a strong orgasm in the mouth of her lover.

After a short rest with Christine softly touching Julie all over, they change positions. Christine is on her back. Julie starts at Christine’s nipples, as Ms. Shaffer did to her. She nibbles and sucks each one, going back and forth between them. This is a new feeling for Christine. The sensation on her nipples is making her pussy get wetter and more aroused.

Julie keeps the stimulation going on Christine’s nipples. Julie knows how erotic it was when Ms. Shaffer did it to her. Julie knows Christine cannot wait to be pleasured between her legs.

After what seemed like forever, to Christine, Julie moves between her legs. She runs her arms under Christine’s thighs and grasps a nipple between her index fingers and thumbs. As Julie’s tongue goes to work on Christine’s pussy, she is rubbing and squeezing Christine’s nipples at the same time.

Christine’s nipples have never felt so stimulated. From the time Julie started licking her pussy, Christine has moved toward climax. The feeling became more and more intense until Christine convulsed in the spasms of her orgasm. She even squirted a little herself for the first time. Christine is thinking, Julie can lick pussy better than Barb.


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